Instagram Photo spots in Seoul Tour Review

Are you looking for awesome photoshoot places in Seoul? This tour may be a great solution for you, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends! For an affordable price, you can get an English speaking driver who will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation and a bunch of different places. So bring your heavy cameras, equipment or luggage and enjoy this Instagram Photo Tour!


Spot 1 – Pick up and head straight to the Hanbok Rental Store!

This store is HUGE with so many different Hanbok styles and colors to choose from! We took our time and tried on a few dresses before doing our hairstyle (for free!), there is also a locker to keep your clothes in if you’d like to use. After fixing ourselves we just jumped in the car to head for our first photo spot.



Spot 2 – Deoksugung Palace!

Deoksugung Palace is so pretty!!! Especially during the fall, you can get some great colorful shots with a palace in the background as well!

Spot 3 – Cafe with a view at Bukchon Hanok Village

Next spot we went to was a small pretty cafe that had a few floors, on the rooftop we got to see a great view of all the traditional Korean houses (called Hanok houses)! We spent some time drinking coffee, talking and posting some pictures on Instagram.




Spot 4 – The Best Bukchon Photo Spots

Bukchon Hanok Village is quite big and you may miss a few hidden spots if you ever go alone so we were so fortunate to be able to visit all these spots! A little walking up a hill required to see the famous view of Seoul!






Spot 5 – Time for Lunch!

We got some free time to enjoy lunch! There is a lot of Korean food nearby and easy to order, most places have an English menu because there is quite a lot of tourists in this area, so no need to worry! Plus KoreaTravelEasy will recommend some Instagram-worthy restaurants for you!


Spot 6 – Return your Hanbok

We went back to the rental shop to return the hanbok and accessories. We put on our normal clothes and went back into the car to go to the next spot!

Spot 7 – Haneul Park Or Bukak Skyway!

About Haneul Park

Depending on the season you can go to either Haneul Park or Bukak Skyway. Haneul Park was once a landfill but the government decided to transform it into an ecological park. Now the Silver Grass festival (aka Eulalia or pampas grass) that is held every autumn (in October) is one of the city’s most popular events. We took so many pretty pictures even though the weather that day was cloudy our friend had some nice photo filters that made us and our surrounding look brighter and great!


About Bukak Skyway

Bukak Skyway is known as the most beautiful driving route in Korea! The road is forested by thick greenery with a few sneak peek sights of a fantastic Seoul view. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain you will see an octagonal pavilion (Palgakjeong). Here you can see the whole fantastic panoramic view of Seoul city! A lot of locals and tourist come here for a relaxing time and to take great photos. You can also enjoy a traditional plaza in the middle of the forest. Other facilities available are resting area, observatory, walking trails, cafe, snack bar, restaurants etc.


Pic: Haneul Park



Pic Bukak Skyway


Pic: Bukak Skyway pavilion 

How to Book

This Instagram photo Package tour is easy to book, just click HERE

Best parts? This package includes Pick up from your accommodation and drop off in either Hongdae (great nightlife and trendy places) or Myeongdong (famous shopping street with a lot of street foods at night).


2019 Top Cherry Blossom Spots in Korea (Forecast and Flowering time)



Spring is around the corner! And we can’t wait to go on a romantic Cherry Blossom viewing date! Spring may be long but the Cherry blossom season is very short, so make sure to check the dates for the different places. Prepare your picnic basket, camera and start booking trips to these beautiful places!

1 Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival (Mar 29 ~ Apr 7, 2019)

This is probably Korea’s most popular and largest cherry blossom festival. It’s held annually in Jinhae (south part of Korea) you can easily get there from Busan!

One of the top attractions during the festival is the 800-meter section of flowers on the railroad by Gyeonghwa Station, and the 1.5-kilometer flower streams where visitors can take in the beautiful spring flowers. More than 350,000 cherry blossom trees will be lined on both sides of the cherry blossom road! Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is a great place to create special memories of your Korea trip! Pros: Big, beautiful and fun. Cons: Could be more crowded compared to other places.

Click the links below to book a shuttle bus tour to the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival! (Departing from Seoul and Busan):

2. Gyeongju City (March 20~ April 8, 2019)

Gyeongju City is famous for its historical importance and culture heritage. It is also one of the most beautiful places to see Cherry blossoms! from Busan you can take our shuttle bus package all the way and see the best places in one day! Check and BOOK HERE!

3. Jeju Island (March 23 ~ 30, 2019)

If you are planning a trip to Jeju island during this time make sure to book our special Cherry blossom Shuttle bus 1-day tour! Not only do you get to see Cherry blossoms you will also get to go to Naksan-ro road where there are lots of Canola flowers along the road! Enjoy Jeju islands nature in the best way possible! Check and BOOK HERE


4. Nami island / Gapyeong Cherry Blossom Tree Road (April 15~26, 2019)

Nami Island is one of the most popular places to visit in Korea, any season you go it will be beautiful because of its nature and tree-lined roads. But if you like pink then this will be a great Photo Spot during spring! As you might know, Nami Island is also featured a lot in different Kdramas! We have a special limited offer for those who want to come here with a certified tour guide please BOOK HERE


Nami island entrance

Gapyeong Cherry Blossom Tree Road

5. Yeoido Hangang Park (April 1 ~ 16, 2019)

One of Seoul’s most famous parks; Yeouido holds a Spring Flower Festival every year. You can enjoy beautiful azaleas, forsythia, royal azaleas, and other spring flowers. The celebration is famous for its 1,886 Korean Cherry trees. At night, the cherry blossoms are lit up with various colored lights and a wide range of street performances and art exhibitions take place.


There are a few ways to get there, you can take the subway to Yeouido Station (Line 5 or 9), get out Exit 5. Or take Bus 162, 262, or 461 to National Assembly Bus Stop. You can also get off at National Assembly Station (Subway Line 9), Exit 1 or 6 and take a 5-minute walk. Also, make sure to check out this private car + driver service OR the shuttle bus tour by clicking on the links below:



6. Seoul Royal palace: Gyeongbokgung (April 1 ~ 16, 2019)


Why not enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms like the royalty once did? In the Seoul palace Gyeongbokgung! I would totally recommend you to wear Hanbok because 1) You get in the palace for FREE 2) think about the fun and gorgeous pictures you can take in the gardens of the palace? Check out how to rent a Hanbok (nearby the palace) and this great Private Gyeongbokgung tour by clicking on the links below:

7. Seoul N Tower (April 1 ~ 16, 2019)


If you want to be more active I would suggest hiking up to the Seoul N Tower (Namsan Tower) It’s a nice and easy hike with many cherry blossom trees to take pictures of. Also, the view from the top is amazing! If you don’t like hikes that’s okay there is a cable car you can take up to the top as well! But you will get more pictures if you take your time walking up, it will maybe take only an hour including picture taking (more or less) and it’s not a difficult path. Check out these shuttle bus and/or private tours:


Looking for other Spring Tours?

Besides seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms in Korea, there is a lot more to see and do during Spring! Browse our latest products by clicking on the link below! You can go see the famous Taean Tulip Festival, Boseong Green Tea Field, Strawberry picking, Nami island etc!

The Best way to spend 4 or 5 days in Korea!



Are you planning a weekend trip with your friends or family to Korea? Wondering what is the “Must see places”? Well, no worries we have a great and flexible solution for you! This is our Best 4 Days 3 Nights OR 5 Days 4 Nights Korean Trip:


Airport Transfer

Whether you land in Incheon or Gimpo Airport you will probably have to transfer to downtown Seoul to your accommodation. Click here or below to book a Car/Van that will take you there in the easiest and fastest way possible.

How to rent a Wifi Egg at the Airport

If you are like me, who can’t live without internet read all about how to rent a Wifi router at the airport you can get UNLIMITED data for your whole trip! Or see this video for details:

NOTICE: If you arrive in the middle of the day (or want a Layover Tour) you can enjoy a half day in Seoul just make sure to email us your requests: info@koreaTravelEasy.com



START your first whole day in Seoul with this BEST OF SEOUL Private Car service! It includes:

  • Pick up
  • The Royal Palace Gyeongbokgung
  • Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Myeongdong
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Drop off

Read more about the details of this trip and how you can customize it in our post: One Day in Seoul With Private Car BOOK HERE


Royal Palace Tour Gyeongbokgung

Picture: Royal Palace Gyeongbokgung 

Bukchon Hanok Village Picture: Bukchon Hanok Village


 Picture: Myeongdong Shopping Street


 Picture: N Seoul Tower (Namsan)




Enjoy famous sights right outside of Seoul with this BEST OF AROUND SEOUL Private Car Service. It includes:

  • Pick up
  • Petite France
  • Nami Island
  • Garden of Morning Calm
  • Drop off

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Picture: Petite France


Picture: Nami Island


Picture: Garden of Morning Calm

Friendly reminder: Private Car Services includes a driver who is not a guided tour. The driver will not provide you with commentary service or other recommendations on the spot, so please pick the Tour Guide option if you would like that service. You may also change your destination while on the tour just make sure it doesn’t exceed the 10-hour limit. If it does you may pay the driver for the additional time 20.000KRW per hour.

DAY 4 – Pick a Suitable Activity!

If you have one more whole day in Korea we suggest you pick one of these fun activities:

  • Seoul – Gwangjang market, Insadong, Dongdaemun, Hongdae!
  • Everland – Koreas biggest Theme park, perfect for families with children!
  • Sokcho – Mt. Seorak, Naksansa temple. Perfect for nature and hiking lovers!
  • Gangneung – Daegwallyeong sheep farm, Anmok coffee street, Youngjin beach. Perfect for couples or families!

NOTICE: These are one-day travel plans. If you only have a half day left before your departure, don’t stress and make sure you do your last minute shopping and eat some good Korean food. We hope you enjoy your stay!

1 Seoul – Dongdaemun, Gwangjang market, Insadong, Hongdae


Dongdaemun is famous for the Heunginjimun Gate (also known as Dongdaemun Gate) which was the gate on the east side of the outer wall of Seoul Fortress, you can also walk along the beautiful Cheonggyecheon Stream and of course see the coolest landmark, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Spend some time taking pictures at all these sites and then head over to Gwanjang Market where you can eat a lot of delicious Korean street food.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) sky view

Visit Insadong – a district where you can feel a more traditional side of Korea. All the signs are written in Hangul (Korean alphabet), souvenir stores are everywhere insight as well as tea cafes, unique stores, and galleries.

Insadong Street Antique store

Finally, we recommend Hongdae as your final spot of the day. Hongdae is famous for its nightlife, shopping, delicious restaurants, and themed cafes. Here you can also see a lot of street performers dancing to Kpop, singing, doing magic tricks and more!

Hongdae District at night

2 Everland – Theme Park

Filled with fun rides and rollercoasters! Everland Resort has a lot to offer, festivals, theme areas, and a Zoo! Perfect for a fun family day trip! The themed festivals they have are the Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival, Romantic Illumination, and more all year around! One of the park’s most famous rides is T-Express, Korea’s first wooden roller coaster, Zootopia is a must-see cause it’s so big and even has a pair of giant pandas at Panda World! For ticket and shuttle bus to Everland: BOOK HERE!



3 Sokcho – Mt. Seorak and Naksansa Temple

Seoraksan National park is one of the most popular mountains in Korea near Seoul and famous for its scenery every season. The 1-day shuttle package tour will bring you to see the best scenic views at Seoraksan and Naksansa temple with English speaking tour staff. You will have enough time to do a little hiking or you can also take the optional Seoraksan cable car to go up the mountain! For a comfortable trip we recommend booking a private car: BOOK HERE . We also have a shuttle bus package tour:  BOOK HERE


4 Gangneung – Daegwallyeong sheep farm, Anmok coffee street and Youngjin beach!

Gangneung is a city by the east coast of South Korea. There are many attractions to see. We recommend enjoying Korean food at the famous Jungang Market and after that enjoy a walk around the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm, feed some sheep and take some nice photos at some famous photo spots. If you love coffee you will love Anmok Street! Most of the coffee shops there roast their own coffee beans. The best part is sitting by the window gazing out at the ocean! You can enjoy all these places by booking a private car her:  BOOK HERE!

Jungang Market

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

Anmok “Coffee” Street

DAY 5 – Airport Transfer – Hotel to Airport

Last day in Seoul can be stressful, you may want to go buy your last souvenirs, pack all your stuff and be at the airport early enough for some tax-free shopping? Best way to get to the Airport is by booking a Private Van! BOOK HERE


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