15 Top Places To See Autumn Leaves and Fall Foliage in Korea

Autumn in Korea is stunning and magical. It is the best time to visit South Korea and experience the red, orange and yellow maple leaves. During this period, many people embark on solo or organized trips to hike some of the top fall Foliage Mountains and national parks around the country.

This year, the Autumn leaves will start appearing from September and peak to the brightest scenes in October/November, across most destinations.

Hence, If you want to discover the natural autumn beauty, magnificent landscapes and take awesome photographs, here are KoreaTravelEasy’s top 15 places you can see the autumn leaves and fall foliage in Korea.

Map Autumn Fall Foliage Korea Map

Korea 2017 Fall Foliage Weather Forecast. Photo by Kweather

1. Naejangsan Mountain

Naejangsan is a famous mountain in the Jeolla-do province, and the best mountain in Korea for viewing autumn’s red leaves. There are also waterfalls, such as Dodeok Falls and Geumseon Falls, 1000s of local plant species, wild animals living inside Naejangsan Park. Other famous temples such as Baekyangsa and Naejangsa temples are birds-eye view in the park. The name ‘Naejang’ means ‘many secrets’ in the mountain.

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2. Seoraksan Mountain

Seoraksan (Mt. Seorak) is about 3 hours away from Seoul in the Gangwon province and loved by many for fall foliage views. It is the third highest mountain in Korea, after Mt. Hanla and Mt. Jiri. The latter ones are very far away from Seoul, compared to Mount Seorak. Recognized as a National Park with enormous nature preservation, Seoraksan stands 398.539㎢  with 30 imposing peaks. The different shades of the fall foliage on Seorak mountain will leave you enchanted.

Among the popular highlights are the Cable car ride, Sinheungsa Temple (신흥사) and The Great Bronze Buddha statue.

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3. Daedunsan

Daedunsan Mountain and the Provincial Park is the most spectacular autumn destination for fall foliage views in Korea. Standing at 878 meters with magnificent rock peaks, Mt. Daedun make it very convenient to hike up and down. What makes this National park a memorable visit is the Geumgang Bridge suspension that links two mountains. Capture the best of the Autumn fall colours by riding the Daedunsan cable car and walk on the bridge.

There is a packaged tour from Seoul to Daedunsan operating from October 23 – November 4 to ease visitors of the hustle of transportation stress. Read more about the Daedunsan Shuttle Package Tour.

Daedunsan Provincial Park18


4. Namsan Tower – Seoul

Seoul N-Tower is a perfect romantic autumn destination. The Namsan park is very popular for its variety of hiking trails and trees. During autumn, the leaves turn red and yellow and illuminate the Seoul Tower. It is definitely a must-visit autumn spot for couples to go on romantic dates. The autumn foliage views from the tower are breathtaking.



5. The Palaces Autumn Breeze

The big historic palaces in downtown Seoul are not left out during the autumn season. For travelers who want to experience bright yellow autumn leaves, Gyeongbukgung, Deoksungung and Changdeoksung Palaces are your best bet. He blend of the palace architecture and the fall leaves make it a serene atmosphere to create seasonal memories. At Changdeokgung Palace, it is worth visiting the secret garden to enjoy the beautiful colours.

Gyeongbukgung Palace Autumn


6. Seoul Olympic Park

The Olympic Park has become very famous for fall visits because of its rose garden and the mass float of red, yellow and orange leaves that beautifies the Seoul 1988 Olympic Stadium. It is also an ideal spot for romantic dates.

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Seoul Olympic Park


7. Gwanaksan Mountain

Gwanaksan mountain is right in the city of Seoul, overlooking Seoul National University and providing a bird’s eye-view of Gangnam. It is one of the most hiked trails in Seoul and easily accessible by subway. Wongaksa Temple and Yeonjuam Hermitage make you fall in love over and over again with Autumn due to its cliff foliage of beautiful colours.


8. Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Grand Park is one of Korea’s biggest amusement parks with a serene and scenic beauty. It houses a zoo, amusement facilities, forest parks, botanical gardens, and Rose gardens that turns very colorful during the autumn season. Located in the South part of Seoul, Seoul Grand Park is a hot autumn destination for every traveler.

Seoul Grand Park


9. Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan, which means ‘big mountain in the north’ stands at 78.45km wide with stimulating granite peaks. The Baegunbong peak provides an adventurous challenge for climbers which places this mountain atop others. During the fall season, the autumn leaves consume the trees and the foliage is simply beguiling. Take on the challenge and hike Mt. Bukhansan this Autumn.

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Bukhansan Mountain


10. Gayasan Mountain

Gayasan Mountain is very spectacular during the Autumn season with tints of foliage along the rock bridges. It has magnificent landscapes with picturesque views full of colours. It was designated as a National Park in 1972 has since been attracting Fall season tourists. Haeinsa Temple, located within the Gayasan National Park is a cultural heritage and offers Temple Stay programs.

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11. Jirisan National Park

Jirisan Mountain is big, charming, and breathtaking and comes forth as one of the best sites to catch the Autumn fall foliage in Korea. It the biggest national park in Korea, and can easily be accessed from Jeollanam-do, Jeollabuk-do, Gyeongsangnam-do provinces of Korea. During late October, the red, yellow, and orange maple leaves provide a spectacular scenic view through the nearby valleys for visitors to explore.

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12. Nami Island Autumn Walk

Nami Island is located nearby downtown Chuncheon and is a half-moon shaped island. During autumn, the beautiful trees that line the roads, have it leaves become tint yellow. Nami Island became particularly famous when a scene was shot at the location for the popular Korean drama “Winter Sonata”. Take a romantic walk at Nami Island this autumn.



13. Garden of Morning Calm

Garden of morning calm is one of the largest botanical gardens located a few minutes outside of Seoul. The Morning Calm xyst covers a 330,578m square area with over 5,000 different plant species. The freshness of air and the greenery is aesthetically pleasing and attracts over 600,000 visitors annually. The flowers and plants turn colourful yellow, red, and orange with a blend of greens.

Garden of Morning Calm


14. Odaesan National Park Mountain

Odaesan Mountain is located in PyeongChang, the Winter Olympic City in the Gangwon province. A distinctive feature of this mountain is the waterfalls that blend well with the foliage during autumn. The colours are vibrant and the desire to hike will be unimaginable.

Odaesan Mountain


15. Namhansanseong Provincial Park

Namhansanseong is a UNESCO World Heritage site providing a great view over Seoul. The fortress is within the provincial park and has many courses for hikers. The changing autumn colours are just a delight for travelers. Visit the fortress this autumn and take great landscape photos.
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Namhansanseong Provincial Park


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