Jeju Island 1Day Bus Tour Package – East, West and South (Everyday from March 1st on 2023)

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No driver’s license? No money for an expensive taxi tour? It’s not a  problem anymore! Our JEJU Bus Tour offers three distinct courses (West, East and South) so you can experience all of JEJU’s major attractions without wasting too much time or money. Tours are offered on different days of the week so you can cover all areas of the island in just three days. Travel comfortably by bus and see everything that JEJU has to offer in three distinct one day tours. Lunch is included!

Short Information

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Join in Group
Minimum pax
1 pax
Booking due
3 days
100% refund before 5 biz days
All ages
Meeting location
Jeju Airport
Lotte City Hotel (JEJU)
- Transportation
- English speaking tour guide
- Admission fees
- Lunch


This Tour is only available from 1st March to 31st Dec .

A stress-free, one-day tour of Jeju Island is waiting for you. No rental car or driver’s license is required. Cheaper than hiring a taxi. Everything is planned for you as all major tourist attractions are covered. The admission fee is included! Just choose your date and route (West, East, or South)!

** See below itinerary section below in detail for each course west, east, and south 
** The South Course is not available in December.

Course  What is included


(Mon, Wed, Fri)

  • Hyupjae Beach
  • Hallim Park
  • Lunch-Local Buffet
  • O’Sulloc Green Tea Field
  • Mt.Songak
  • Cheonjyeon Falls OR Teddy Bear Museum


(Tue, Thurs, Sat)

  • Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest 
  • Seongeup Folk Village
  • Lunch
  • Gwangchigi Beach
  • Women Diver Show OR Women Diver Museum
  • Seongsan Ilchul (sun-rise) Peak via Jongdari Seashore Road
  • Manjang  Cave (Closed until July 2025 due to anti-falling construction)
    It is scheduled to reopen in August 2025.
    During the construction period, it will be replaced by ‘Jeju Stone Park’.


(Sun ONLY)

(From Mar to Nov)

  • Mysterious Road
  • Mountain Halla (Eoseungsaenak Trekking) 
  • Alive Museum
  • Lunch
  • Jusangjeolli Lave Cliff
  • Lonely Rock(Oedolgae Rock)
  • Jeongbang Falls



Price What is included




(24 month~18 years)

  • Transportation 
  • English speaking tour guide 
  • Admission fees for above-listed tour stops
  • Lunch
  • Infant : under 24 month is free 

**What is not Included

  • Getting To/From Pick Up and Drop Off Locations
  • Personal Expenses for Additional Food, Alcohol, Drinks, Water, Snacks, Etc.


Option 1: West course (Mon, Wed, Fri) 

08:40~09:00  AM

Meet and Pickup at Jeju Airport 

  • detail location will be informed in the voucher after the booking is confirmed 
09:10 AM

Pickup at Lotte City Hotel

  • detail location will be informed in the voucher after the booking is confirmed 
10:00 - 10:20 AM

1. Hyupjae Beach

A part of Hallim Park, Hyupjae Beach is known for its fine, white sand and crystal clear, calm waters.

 10:20 - 11:30 AM

2. Hallim Park

The park is home to Hyupjae Beach as well as Ssangyonggul Cave. In total, the 100,000 sq km offers multiple gardens and additional facilities to explore such as a children's amusement park and several gardens.

12:00  - 12:50 PM

3. Lunch

Enjoy a local buffet featuring a variety of Korean dishes.


*Please mention if you have special dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

 12:55 - 13:30 PM

4. O'Sulloc Green Tea Field

Visit the home of Korea and Jeju's most famous green tea brand, O'Sulloc. Also on site are the tea plantation and tea museum.

 14:00 - 15:10 PM

5.1 Mt. Songaksan

Gathered by 99 small peaks, it is also a volcanic topography of the world's rare double crater - formed by the second eruption inside the first crater.
You can experience quite a spectacular view.
Also, it is a walking course where you can walk as much as you want, so even the elders can experience it without any trouble.

15:30 - 16:20 PM

6. Your Choice: Select one between Cheonjiyeon Waterfall OR Teddy Bear Museum 

Guests will split into two groups and should choose one of the two places.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is one of the main Jeju attractions! Chenjiyeon is around 22m tall and means "where water meets the sky."

The Teddy Bear Museum features teddy bears of all styles and sizes in a variety of costumes and getups.

17:20-18:20 PM

Drop Off (in downtown Jeju-city) 

※ Please note that the schedule might be changed or replaced due to the current situation on the day.



Option 2: East course (Tue, Thur, Sat) 

08:40 - 09:00 AM

Meet and Pickup at Jeju Airport 

  • detail location will be informed in the voucher after the booking is confirmed 
09:10 AM

Pickup at Lotte City Hotel

  • detail location will be informed in the voucher after the booking is confirmed 
10:00 - 11:00 AM

1. Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest

Located under the crater of a Baby Volcano, this is an exquisite harmony with the cool wind blowing from the sea

 11:05 - 11:50 AM

2. Seongeup Folk Village

Visit a traditional Jeju folk village at the base of Halla Mountain. Different from the Folk Villages of Seoul and Mainland Korea, you can experience traditional Jeju materials like black lava rock.

11:55 AM - 12:40 PM

3. Lunch (Black pork set meal Or Bibimbap)

Enjoy Jeju's specialty meat and black pork barbecue. Much thicker and marbled than normal pork, it's completely different from your average samgyeposal.

For vegetarians, we have a vegetarian Bibibap menu. Please let us know of any other dietary restrictions at the time of booking

Jeju Black Pork BBQ
*Please mention if you have special dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

 13:00- 13:15 PM

4. Gwangchigi Beach 

13:30- 13:40 PM

5. Women Diver Show OR Women Diver Museum(Alternative Course)

Experience the lives of the Haenyeo, the female divers of Jeju, who are a central part of the Jeju economy and family support.  

In case of rain, you're expected to visit Women Diver Museum on the trip date without any notice 

 13:40 - 14:40 PM

6. Seongsan Ilchul (sunrise) Peak 

Perhaps the most famous of all tourist attractions in Jeju, take some time to climb to the top and enjoy the beautiful views!

14:40 -15:20 PM

7. Via Jongdari Seashore Road 

Explore the views of Jeju's coastline from the stunning seaside road.

15:20 - 16:20 PM

8. Manjang Cave (Closed until July 2025)

One of Jeju's most famous attractions and a UNESCO Heritage Site take a walk down into the lava tubes formed long ago.

It is currently closed until July 2025 due to anti-falling construction.
It is scheduled to reopen in August 2025.
During the construction period, it will be replaced by 'Jeju Stone Park'.

8. Jeju Stone Park 

Jeju Stone Park is a museum and ecological park that shows the general and systemic stone culture of Jejudo Island, the homeland of stones.

17:10 - 18:20 PM
  • Drop Off (in downtown Jeju-city) 

    ※ Please note that the schedule might be changed or replaced due to the current situation on the day.



Option 3: South course (ONLY SUNDAY)

**The South course is not available in December.

08:40 - 09:00 AM

Meet and Pickup at Jeju Airport

  • detail location will be informed in the voucher after the booking is confirmed 
09:10 AM

Pickup at Lotte City Hotel

  • detail location will be informed in the voucher after the booking is confirmed 
9:20 - 09:40 AM

1. Mysterious Road

A Jeju favorite for its gravity and physics-defying tricks. Experience a unique sensation and direction on the Mysterious Road!

10:00 AM - 11:10 PM

2. Mountain Halla (Eoseungsaenak trekking) 

Hallasan (Mt. Halla) is the grand centerpiece of Jeju with several trails but takes almost an entire hike to the top and down. Enjoy Mt. Halla views and nature with a simple hike up, and take a minute at the Mt. Halla Visitor's Center as well.

11:40 AM - 12:30 PM

3. Alive Museum

Part of the Trick Eye Museum Family that's also in Seoul, enjoy some mind and eye tricks with famous art. Have some laughs with friends and get some great selfies!

 12:35 - 13:20 PM

4. Lunch (Abalone Seafood stew set or Stone Bibimbab set)

Enjoy a Korean delicacy, abalone. Try it  in a  Jeju style in a stewed way. Not into seafood? Enjoy some stone bowl bibimbap.

*Please mention if you have special dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

 13:30 - 14:10 PM

5. Jusangjeolli Lava Cliff

Another of Jeju's top three tourist sites, take some time at these breathtaking cliffs formed by lava that rushed from Hallasan into the sea long, long ago.

14:30 -15:10 PM

6. Lonely Rock (Oedolgae Rock)

Take some time, relax your mind, and reflect at a traditional temple in Jeju.

15:20 - 16:10 PM

7. Jeongbang Waterfall

Seogwipo's popular waterfall and the only in Jeju that goes directly into the sea!

17:30 - 18:20 PM
  • Drop Off (in downtown Jeju-city) 

    ※ Please note that the schedule might be changed or replaced due to the current situation on the day.




  • Jeju Airport Parking Lot 
  • Lotte Duty Free Entrance in Lotte City Hotel
Click the location marker () below for the direction on the google map

Pickup/Meeting Location

  • Meeting point : Jeju Airport  Parking Lot  08:40~09:00 AM (Bus will leave on time) 
    ->  Drop-off location will be in Jeju Downtown area 


How to book

After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
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  • West Course will be modified form July 2023: Sambangsan Cruise will be replaced by Songaksan.
  • The tour includes basic lunch and all admission fees for places listed on the itinerary. Guests are responsible for any additional drinks, snacks, or add-on services at each location.
  • Please double check meeting and drop-off  location and time 
  • Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of departure. The tour bus will not wait for those who are late.
  • The itinerary and lunch menu are subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions on the tour date. In the case of extremely bad weather and the tour has been canceled, you will be contacted to reschedule or refund.
  • This tour is a bus group tour by a English speaking tour guide, so private pickup will NOT be available

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund: 5 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
  • 50% refund: 3 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
    (e.g: if your selected date is Tuesday, contact us by Thursday)
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 3 business days before the selected date or No show

*To request a reschedule, please contact us 3 business days (by 5pm KST) before the selected date.  


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Jeju Island 1Day Bus Tour Package – East, West and South (Everyday from March 1st on 2023)

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  1. Ca*** M***     

    We absolutely loved our East side full day tour with Elin! The day started out bumpy when we missed our flight to Jeju from Gimpo. After rebooking, Elin was very communicative about all the available options if we missed our tour bus and what we would need to do to rejoin the group. Luckily we made our second flight and Elin was waiting to help show us the way. From there it was smooth sailing! 🥰 She was so considerate of everyone in the tour group, checking in, taking our pictures, and regailing us with fascinating history, fun facts, and entertaining stories. It was a great pace to pack as much Jeju adventure into one day! I hope to come back and take the West Island Tour next time! Thank you, Elin and Mr. Kim!! 😍🫰🏼

  2. Ju*** J***     

    Both Douglas and Elin made my tours very pleasant despite the weather ( pouring none stop for two days). East side was explored with Elin due to bad weather conditions couple of activities were cancelled, however immediately we were proposed with other plans that compensated cancelled activities. Elin was especially caring and making sure that we were having a pleasant time. West Side was led by Douglas, the guide was very informative as he was born in Jeju and told us a bit of Jeju history and its people. Also, it was great that Douglas took group photos, it was very thoughtful of him. In general both guides were great in their own way and made both of my trips unforgettable.

  3. Me*** B***     

    Elin is so attentive and friendly, she really adds to the tour making the experience more informative and fun. Always taking good photos and talking to everyone in the group.

  4. Douglas Tjong

    Do*** T***   Singapore 

  5. Alicia Frenette

    Al*** F***   Canada 

    Wonderful experience!!

  6. Aw*** T***     

    Well covered, lunch was good. Tour guide Douglas was knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. Appreciate it that the bus could drop us of at places near our hotels. 1 day we’ll spent.

  7. Smilla Pusitz

    Sm*** P***     

  8. Um*** M***     

    Elin was our tour guide for the day and she was great. I really enjoyed the day and each part of the tour. Lunch was delicious and I left feeling pretty full. I have one piece of feedback, it was difficult to find the tour as the Google map link provided pointed us to a different part of the car park. We were quite stressed about missing the tour. Please update the meeting details 🙂

  9. Li*** L***     


    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your stars!

  10. Li*** L***     

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your stars!

  11. Li*** L***     

    East excellent

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your score!

  12. Co*** D***     

    Hello! The tour was very well organized, the sight we saw were amazing and the lunch very good. I would have liked to have 30 minutes more to visit Halima Park to fully enjoy it. 50 minutes it is too much at the Tea Museum..maybe you could change something concerning the time allocated to each activity. Thank you, Alina!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We really appreciate your feedback for improve the service.
      Thank you once again, have a very nice day.

  13. Ch*** H***     

    So happy. Korea travel easy is a good choise if you looking for a tour. Thanks and send my regards to Ms Henny and Driver Mr Kim

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your wonderful review. We will share your kind comments with our guide and driver and they will be happy to hear that. Look forward to your next trip in Korea!

  14. Hu*** E***     

    Jeju is a wonderful island. It becomes more wonderful when using your tour services. Mr. Jay is a funny person, full of commentaries about the places we visited. Im glad to have chosen your agency to build such amazing memories of Jeju-do.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We appreciate your kind review. We are very glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip with us. Hope to see you at your next trip!

  15. Jose Marie Serapion

    Jo*** S***   Philippines 

    I emjoy the tour, the tour guide Ms. Anna had many historical insights during the tour, I hope next time I can also visit the West and South Day tour.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We’re glad that you enjoy the tour. Jeju is very beautiful, isn’t it? We hope you could have a chance to see other part of Jeju next time! Also hope to see you again!

  16. Justin Kim

    Ju*** K***   United States (US) 

    Excellent tour (West) and would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys sightseeing. Our tour guide, Richie, was amazing and made sure that we were comfortable and having a good time. I had booked the trip during the weekend (non-office hours) and they were still quick to respond to my questions/requests. Honestly, this far surpassed our expectations!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are glad that you enjoyed the tour, our dedicated staff will be pleased to learn of your high praise. Hope I could introduce other beautiful scenery to you in the future!



    Excellent service and tour. I booked for having a trip in Jeju with my family. The west coast tour was an excellent tour, it really gave me an experience that maybe if I’m not taking the tour, I wouldn’t have a great experience in Jeju. All of the sites are amazing, and not only for the sites but also the buffet lunch was nice and really please my family palate especially that we are muslim people. Thank you for giving us such an amazing time and full of joy in Jeju Island 🙂

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your comments Bambang!:) We are also glad to hear that you enjoyed the tour a lot with your family. We can feel from here that you had a great time in Jeju with our partner. Jeju is one of the must visit place in Korea and we are trying to provide our customer the best partner for an unforgettable experience. We hope you had a wonderful time in Korea and see you next time again!



    I attended this tour with my husband and teen daughter and son on August 1, 2018. The west coast tour was a highlight of my family’s trip to Jeju! Our guide, So Yun (“Anna”) was fantastic. She said she was new to the job, but we thought her knowledge and personality were already spot-on. The sites were all amazing, especially the beach, where we did wish we had more time. Hallim Park was a joy, and the falls were lovely. The buffet lunch was fantastic and pleased everyone’s palate. I especially enjoyed the red bean dessert! Thank you to So Yun and Mr. Kim, the driver, for a day filled with beautiful memories!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your kind comments! We are also very happy to hear that you had a wonderful day in Jeju with our partner. Jeju is one of the best places in Korea to visit for a beautiful scenery. Also, it is good to hear that you like the buffet restaurant. There are also a lot more places to see and eat in Jeju. We hope you can travel with KoreaTravelEasy again next time when you come back to Korea! 🙂

  19. Gi*** W***     

    I took the east-side tour. It was pretty well organized and I loved the rule of telling everyone to return to the bus on time or you’ll have to take a taxi to the next location. It put enough pressure on everyone to make sure that we’d get to every activity on time. The horse riding part wasn’t that great be cause the people who ran the horse ranch tried to rush everything. They even made the horse run to the next spot while I was on it. They also lied and said that we had to pay $30 for each picture they took of us on the horse because using our own cameras would “scare the horses.” The Black pork place wasn’t that good. I’ve had better black pork in Seoul. But I think the place was cheap which is why the quality was low. The bus driver had an attitude when it came to taking me to my hotel. He didn’t want to drop me off in front of my place even though it was right down the street. He seemed lazy and complained to the tour guides a lot about dropping customers off. Other than the bad horse ranch, the lazy bus driver and the bad pork, the trip was still well worth it. I got to take a lot of pictures that were perfectly Instagram worthy. 🙂 I would still recommend this tour to everyone. Just keep your expectations low.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for sharing your experience and detail explanation!:) Generally, we have a very good review for this tour but we feel sorry for your uncomfortable experience with the horse ranch, bus driver, and pork on that day. We will clarify this review with our partner and get back to you soon. Thank you for the recommendation in the end! We hope you still have a good memory of this tour in Jeju Island. 🙂

  20. Shin-Yeu Lin

    Sh*** L***   Taiwan 

    Overall speaking, the trip is very good. I will recommend it to my friend.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your comments! We are happy to hear that you satisfied with this tour. We are trying to have a relationship with the partners who have a good review from your customer. We hope to see you again next time 🙂

  21. Hooi Chin Beh

    Ho*** B***   Malaysia 

    This day tour is good and so convenient if compared to use bus or public transport. You can save a lot of time by following this day tour. The tour guide is friendly and can speak in English, and there’s a tour guide who can speak in Mandarin too. But i am not sure about other languages. I will suggest tourist to take this day tour as i found it very convenient and we were able to visit to various well known sightseeing in Jeju . We booked for 2 days tour continuously, if you prefer nature and sightseeing, i will suggest to take West Coast tour, if you prefer traditional culture explore, I will suggest to take East Coast tour. But both are good. Except that East coast tour DID NOT include the Beach seeing (mentioned there was via only ) We just passed by the beach instead of going to the beach .

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Hello Hooi ! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your opinion with KoreaTravelEasy. We are glad that you enjoyed two days in Jeju with us. Both WEST and EAST coast tour has its own charm, I hope you enjoyed every part of Jeju and make wonderful memories!

  22. Pa*** X***     

    This was the best decision I’ve ever made! This tour allowed me to tour west Jeju and I had the most fun time ever since coming to Korea. The tour guide was fabulous as well. The destinations were fabulous too! I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Jeju!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Hello, Pa Kue 🙂 Thank you for sharing your honest opinion! We are glad that you enjoyed your WEST course tour! In fact, lots of locals of WEST course as well! If you have time, we recommend you to visit EAST side as well 🙂
      Have a wonderful day, Pa Kue! Cheers <3

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