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[1] Customer Service & Operation Manager (in English)

  • [Role] 
    –  Online consulting for foreign travelers and customer service in English
    –  Order management, quotation and plan travel itinerary for foreign customers in English and order to Korean partners in Korean
    –  Communicate with customers and analyze customer needs and share the customer experience insights with team
    – Other comprehensive operations related to our service
  • [Qualification Requirement] 
    – Highly  proficient to do customer online consulting/response (read/write) in English and communicate with our partners in Korean
    – Demonstrable experience in consulting Korea travel (tourist attractions, travel itinerary) to foreign travelers in English
    A native Korean speaking with very fluent in English.  Chinese & Bahasa language preferred
    – Experience in planning Korea Travel products and operating social media service management preferred
    – Experience in e-Commerce, Inbound travel agency customer service & OP preferred
    – Proactive, detail and precise, sincere, can manage multi tasks
    – Proficient in Microsoft Suite Office and knowledge in Photoshop, internet etc
    – Have a work permit in Korea 
  • [Other Information]
    – Position type: Contract or Full time (Full time is available based on performance during probation periods)
    – Lunch, unlimited tea, coffee and snack
    – Opportunity to grow and perform in various roles available


[1] Customer Service & Operation Manager (고객 서비스 운영 매니저)-영어로 업무 진행

  • [업무]
    – 영어로 외국인 여행자의 고객 문의사항 온라인(소셜미디어) 상담 및 고객 CS 관리
    – 영어로 고객상품 Order 관리,  견적 및 일정 작성 / 한국어로 파트너 주문
    – 고객과 함께 소통하며 니즈 분석 및 고객문의 경험 인사이트 축적 및 공유
    – 사업 관련 포괄적 운영 업무
  • [자격]
    – 영어로 고객 온라인 상담/대응 (읽기/쓰기) 및 한국어로 파트너 대응업무 가능 자
    – 영어로 고객에게 한국여행 (관광지, 맛집, 트랜드) 고객 서비스 경험 보유자
    – 영어가 native처럼 fluent한 한국인.  중국어 & 바하사어 가능자 우대
    – 한국여행상품 기획경력자 & 소셜미디어 운영 경험자 우대
    – e-Commerce 고객서비스 & 인바운드 여행사 OP  근무경험 우대
    – 능동적, 꼼꼼함. 성실함, 멀티task. 사무기본 능력 (Office, Internet, Photoshop등)


[2] Contents Creation(&Marketing) Manager (in English) 

  • [Role] 
    – Korea Travel product / content development, creation and posting in English by CMS system
    – Blog posting with SEO knowledge and Social Network service operation and online marketing in English
    – Managing relationship with partners in Korea and research foreign travelers’ needs in Korea
  • [Qualification Requirement] 
    – Demonstrable experience and highly proficient to write Korea travel product (contents, blog) in English
    – Equipped with operational experience of blog (WordPress) and Social Network service (Facebook, Instagram)
    – Equipped with SEO knowledge and experiences about travel information, popular places in Korea
    – Proficient in Microsoft Suite Office and knowledge in Photoshop, internet etc.
    – Experiences in planning Korea travel itinerary and power influencers preferred
    – Experiences in and online marketing experience and video content creation/editing preferred
    – Proficiency to write in Chinese  and Bahasa language  preferred
    – Knowledge of Southeast Asia travel trend, operator of foreign community and foreigners in Korea in preferred
    Have a work permit in Korea 
  • [Other Information]
    – Position type: Contract (full time position available based on performance)
    – Lunch, unlimited tea, coffee and snack
    – Opportunity to grow and perform in various roles available


[2] Contents Creation(&Marketing) Manager (한국 여행상품 콘텐츠 작성, 개발)-영어로 콘텐츠 작성

  • [업무]
    – 한국 여행 상품 콘텐츠 개발, 작성 & 포스팅, CMS 이용
    – Blog 작성 및 Social Network Service 운영 & 마케팅
    – 한국 파트너 제휴업체/방한 외국인 트랜드 관리 & 마켓 리서치 
  • [자격]
    – 여행 상품 소개, 영어로 콘텐츠/Blog  글쓰기에  능통하신 경험자.
    –  Blog (WordPress) 및 Social Network Service (Facebook, Instagram) 운영 경험. SEO 지식 보유
    – 한국 여행, 맛집, 관광지의 경험&지식 보유. 사무기본능력 (Photoshop, Office, Internet 등)
    – 한국 여행상품 기획 경력자 & 파워블로거 우대 / 글로벌 온라인 마케팅 경험 우대
    – 동영상 콘텐츠 제작 및 편집 가능자 우대.
    – 중국어 또는 동남아 바하사어(말레이시아어) 가능자 우대
    – 동남아 트랜드/외국인 커뮤니티 사용자/운영자 우대.
    – 한국 working permit 보유
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