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How do I make a KoreaTravelEasy account?

To join, go to the KoreaTravelEasy homepage and click on the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the page. Now you can join the best Korea travel activities and tours! Receive 500 points for signing up!


What are the benefits of joining KoreaTravelEasy

By joining KoreaTravelEasy, you can enjoy exclusive deals and receive newsletters about specials and happenings in Korea!

Booking & Payment

Do you accept cash payments?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments at this moment.

What are the payment options?

1) Prices are charged in USD

2) We accept online payment of the following: Credit cards: VISA, MASTER, AMEX, CHINA UNIONPAY (中国银连卡)

3) Paypal

4) Bank Wire transfer

The Booking process doesn’t work, I cannot click on the date that I wish to book

1) If you are unable to choose your preferred date, it means that the date is unavailable.

2) If you are booking late (booking due: 2 days).

3) Please contact us to check availability by phone/messenger/email.

4) Book online with the reference number we provide you.

Can I cancel my order?

Each product has its own cancellation and refund policy, please check the cancellation policy for each product. If you have any questions about any particular product.

Do I need to print the confirmation email and voucher?

NO NEED. Simply show your smartphone screen (screenshot is ok!) For those products with a confirmation number make sure it’s visible.


How do I use a coupon code?

1) Go to KoreaTravelEasy homepage
– Register/login on KoreaTravelEasy.com
– Select your preferred time
– Add to cart
2) On the Cart page
– Input coupon code like below
– Checkout -> FREE Coupon Code: TYPE IN COUPON CODE
– Place Order
3) Confirmation Voucher
– Please check your e-mail inbox for spam for the voucher

Custom tour

Visit our custom tour page : https://www.koreatraveleasy.com/private-custom-tour-package/

Private Car

Visit our private car category page : https://www.koreatraveleasy.com/product-tag/private-car/


What language do you offer for guide languages?

Our guides are in English by default but we can arrange Cantonese, Putonghua Indonesian, Malaysian.

Please include that in the “Special Request” section and we will confirm if we are able to accommodate in your language.

How do I book travel activities?

Browse our website click: interesting travel activities in Korea. If there’s anything that catches your eye, book it now 🙂

My Account & Points

I haven’t received my confirmation voucher

Click this link and check your voucher https://www.koreatraveleasy.com/my-account/

*Confirmation voucher will be sent to your account and billing email address within 2 business days*

What can I do with the points that I have earned?

You can use it as cash on your next purchase.

How do I earn points?

When you buy products on our website or leave a review after your trip!

If you need more info contact us / How to use KTE