How to Enjoy Spring Season in Korea? All about Spring Festivals and Cherry Blossoms

Korean Spring

Have you ever experiences Spring in Korea?


As you might have already seen, Spring is such an special season in Korea since it is full of flowers and specially cherry blossoms start blooming all around the country.
Wherever you go in Korea, you can be stunned by the wonderful view of blooming flowers that make Spring season specially colorful and enjoyable in Korea.


Spring festivals are celebrated all around the country to welcome the warm weather and the seasonal products. Don’t miss the chance to join the most popular Spring Festivals with KoreaTravelEasy!


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6 Fun Facts about Cherry Blossoms in Korea


We would like to share a few Interesting facts about Korean Cherry Blossoms:


1. In Korea, cherry blossoms are called “beot-kkot” (벚꽃). The blossoms typically bloom in late March or early April and last for about two weeks.


2. In Korea, cherry blossom festivals are held throughout the country to celebrate the arrival of spring and the beauty of the cherry blossoms.


 3. One of the most famous festivals is the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, which takes place in Jinhae-si, a city located in the southern part of Korea.


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4. Korean cherry blossoms have a symbolic meaning in Korean culture. It represents the transience of life, reminding people to cherish the present moment and enjoy the beauty of life.


5. In Korean traditional medicine, cherry blossoms are believed to have medicinal properties and have been used to treat various ailments, such as coughs, colds, and inflammation.


6. Korean cherry blossoms are also a popular subject for Korean artists, including painters, poets, and musicians. They have been depicted in various forms of art, such as paintings, poems, and songs, throughout Korean history.



Korean Spring Cherry BlossomDon’t miss the chance to enjoy Korean cherry blossoms on its full bloom



Spring is a wonderful time to visit Korea and enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture. From the best festivals to the most beautiful cherry blossom views, join KoreaTravelEasy and discover the best spring locations with us!


Korean Traditional Costume: Hanbok, Get to Wear a Hanbok Korea (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Jeonju)

Hanbok in Korea

Do you know what a Hanbok is?


A hanbok is a traditional Korean costume (dress) that has been worn for hundreds of years. It is typically made of a full skirt and a short jacket or blouse, along with a ribbon or sash tied around the waist. The style and color of the hanbok can vary depending on the occasion, with more elaborate and colorful designs worn for special events like weddings and festivals.


Hanboks are still worn by many Koreans for important occasions or as a way to celebrate their heritage.



How can I rent a Hanboks with KoreaTravelEasy?


With KoreaTravelEasy, you can easily book to rent for the hanbok of your preference in the most famous spots to visit in both Seoul and Jeonju. Do not worry about language barrier, just book with us and pick the Hanbok that better fits you directly at the Hanbok Rental Shop of your preference.


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Step 1. Select the date and location for your Hanbok Rental
Step 2. Choose the style of Hanbok (traditional or themed) & for how long you want to rent it.
Step 3. Add to cart, complete the payment and get your confirmation
Step 4. Arrive to the selected location on time and choose your Hanbok.
Step 5. Enjoy and take the prettiest pictures! 


Hanbok Rental in KoreaHanbok Rental Shops at Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces as well as Jeonju Hanok Village



Along with Hanboks, there are several accessories that can we worn in order to complete the traditional look. Those would be some hairclips or hair bands for women as well as “Gat” Korean traditional hats for men. There are also special shoes to be worn with hanbok, but this days is also common just to wear your favorite sneakers and be comfortable while wearing a Hanbok.


You can complete your Hanbok style with these cute hairbands and accessories




Can foreigners also wear hanboks?


Of course! Even though it is part of Korean Cultural Heritage, Koreans are happy to share their traditions among foreigners who are interested in their culture. When visiting Korea, you can also try and wear a Hanbok to embrace Korean Culture! Just make sure to always be respectful and understand the cultural importance for this traditional dress.




Specially when visiting places that gather Korea’s history and tradition such as Gyeonbokgun Palace, Changdeok Palace or Traditional Hanok Villages such as the one in Jeonju, foreigners love to wear Hanbok and become part of the cultural heritage preservation among those sites.



If you would like to learn more about Korean Culture and Experience it yourself do not hesitate in visiting our website and find all the products we can offer related to K-Culture! 



How to enjoy Winter, Spring Summer and Fall in Korea (Seasonal Activities)

How to enjoy winter spring summer and fall in Korea

How to enjoy the 4 seasons in Korea?


Korea is a country where you can enjoy the 4 seasons of the year with special activities, experiences and tours for each season. We ate KoreaTravelEasy will always bring the best of each season for you to easily join and  enjoy while in Korea.

Keep reading and discover how to enjoy the best of Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall in Korea with us!



1) Winter Season in Korea


Winter in Korea gets very cold, with temperatures running as down as -20 degrees there will be snow falling all over the country.
And the best way to enjoy this snowy season is at Korean ski resort! There you don’t only have the chance to ski but also choose to do snowboard, slighting or just enjoying the winter view!


We offer several different package to the main Ski Resorts in Korea (Alphensia, Elsyan, Eden Park, etc) that will make you enjoy without having to worry about anything else but staying warm and showing your ski skills! But even when you don’t know how to ski.. most of our packages include free basic ski lessons so that you have no excuse to not enjoy the best of Korean Winter!


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Winter Ski Products


But besides Ski Resorts, there are other wonderful places that you should not miss during winter in Korea. Have you been to Nami Island when it is all covered by a layer of snow? if not, tou will get the chance to with us! Take the most memorable winter shoots and discover the most beautiful winter landscapes with our Winter tours!


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2) Spring Season in Korea


In Korea, spring is all about Cherry Blossoms, (벗꽃, pronounced as beot-kkot in Korean) once in their full bloom there is no more beautiful view that their petals covering everything in pink. With KoreaTravelEasy you will get the chance to visit the most beautiful spots to observe Cherry Blossoms as well as famous Spring Festivals all around Korea.


Take a look at all the tours, packages and activities we have to offer once the weather starts getting warmer and flowers start to bloom all over Korea.


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No matter where you are in Korea, you will be able to be amazed by Cherry Blossoms during spring seasons since we offer several tours and packages from and to different locations! Don’t miss the chance to properly enjoy spring and take some wonderful pictures with blooming flowers!




3) Summer Season in Korea




4) Fall Season in Korea



Private Van Services in Korea: Your Own Tour Personalized – Seoul, Busan, Nami Island, Jeju and more


Traveling in Korea?


We have the perfect option for you: customize your own tours and get to enjoy your very own Korea with us!


At KoreaTravelEasy, we offer several private van services for you to easily enjoy from any location in Korea without having to worry about transportation or locations, you can be picked up at your hotel, and taken to anywhere you want in Seoul, Around Seoul, Busan, Jeju and more!


Need a guide? We also got you on this!

Drivers usually speak just basic English, but you can add to any service an English Speaking certified guide and learn a bit more about Korean culture, history, and locations!



Private Airport Transfer


Coming to Korea but don’t know how to get from the Airport to your hotel? we got you! This private airport transfer service is designed so that you don’t have to worry about anything after your long trip.


One of our certified drivers will be waiting for you and take you directly to wherever you are staying and will also take you to the airport whenever you need it!


We offer this service at both major Airports in Korea, check this out:


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Get to Seoul easily from either Incheon or Gimpo airport with us!





 Private Tour Service in Seoul 


Coming to Seoul but don’t have time to worry about the complicated transportation system? we got you! 


This private tour service in Seoul will take you wherever you want comfortably and safely! You can cover the most famous spots in Seoul by following our suggested itineraries or make your very own one adding any place you would like to visit within Seoul.


Don’t worry if you are coming with many friends because we have several types of vehicles for different numbers of passengers: our goal is to make you enjoy Korea comfortably!

Don’t hesitate any more and check this out:


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Enjoy the best of Seoul comfortably and without any worries with us!





 Private Tour Service around Seoul 


By this point, you might already know that the fun doesn’t end in Seoul, but that actually in Seoul surroundings you can find many nice places to visit such as: Nami Island, Paju City, Petite France, Everland, The Garden of Morning Calm and more.


We know it might be hard to get to these places since they are not all connected by subway, which is why we have the best solution for you to enjoy a wonderful day out of Seoul! You can hire this private van service and explore new places and experience a very unique day out of the city.


Get your tour around Seoul and visit the hottest locations now!


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Nami Island, Petite France, Garden of Morning calm are just some of the spots to visit around Seoul





 Private Tour Service in Busan 


Are you planning to travel to Busan but have no idea how to move around? KoreaTravelEasy has the best solution for you: our private van service in Busan will take you wherever you want in this amazing city by the beach!


From Haeundae or Songdo Beach to Gamcheon Culture Village or anywhere you want to visit in Busan, we can cover all for you and make you have a fantastic day around the city without having to worry about anything but enjoy the fun vibes of Busan. Eat the best seafood and get the best ocean views!



Check this out to find out more about Busan fun!


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Travel around the colorful city of Busan and experience a worry-free day with us!





 Private Tour Service in Jeju 


Flying to Jeju Island soon? If you are still worried about what to do once you arrive to this marvelous island please take a look at our Jeju Private Van Service


We know Jeju is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Korea, but we also know moving around in there is not that easy, we want you to enjoy the best of Jeju without having to worry about anything so we made a few suggested itineraries for you, but of course, you can always costume it and go to wherever you want in the island!



Check this out to find out more about Jeju and all the fun you can have there!


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SIM Card, eSIM card, portable WiFi Router… how to easily get them in Korea?

WiFi, SIM, eSIM cards in Korea

SIM Card, eSIM card, portable WiFi Router…
What is the best option?
How can I get them in Korea?



Don’t worry any more, here at KoreaTravelEasy you will find all the answers you need as well as the best products in Korea for you to enjot this country like a pro!



1) SIM Cards


If you want a SIM Card with a Korean phone number there are few things you should keep in mind:


  • According to Korean Law: foreigners without a Long-Term visa can’t hold a Korean phone number for more than 90 days.
    This means that the maximum time you will be able to use a SIM card if you are visiting Korea is 3 months.
  • If you want to use a SIM card for longer than 90 days you will have to provide a copy of your ARC (Alien Registration Card).
  • Once you submit your ARC copy you can extend the SIM card service for as long as your visa period is indicated.


Enjoy Korea like a local with a local Korean SIM card 


 1.1) Service Extension

The previous law also applies for extension of previous SIM card others;


As long as the total usage period is not longer than 90 days (on a short-term visa) you can extend your SIM card as many times as you want.


In order to extend your sim card service with KoreaTravelEasy you can follow these steps:

  • 1) Simply purchase the service again (just as you did before)
  • 2) Indicate your PREVIOUS order number (#00000) as a “Specials Request” when you place the new order.
  • 3) Wait for your confirmation voucher.
  • 4) And don’t worry abut picking it up again as the service will be automatically extended to your current device!


1.2) SIM card options in Korea:


With KoreaTravelEasy, you will find the best SIM card options in the market, easy to purchase and even easier to use, these are the SIM cards that we can currently offer you in Korea:


  SKT Prepaid Korean SIM Gold Card Korean Unlimited Data Sim Card SIM card + T-Money Rechargeable + Outgoing Call Korean SIM Card
Company Carrier SKT KT LG U+ KT
Options 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 days 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 Days 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 Days 30 days
Basic Data per day Unlimited 3GB Unlimited GREEN Plan
300MB per 30 days
10GB per 30 days
extra 2GB provided everyday
15GB per 30 days
Speed 4G 20Mbps Full Speed 4G/LTE 4G LTE
Down Speed after Basic Data N/A 5Mbps / Unlimited N/A 3Mbps / Unlimited
Hotspot Available Available Available Available
Voice Calls X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
O Unlimited  O 100 mins.
SMS Texting X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
O Unlimited O 100 SMS
Rechargeable X X X O
T-Money Card X X O X

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[ CLICK HERE ] for Korean Unlimited Data Sim Card [ CLICK HERE ] for SIM card + T-Money (transportation) card [ CLICK HERE ] for Rechargeable Korean SIM Card




2) eSIM Cards


eSIM cards are very unique, they are not physical cards anymore! you ca activate their service by simply scanning a QR code!!

Amazing isn’t it? However you have to make sure your current device is eSIM card friendly as there are still many restrictions on it.

Take a look at the eSIM cards we have to offer:



  SKT eSIM card KT eSIM card LG U+  eSIM card Dosirak eSIM card
Company Carrier SKT KT LG U+ SKT or KT
Options 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 Days 5, 10, 20, 30 Days 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 Days 5, 7, 10, 30 days
Basic Data per day Unlimited 3GB 3GB opt: 500MB / 1GB / 2GB
Speed 4G 20Mbps / Unlimited 4G/LTE 4G/LTE 4G/LTE
Down Speed after Basic Data N/A 5Mbps / Unlimited 5Mbps / Unlimited 128kbps / Unlimited
Hotspot Available Available Available Available
Voice Calls X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
SMS Texting X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Only receiving (not outgoing)

QR code

QR code

QR code

QR code

[ CLICK HERE ] for SKT eSIM card

[ CLICK HERE ] for KT eSIM card

[ CLICK HERE ] for LG U+  eSIM card

[ CLICK HERE ] for Dosirak eSIM card











Have access to all your social media without having to physically insert any card!




3) Portable WiFi Router


If you don’t really need a number but having a GOOD WiFi connection is a must for you then we also got you covered with our portable WiFi routers!
Bring the fastest speed connection with you all the time with this amazing devices that will keep you in touch with the world wherever you are in Korea.


This routers are not only super easy to carry but also have a powerful battery that will last for as much as you need. And just in case… a portable extra battery comes included with all our WiFi router rental!
Take a look to the options we have to offer either if its for a few days or a long term rental, KoreaTravelEasy can always offer you the best!


  SKT Short-term SKT Long-term WiFi “Dosirak” 
Type Order per day Order 30 day
+ plus 1 day
Order per day
  Tip: The long-term plan is cheaper for 17 days or more. N/A
Network 4G LTE 4G LTE 4G LTE
Basic Data Unlimited Unlimited 2GB per day 10GB per day
Down Speed after Basic Data Unlimited (Continue to use at a maximum speed of 20Mbps) Unlimited (Continue to use at a maximum speed of 20Mbps) Will slow down to 1Mbps unlimited. Will slow down to 512kbps  unlimited.
  [ CLICK HERE ] for SKT Short-Term WiFi Pocket Router Rental [ CLICK HERE ] for SKT Long-Term WiFi Pocket Router Rental [ CLICK HERE ] for Discounted WiFi “Dosirak” Pocket Router Rental



Stay connected with the best WiFi services!



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