What is the difference between a Private Van Service and a Tour Guide Service?

You might have heard the terms Private Van, Tour Guide, and Shuttle Bus Tours. But what exactly are they and how are they different from each other? This is what they mean on KoreaTravelEasy.com

1 What is a Private Van Service?

If you book a trip here on this website and it says “Private Van/Car” you can expect a qualified and service minded driver to pick you up with your prechosen car/van. The driver will then take you to your destinations as preplanned. But Please understand that the driver can only speak basic English and is not a certified Tour Guide. He won’t be able to comment on any sights, recommend you places or help you with other things. He is ONLY your driver for the day. We at KoreaTravelEasy always try our best to select the most qualified drivers so that you can enjoy their ride. Traveling can be very stressful so this Private Van Service can make your travel hassle-free! Read more about how you can book this service on our post: One Day in Seoul with Private Car  or The Best One Day Trip Outside and Around Seoul

This Service is good for:

  • Families who are traveling with children or elderly
  • Don’t want to stress about transportation
  • Those who know where they want to go (exact locations)
  • A small group of travelers looking for a reasonable price



2 What is a Private Van + Tour Guide Service?

If you want a Private Van Service AND a Tour Guide you can! It will be a bit more pricey but having a Guide makes your trip even more interesting and easy! The Tour Guide speaks English and will Guide you along your trip. If you have any special requests please let us know in advance so we can deliver the information to your Tour Guide. As an example of what the Tour Guide can help you with is recommending food based on your diet or religion, just let us know in advance so he can prepare to recommend you the best places.

This Service is good for:

  • Families who are traveling with children or elderly
  • Those who have a special meal or other requests
  • Those who want a guide to comment about the different locations and activities
  • Those who are looking for themed travels (eg Kpop lovers, Museum lovers etc)

To book a customized Private Van + Tour Guide please choose a Tour guide option (ENG) from private van service product (CLICK!)

happy-customers-private-car-tour-guide-korea-hanbok tour-guide-private-car-thank-you-message


3 What is a Shuttle Bus Tour?

Shuttle bus tours are trips you can book on our website. You can expect hopping on a nice shuttle bus at specific pick up points, together with other people. There is also Tour staff on the bus, who are there to help you and answer any questions you might have. They are not certified Tour Guides but they are usually very friendly and ready to help you out. You usually get a lot of free time at the different stops so please make sure to listen to the staff and arrive back to the Shuttle bus on time so you can follow the planned schedule. Read and watch an example of a fun Shuttle bus Tour here in this post: Strawberry Farm, Petite France and Nami Island all in a One Day Tour Shuttle Bus 

This Service is good for:

  • Budget travelers
  • Those who enjoy full day schedules and free time
  • Solo or group of two travelers



How to spend 3D2N or 4D3N around Seoul – Easy Travel with Private Van or Tours



Are you planning a weekend trip with your friends or family to Korea? Wondering what is the “Must see places”? Well, no worries I have a great and flexible solution for you! This is our Best 3 Days 2 Nights OR 4 Days 3 Nights Korean Trip:


Airport Transfer

Whether you land in Incheon or Gimpo Airport you will probably have to transfer to downtown Seoul to your accommodation. Click here or below to book a Car/Van that will take you there in the easiest and fastest way possible.

How to rent a Wifi Egg at the Airport

If you are like me, who can’t live without internet read all about how to rent a Wifi router at the airport you can get UNLIMITED data for your whole trip! Or see this video for details:

NOTICE: If you arrive in the middle of the day (or want a Layover Tour) you can enjoy a half day in Seoul just make sure to email us your requests: info@koreaTravelEasy.com



START your first whole day in Seoul with this BEST OF SEOUL Private Car service! It includes:

  • Pick up
  • The Royal Palace Gyeongbokgung
  • Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Myeongdong
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Drop off

Read more about the details of this trip and how you can customize it in our post: One Day in Seoul With Private Car


Royal Palace Tour Gyeongbokgung

Picture: Royal Palace Gyeongbokgung 

Bukchon Hanok Village Picture: Bukchon Hanok Village


 Picture: Myeongdong Shopping Street


 Picture: N Seoul Tower (Namsan)




Enjoy famous sights right outside of Seoul with this BEST OF AROUND SEOUL Private Car Service. It includes:

  • Pick up
  • Petite France
  • Nami Island
  • Garden of Morning Calm
  • Drop off

Read more about the details of this trip and how you can customize it in our post: THE BEST 1 DAY TRIP OUTSIDE OF SEOUL

NOTICE: This is a one-day travel plan. If you only have a half day left before your departure, don’t stress and make sure you do your last minute shopping and eat some good Korean food. We hope you enjoy your stay!



Picture: Petite France


Picture: Nami Island


Picture: Garden of Morning Calm

Friendly reminder: Private Car Services includes a driver who is not a guided tour. The driver will not provide you with commentary service or other recommendations on the spot, The driver will ONLY take you to the places with the specific addresses, you may change your destination while on the tour just make sure it doesn’t exceed the 10-hour limit. If it does you may pay the driver for the additional time 20.000KRW per hour.
If you are looking more for a tour guided service, please email: info@koreaTravelEasy.com

DAY 4 – Pick a Suitable Activity!

If you have one more whole day in Korea we suggest you pick one of these fun activities:

  1. Everland – Perfect for families with children!
  2. Seoraksan – Perfect for nature and hiking lovers!
  3. Boryeong – Perfect for the active outdoorsy people!

1 Everland – Theme Park

Filled with fun rides and rollercoasters! Everland Resort has a lot to offer, festivals, theme areas and a Zoo! Perfect for a fun family day trip! The themed festivals they have are the Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival, Romantic Illumination, and more all year around! One of the park’s most famous rides is T-Express, Korea’s first wooden roller coaster, Zootopia is a must-see cause it’s so big and even has a pair of giant pandas at Panda World! For ticket and shutte bus to Everland: BOOK HERE!



2 Seoraksan

Seoraksan National park is one of the most popular mountains in Korea near Seoul and famous for its scenery during every season. The 1-day shuttle package tour will bring you to see the best scenic views at Seoraksan and Naksansa temple with English speaking tour staff. You will have enough time to do a little hiking or you can also take the optional Seoraksan cable car to go up the mountain! BOOK HERE


3 Boryeong – Shellfish Picking and Fun Activities!

Boryeong is best known as the home to Korea’s Mud Festival every summer, but it can be visited year round! This one day tour from Seoul includes shellfish picking, seeing Daecheon Beach where there are optional activities available such as the Korea Sky-Bike and Zip Track, making your own Korean Dried Seaweed, known as Gim and finally entrance to the Gaehwa Art Park where you can see beautiful flowers and relax at a cafe among the greenery. BOOK HERE!


The Best One Day Trip Outside and Around Seoul With Private Car

Are you looking for a comfortable, family-friendly, fun trip around Seoul? Then you came to the right place! Booking a Private Car Service is a great way to travel and it’s affordable! For 10 hours you get a car and a driver who will take you to your destinations, by picking 3 places around this area allows you to really enjoy different activities while not worrying about transportation, time and leaving your stuff behind on trains or buses. I will recommend a great itinerary that’s available to book here.

For those who want to make a Private Car Tour IN Seoul read this blog post: One Day in Seoul With Private Car

Reminder: Seoul and Nami Area are BIG so depending on travel time and traffic you will only have time for 3 places for one day by car. To see 4 places within 10-hours might not be possible. That’s why we suggest you do 3 activities if you don’t want to pay surcharges. Also, traveling time between places will take about 60 minutes & From Seoul to Nami area will take about 1.5 hours. (3 hours for the round trip).

The best Private Car One Day Trip Outside of Seoul:

1 Petite France

Get picked up from your hotel by 10:00 AM and arrive 11:30 AM to Petite France (Seoul -> Petite France/ Nami area, 1.5 hours, without traffic). Randomly built on the Korean countryside is Petite France – a French Folk Village filled with fairylike decorations and rooms filled with French items such as dolls, furniture, and other home interior items. Read and watch more about my experience in this blog post Strawberry picking, Nami Island, and petite France all in one day

koreatraveleasy-Petite France


2 Nami Island

1:00 PM arrive at Nami island! This beautiful half-moon shaped island is famous for its nature, animals, galleries and being the film set of the famous Kdrama Winter Sonata. To see and read more click here: Strawberry picking, Nami Island, and petite France all in one day.


Nami Island Winter Travel


3 Garden of Morning Calm

4:00 PM arrive at Garden of Morning Calm! During winter it holds this beautiful light festival! When Spring comes they offer a  Garden Festival, during Summer you can enjoy Festival of Roses, Hydrangeas, and Roses of Sharon! And finally, see the colors of Autumn at the Festival of Chrysanthemums and Autumnal Tints.

Copy of Moonlight-Drawn-By-Clouds-filming-location-garden-of-morning-calm-2




4 Drop off at your hotel or Downtown Seoul

6:30 PM start heading off to either your hotel or pick a location in Seoul, you will arrive around 8:00 PM depending on traffic. If you want to enjoy shopping, Korean nightlife, and other fun places, read more under alternative options in this “One Day in Seoul With Private car” post.

Alternative Options

If you want to replace one of the above places with another you can! Here are two other activities to choose from:

Strawberry Picking – From Mid Dec ~ Early June

Choose this unique experience! Come to Strawberry picking farm where you can pick and take home about 500g of Fresh Strawberries or eat them while in the car towards your next destination. Read more about this experience on my other blog post Strawberry picking, Nami Island, and petite France all in one day

NOTICE: Available from mid-December to early June. It’s subjected to the weather condition in Korea so please check with KoreaTravelEasy before making any decisions.
Strawberry picking activity will be around after 2 PM, take cute selfies with natural sunlight!



This Railbike activity takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. You’re expected to arrive there 20 minutes in advance.
There are 2-seaters and 4-seaters available: Let us know which seater you’d prefer.



NOTICE: a child under 36 months should NOT ride even with a guardian for safety reasons (by right).
However, if you still wish to try a railbike activity you may ride it with your child, but you need to sign an agreement that Gangchon railbike park is not responsible for any accidents or injuries in this regard.
(KoreaTravelEasy is also NOT responsible for any accidents or injuries).

How to book!

Very easy from mobile or pc click here or the link below and put in what date, number of people, pick up address, tour time and finally if you choose BEST OF AROUND SEOUL itinerary you will go to all these places I mentioned above OR you could customize your trip by writing down which alternative places you want to go to in order, in the SPECIAL REQUESTS box. You can also make small changes in the best of Seoul itinerary, for example, a different drop off place just write it in the SPECIAL REQUESTS box. 🙂

What car should I choose? 

There are 3 car types to choose from:
Sedan/small Van (passengers 4 people)
Limo-Van (passengers 9 people)
Large van (passengers 13 people).

If you are 4 people or fewer the small van would suit you. However, if you are 4 people I would still like to recommend the Limo Van because there’s more space for you and your bags and it’s also a more comfortable ride, which is especially important if you travel with kids or elderly. So choose wisely and I hope you enjoy your ride and the sights of Seoul city!




Friendly reminder: This Private Car Service includes a driver who is not a guided tour. The driver will not provide you with commentary service or other recommendations on the spot, The driver will ONLY take you to the places with the specific addresses, you may change your destination while on the tour just make sure it doesn’t exceed the 10-hour limit. If it does you may pay the driver for the additional time 20.000KRW per hour.
If you are looking more for a tour guided services, please email: info@koreaTravelEasy.com

JOINS.COM | 서울시-스타트업 8개 기업과 ICT최신 관광 상품 개발

seoul travel startup audition



KoreaTravelEasy was featured in news article, as we won the Seoul City travel startup competition. KoreaTravelEasy is the leading travel startup helps foreigners to travel Korea hassle-free.

서울시-스타트업, 여행객 취향저격 8개 관광상품 개발

서울시는 8개 신생벤처기업(스타트업)과 손잡고 스마트폰 기반 개별여행이라는 최신 관광 흐름에 맞는 사업을 개발한다고 1일 밝혔다.

코리아트래블이지는 외국인 관광객들이 서울에서 즐길 수 있는 다양한 체험상품들을 실제 체험영상으로 보여준다.

김재용 서울시 관광정책과장은 “서울의 매력을 보다 편리하게 체험하도록 돕고 서울관광 만족도를 높이는 것이 목표”라며 “올해는 성장단계별 맞춤형 지원을 통해 우수한 청년 스타트업들의 안정적 시장 진입부터 서비스 고도화, 투자유치까지 지원하겠다”고 말했다.

To read whole article



Fun facts about Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, transfer and wifi data


Incheon International Airport opened up a Terminal 2 this year for the Olympics. Here are some fun and good facts to know about the newly opened Terminal 2!



1 Airlines

Only these Airlines are operating in Terminal 2 as of April 2018:
Korean Air
Delta Air Lines
Air France

Note: Changes may occur, please check your flight ticket for the right Terminal or Incheon Airports website: seoul-airport.com

2 Transportation 

Terminal 2 has all the amenities that are available in Terminal 1. It also has a transportation center, with trains running to Seoul, buses traveling to other regions, and short-term parking for travelers being picked up.

You can’t walk between Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. You will have to take the subway or bus because it’s too far away.

For an easy Airport transfer, click here

3 Art

You can enjoy a huge Hangul Art Display on the check-in/baggage drop floor.


4 Observation Deck

There is an Observation deck available that offers a view of the departure terminal and airport runways. Nice place to kill some time!

5 Self-bag Drop

Self-bag drop creates shorter lines and saves you time!


5 Wifi Pocket rental or Data SIM Card

You can easily book a Wifi egg pocket or Data SIM card with unlimited data and just pick it up at the airport! Read more about the details in this blog post: Pocket Wifi or SIM Card Data Pick Up

Have you had a nice experience at this Terminal so far? Let us know in the comments what you thought!


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