Strawberry Picking Farm, Nami island and Petite France all in one day!

Yummy Strawberries picked by yourself!

It’s strawberry season in Korea! This is a really fun and delicious experience, you can enjoy with your friends and family. I saw cute little kids enjoy it as well! You get to pick around 500g worth of strawberries, and we also got to taste some of the strawberry jam that they sell.500g-of-strawberries

strawberries-at-the-farm picking-strawberry

A Winter visit to the lovely Nami Island 

Our second stop was Nami Island, famous for its nature and romantic atmosphere. It was here the famous Korean drama Winter Sonata was filmed, so you can see where the main characters had their first kiss, buy cute snowmen merch and see some cool animals such as Ostriches, peacocks, etc. There are also two ways to get to the island, one by zip lining (one way only) and the other by boat.


Fun fact: To keep a more natural feeling they built all electric wires underground. So no telephone poles interrupting our photoshoots!


nami-island-rainbow-snow snowman-merch
snowmen-nami-island-winter nami-island-animal-ostrich

Petite France – Beautiful and lovely Christmas decoration!

Can’t get any more colorful than this! Petite France has a very cute fairytale-like architecture and it holds a big French item collection, everything from furniture to dolls. If you are a Kdrama fan just like me you will enjoy taking pictures of the same place where Cheon Song-yi and Do Min-joon from “My love from the star” kissed! Another interesting fact is that you can actually see a glimpse of North Korea from afar.


petite-france-decoration-xmas petite-france-tourist




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