Top 7 Best Winter Activities in Korea! Snow Festivals, Ski and more

How is the Winter in Korea?

COLD! Let’s be honest if you’re from a pretty warm country and not used to the cold you will be in for a surprise! However, you got nothing to worry about if you come well prepared with fun snowy winter fun activities booked! This list will give you the best ideas on how to enjoy winter in Korea! But first to some facts:

Winter season: Dec ~ Feb
Average temp: +4 ~ -6 (°C)

Can be very Windy but also getting a ray of nice sunshine is quite common.

How do I easily get to the Ski Resorts / Winter Festivals?

There are so many Ski resorts and winter festivals around Korea that make it possible to meet the needs of travelers who want to experience the best out of the season. Either you book a practical and comfortable package trip which includes a shuttle bus and other things or you can also book just the transportation (private van) for those who just need a ride and want to plan the rest by themselves.


BY Shuttle Bus Package tour

Most of these resorts are very close to Seoul (90-minutes) which allows for a 1-Day tour with convenient shuttle transports (see our ski package tours list) CLICK HERE  


BY a Private Van transfer (Seoul/Airport <-> Ski Resort)

If you already planned to go to a specific Ski resort we also offer a nice private van transport to/from the Airport or Seoul to/from the resort! CLICK HERE

Check out the 7 BEST Winter Activities in Korea!

Do you intend to travel to Korea during the winter season? Here are some of the things you can do.

1.  SKI Resorts!

There are so many Ski resorts around Korea that make it possible to meet the needs of all the travelers who wants to experience the best out of the season. Most of these resorts are very close to Seoul (90-minutes away) which allows for a 1-Day tour with convenient shuttle bus transport. Do you intend traveling to Korea during the winter season? Check out our BLOG POST with more details on the Ski Resorts in Korea!


Best Recommended list!

1. Elysian Gangchon Resort 1-Day Ski Package! **BEST for Beginners!**
2. Vivaldi Ski Park 1-Day Ski Package! **BEST Deal**
3. Vivaldi Ski Park Ski Lesson Package **Most Popular**
4. Yongpyong Resort 1-day Ski!


CLICK HERE to see ALL our Ski Tour Offers

If you don’t really know which SKI resort you should go to, please check our blog HERE!

2. Strawberry Picking in Korea!

Did you know that there is a Strawberry season in Korea from December to June each year? Korea’s soil produces some of the biggest and sweetest strawberries you can find. You can join a tour of some of the strawberry farms near Seoul and pick strawberries. The advantage is that you can take home 500g of the strawberries you pick. How nice!


Within the same day, this tour includes a visit to Petite France, Nami Island, and also the Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival. Join this fun experience here!


Strawberry Picking BEST Recommended Tours:

1. Strawberry Picking + Nami island + Petite France + Garden of Morning Calm => Click HERE

2. Strawberry Picking + Nami island + Garden of Morning Calm => Click HERE


ktourstory - ski

3. Nami Island

Nami Island is a half-moon-shaped Island located near downtown Chuncheon in the Gangwon Province. Mostly accessible all year round for travelers. It became very popular when parts of the famous Korean Drama, “Winter Sonata” was filmed there. During winter, the island is covered in beautiful snow and ice, and the tree-lined roads give it a stunning picturesque feel for visitors. There is a zipline and ferry to get you to the Island. There are restaurants and convenient shops to purchase the little things you need.


Nami island  BEST Recommended Tours:

1. Private Van Tour! – Own Van + driver to take you where you want! => Click HERE

2. Nami island + Vivaldi Park 1-day Ski Tour (Shuttle bus) => Click HERE

3. Nami island + Strawberry Picking etc! (Shuttle bus) => Click HERE

4. Nami island + Elysian Ski Resort 1-day Tour (Shuttle bus) => Click HERE

CLICK HERE to see ALL our Nami Island Tour Offers

ktourstory - ski

4. Winter Light Festival at Everland and Ice Sledding

Everland is Korea’s largest Theme Park with enormous activities to explore. A top spot to have endless thrilling fun with friends and family at a very affordable cost. You can explore the T-Express rollercoaster ride, Zootopia, Amusement games, VR Game centers, Cable car rides, Panda world, Lost Valley Safari tour, and many more. During winter, you can enjoy the snow buster ice sledding and fireworks amidst the beautiful lights displayed in the gardens during the night.



5. Ice Skating Rinks in Seoul! (Not available in 2021~2022)

Usually, Seoul City Metropolitan Government operates the make-shift ice rink at the Seoul Plaza. It is fun and inexpensive. With only 1,000 KRW per hour, you can rent skating shoes and have the wintertime of your life. It is open from 10 am – 9:30 pm from Sundays to Thursday and from 10 am till 11 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays.

Other locations where you can enjoy ice skating are the Lotte World, Olympic Park, Yeoiudo, and Mokdong indoor Ice skating.

seoul ice skating

6. Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Fishing Festival (Not available in 2021~2022)

The Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Fishing festival has been held every year in the city of Hwacheon, Gangwon Province since 2003, attracting tens and thousands of visitors. CNN considers the festival as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and also a representative festival of Korea by the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. You can try bare-hand fishing, rod fishing and get to eat the fish you catch yourself. It runs for only a limited period of time in January, so you better experience it now by joining this affordable travel package below!


Best parts:

  • Catch your own fish and eat it too!
  • MANY Snow Activities! Such as snow sledding and ice sledding!
  • Yummy Street food EVERYWHERE
  • Round trip Transporation!



7. Pyeongchang Trout Festival and the Inje Icefish Festival (Not available in 2021~2022)

These two festivals are unique, exciting, and memorable events during the winter season. This package comes with free transportation from Seoul, English-speaking tour staff a fishing rod rent, and the festival entrance ticket. Other activities at the festival city include ice sled, bare hands fishing, snow sleigh, and ice skating. Perfect for families and couples!


Best parts:

  • Catch your own fish!
  • MANY Snow Activities! Such as snow & Ice sledding and ice skating etc!
  • You can either enjoy fresh raw or grilled trout fish (at the Trout Festival) or fresh deep-fried Smelt fish during the Inje festival! (Bring cash with you)
  • Round trip Transporation!

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불교공뉴스 TV | 서울시, 관광스타트업 쇼케이스 통해 프로젝트 성과 공개

KoreaTravelEasy was involved for the 2018 Seoul-Tourism Industry Startup new 8 companies SHOWCASE!

With the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization have held the “2018 Seoul Tourism Industry Startup SHOWCASE” at the WeWork Seoul Station Branch from 3 PM to 6 PM on Dec. 6th. This SHOWCASE is for 8 new startup companies which picked up from Seoul Tourism Organization and they have organized experience movies, Demoday, Marketing Booth and Events. KoreaTravelEasy was one of the picked up companies and have presented the result of the companies’ achievements for this year!


서울시와 서울관광재단이 개최하는 「2018 서울-관광스타트업 쇼케이스」가 6일(목) 오후 3시부터 서울역에 위치한 WeWork에서 열린다.

쇼케이스 개최 장소를 후원한 ‘WeWork’는 사무공간과 아이디어를 공유하는 스타트업의 상징공간으로, 전 세계 58개 도시에 248개 지점을 보유하고 있다.

이는 지난 4월, 치열한 경쟁을 뚫고 공개 오디션을 통해 선정된 8개 관광스타트업의 최종 결과물을 공유하고, 프로젝트의 사업화를 응원하고자 마련된 자리이다.

서울시와 서울관광재단은 2016년부터 ‘서울-관광스타트업 협력 프로젝트’ 공모전을 통해 정보기술(IT) 및 콘텐츠 기반의 스타트업을 발굴하고, 지원해오고 있다. 이번에 개발된 프로젝트는 향후 평가를 통해 최대 2년간 서울시 및 서울관광재단의 채널을 활용해 홍보 및 판로개척까지 통합 지원받을 수 있다.


호주의 사라는 한복을 입고 홈스테이를 체험하는 <모던.한>과 서울여행 경험을 음성으로 녹음해 공유하는 <인크레랩스>, 서울 여행상품 플랫폼 기반 비디오 커머스인 <코리아트래블이지> 상품 이용후기를 공유

일본의 모모코는 이동식 한복체험트럭인 <한복남>과 서울 전통시장 요리여행인 <오미>의 프로젝트를 체험하고 촬영한 영상을 공유한다.

프랑스의 봉쥬르헬로는 장애인을 위한 무장애 관광코스를 소개하는 <모아스토리>와 MICE용 호텔 공동예약 서비스인 <팬텀글로벌>, 전문댄서에게 K-POP 안무를 배워보는 <rkd엔터테인먼트>서비스를 체험하고 경험담을 공유한다.



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