Top 4 Activities To-Do This November

It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the end of October and November will be here in a week! That being said, we are certainly not complaining about it.. 😌 The weather and scenery all around South Korea now is such a bliss that we are filled with nothing but awe at the simple beauty of nature 🍁

If you’re as inspired as we are, here are 4 activities for you to check out this November!

P.S. The activities are listed in chronological order where activity with the earliest booking deadline is listed first 😄 Grab them fast if you’re interested as these special offers really do not come often! 


1. Amazingly low price overnight trip to Busan

(Source: Visit Korea Website)


Craving for fresh seafood and a change of pace and view? We have just the thing for you. Treat your yourself to a quick getaway to Busan and visit the must-see places in Busan including: 

    • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
    • Haeundae Beach
    • 3 Busan Traditional Markets 

💡 Tips by KoreaTravelEasy

While it costs about USD$20 for a one-way trip to Busan from Seoul, for ONE-DAY ONLY (NOV 1st),  we are offering a huge discount where you pay USD19.90 for round-trip to Busan! Yes you heard us right! 

2. Be part of the 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival

(Source: Seoul Kimchi Festival Facebook Page)


Did you know that kimchi-making (or ‘kimjang’ as it is known locally), is designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage? Now in its sixth year, take this chance to be a part of this unique festival to witness a joyous celebration of tradition and modern living under the theme of “Happy Sharing in Kimjang Day”!

📍Where? Seoul Plaza, Mugyo-ro
📍When? November 1st at 11am – 3rd at 6pm


💡 Tips by KoreaTravelEasy

In addition to enjoying an array of kimchi-related activities offered at the Seoul Kimchi Festival, get ready for: 

    • Make your own kimchi experience
    • Try a variety of kimchi from all over Korea & a rare ‘Kimchi Master’s Kimchi-Tasting’ opportunity
    • A guided walking evening tour where you get to choose between Deoksugung Palace OR Seoul City Tour (Details available here )
    • Complimentary 10,000 won cash gift card for you to satisfy your tastebud in Korean Traditional Markets (Namdaemun, Gwangjang or Dongdaemun)

3. Hike up Seoraksan to enjoy the fall foliage

(Source: CNBC New York Youtube)


Having written a dedicated post about how romantic and perfect Korea is now for fall foliage, we really didn’t want to rave about it too much. However, the whole experience is simply enchanting that we feel like we’d be shortchanging you if it’s not included… Don’t take our words for it though! Check out the video above and we hope you’d be as awestruck as us~ 🥰


💡 Tips by KoreaTravelEasy

Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount when you book and use it by November 4th

4. Get a break from the city through Templestay at Geumsunsa


Tired of the fast-pace busy life where stress is starting to weigh on you? Look no further because we have just the perfect solution for you. To better paint, a picture of what templestay is about, check out the video that we have included above! Time for a tranquil experience & treat your mind to a peaceful, calming retreat.. doesn’t that sound lovely? 😌


💡 Tips by KoreaTravelEasy

While we recommend the 2 days 1 night program to completely immerse yourself in the templestay experience, if you’re short on time or on a set budget, we have a 3-hours program available as well!
(Note: There’re some differences between the overnight & 3-hours program are different, so do check them out here !)  

That’s all we have for you today!
Which activity sounds the most interesting to you?

Let us know by leaving us a comment! 😍

7 Must-Try Korean Art & Crafts Experience in Seoul!

chopsticks making lesson with teacher

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Seoul, why not give Korean Art & Crafts a try?

While Seoul might seem to resemble any other capital city where its fast growing economic is backed by rapid modernization, you might be surprised to find otherwise! In fact, walking down around Seoul, you’d find that there’s a well-balanced mix between old and new, and a wide range of interesting cultural activities are also available for you to explore with family and friends!


Besides, wouldn’t it be exciting to experience Korean culture by putting yourself in activities that local Koreans enjoy and create a unique Seoul experience with your own hands? If that’s what you’ve been hoping for, look no further! 😍


Here is our list of 7 Must-Try Korean Art & Crafts Activities, as authorized by One More Trip – Seoul Tourism Organization’s Official Local Tour and Experience Guide!


Furthermore, if you book any of these activities and complete the activity by October 31st,2019, there’s a 20% discount in it for you! Scroll down to find out more now!

🎨 7 Korean Crafts & Arts Experiences You Must Try in Seoul ! 


1. Customized Chopsticks Making


Length Adjustment chopsticks


I love eating Korean food and have started making a couple of recipes at home! As a foodie, I know that the right utensils can make or break the eating experience. So I decided to take the chopstick set making class and make my own set of Korean chopsticks and spoon.


This was a great activity to do on a sunny weekend. The class is located in the mountains behind the Kyeongbokgung palace. The area is very dainty and the view beautiful. If you are visiting the palace plan this activity on the same day!


The class is located in a gallery dedicated to Korean chopsticks and spoons, you’ll be able to see different designs, get inspired for your arts and crafts, or buy a set if you like. The gallery is modern, quiet, and relaxing, perfect for spending time focused on chopsticks makings.


During the class, the instructor will teach you how to customize and design your own bamboo chopsticks set. You can adjust the length and the shape of the handle, then use acrylic colors to add your favorite design by hand. I am a big fan of floral patterns, so that is the design I chose for my chopsticks set!


 2. Mother-of-Pearl, Korean Traditional Lacquerware Design


 Mother-of-Pearl Crafts Experience brooch make oneday class


How about making lacquerware? Korean traditional lacquerware is made with Mother of Pearls (nacre), a material found on pearls and inside of shells such as abalone. This is what gives Korean lacquerware its unique colorful shine. Did you know that Mother-of-Pearl lacquerware is one of Korea’s intangible cultural properties?


In this class, you can learn how to do this form of delicate art and make your own Korean souvenirs such as a jewel box or a brooch. A valuable experience and a valuable souvenir!


3. Korean Floral Design


flower design or floral design in korea


Have you ever tried designing a flower bouquet? Floral design has become a popular hobby in Korea especially Korean style floral design. Floral design is a great healing activity, if you are looking to learn something new without feeling the pressure, this might be the perfect activity for you. Spending time in a flower market is calming and rewarding; designing flowers is a zen type of art.


During this activity, you will visit Yangjae Flower Market which is the largest flower market in Korea. After visiting the market, the instructors will teach you how to make Korean style flowers!  


4. Traditional Hanji Accessory Making


hanji accessories oneday class in korea


As a foreigner, one of the most exciting parts of Korean cultural experience I like is wearing the Korean traditional dress, Hanbok. Hanboks are decorated with their own unique accessories.


 Hanbok accessories can range from the colorful tassels called Norigae that are hung from the upper coat, or the beautiful hairbands called Baessi Daengi. In this one-day class, you can learn how to make the Korean traditional accessory of your choice. You will use colorful Korean traditional paper as a material.


Don’t forget to use your handmade Hanbok accessory next time you’re wearing Hanbok in Seoul 


→ Hanbok Experience Click Here!


5. Korean Gold leaf Art


Gold Leaf Art paint


Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas? Imagine the queen enter the palace, she is beautiful and strides with grace. She wears a unique style of Hanbok. On the rim of her skirt shines a delicate golden design. The golden design made on Hanbok worn by kings and queens is called Geumbak, which is another Korean intangible cultural property.


Gold leaves are precious delicate material used to create Geumbak designs. They might seem intimidating but are very fun to work with, and when done, the final artwork has a unique look that cannot be achieved with paint.


During this one-day class, you can experience making gold leaf art together with experts from Korea’s no.1 art university. Gold leaf is also commonly used in modern art. This might be a fun experience to dab your feet in all types of gold leaf art.


6. Korean Acrylic & Watercolor Painting in Gangnam




If you like beautiful paintings and architecture this will be a cultural activity you’ll enjoy. Have you seen these colorful flower patterns painted onto the roof beams in palaces and temples around Korea? These Korean floral patterns are called Dancheong and they are an important element making Korean temples and palaces unique.


If these beautiful patterns have caught your eyes, you might enjoy learning more about them, and learn how to make them yourself. Through this activity, you can learn how to draw traditional Korean patterns using acrylic or watercolor paints.


If you want more, there are modern options available as well. The teachers can help you draw a design based on your favorite K-pop and K-drama, or the photos you’ve taken in Korea. Paint an image that will be dear to your heart!


7. Outdoor Ink & Wash Painting (Sumukhwa)


sumukhwa ink wash painting hanok


This outdoor painting experience is perfect for autumn and spring when you want to stay in the beautiful outdoors. Sumukhwa is a Korean traditional painting style created with bamboo brushes and ink. This style was used for paintings, designing folding screens, or illustrating poetry. Sumukhwa was considered high merit and practiced between the gentry.


The class is held in a historical palace, where you can take inspiration from traditional Korean architecture. Imagine you are a member of the gentry; experience what it feels like to spend a nice leisurely day during Joseon times while perfecting your art.


We have many more local cultural activities certified by the Seoul Tourism Organization we did not get a chance to talk about. Make sure to check them all out here!

Fall in Korea, Your 2019 Guide to Autumn Leaves & Foliage

Autumn in korea 2019

Romantic Autumn in Korea

Being surrounded by leaves that slowly turns from green into sunshine-akin golden color, doesn’t that sound like walking into a storybook itself? 🥰


We certainly think that Autumn in Korea is a unique experience where it is impossible to be tired of. The sweet balance of not-too-cold-not-too-hot weather, beautiful scenery coupled with autumn-specific delicacies, it’s time for us to fall in love (pun intended 😜) with Korea again!

⏰ When’s the best time to catch fall foliage?

Affected by this year’s summer heat, this year’s fall foliage has been estimated to start early October and will peak by end of the October! Peak foliage refers to the time where 80% of the mountain is covered with foliage leaves, which means it’s the best time to plan your hike to the mountain then! 😄


2019 Fall Foliage Forecast

Information courtesy of WeatherI Inc & Visit Korea.
Kindly note that information above is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Top Places to See Autumn Leaves by KoreaTravelEasy! 🍂

About 70% of the Korean Peninsula is mountainous area and so hiking naturally becomes the passion of local Koreans! There are literally too many mountains to count in South Korea and we know it can be hard to make a decision when there are simply too many choices! But fret not, we have that solved for you!


Here are our Top 3 Must-Go Places in Korea (around Seoul & in Seoul) to enjoy fall foliage during Autumn! 


Around Seoul

1. Mount Naejang (san)

The name ‘Naejang’ means ‘many secrets’ in the mountain, and due to the bright crimson leaves that blanket Naejangsan Mountain’s fall scenery, the mountain is also referred to as “Geumgangsan of Honam”.


With KoreaTravelEasy, along with the mountain, you will also be visiting the famous Naejangsan Temple! The temple is said to have been built by the Buddhist monk Yeongeunjosa in the year 636 of the Baekje Dynasty with many lovely autumn leaves.


Round trip transfer, entrance ticket & breakfast inclusive tour available from October 25 – November 15, find out more here



2. Mount Seorak (san)


Recognized as a National Park with enormous nature preservation, Seoraksan stands 398.539㎢ with 30 imposing peaks. Mount Seorak is very popular and famous for the beautiful red Autumn leaves.


With KoreaTravelEasy, along with the mountain, you will also be visiting:

  • Sinheungsa Temple, one of the oldest Zen (Seon) temple in the world, literally translate to of “Spirit Arising Temple”
  • The Great Bronze Buddha
  • Biryong Falls, where it was named (Biryong means “flying dragon”) given its resemblances to dragons flying up towards the sky 


Tour available from October 14 – November 4 find out more here


3. Mount Daedun(san)


Standing at 878 meters with magnificent rock peaks, Mount Daedun(san) make it very convenient to hike up and down. What makes this tour a memorable visit is the Geumgang Bridge  suspension that links two mountains. Capture the best of the Autumn fall colours by riding the Daedunsan cable car and walk on the bridge.


With KoreaTravelEasy, in addition to the magnificent Mountain Daedu(san), you will also be visiting: 

  • Daedunsan Provincial Park
  • Daedunsan Mountain cable car and Geumgang Gureumdari Bridge


Round-trip transfer, cable car ticket & breakfast inclusive tour available from October 23 – November 6, find out more here



In Seoul


1. N Seoul Tower


Namsan Seoul Tower, or simply N Seoul Tower, is a landmark of Seoul where it acts as the perfect spot to enjoy the mesmerizing night view of Seoul while gazing out Hangang River.


Imagine walking around N Seoul Tower in Autumn, where the paths are lined with red and gold yellow foliage – how romantic is that? 🥰


Discounted entrance ticket available, find out more here!  
*2 days in advance booking required.


2. Nami Island


About an hour away from the suburbs of Seoul, you ca find Nami Island, where its popularity first soared as the shooting location of the popular Korean drama “Winter Sonata”. During autumn, the beautiful tree-lined paths is especially dreamy 🧡 Take a romantic walk at Nami Island and it will be a memory of your lifetime!


Package available on daily basis, find out more here
*2 days in advance booking required.


3. Palaces in Autumn

The big historic palaces in downtown Seoul are not left out during the autumn season! For travelers who want to experience bright yellow autumn leaves, Gyeongbukgung, Deoksungung and Changdeoksung Palaces are your best bet.


The blend of the palace architecture and the fall leaves make it a serene atmosphere that will make you fall in love with the city over and over again 😘


Worry about moving from one place to another? Private transportation is the solution!  







You’re probably familiar with the ones we mentioned above if you’re a frequent visitor of Korea! Well, not a problem! In fact, we have compiled a total of 15 best places to enjoy the mesmerizing fall scenery for you so you’ll never have to repeat any visit! 🥰

Have you been to any of the places above?
Do leave us a message below to share with us your experience! 


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