Strawberry Picking Farm, Nami island and Petite France all in one day!

Yummy Strawberries picked by yourself!

It’s strawberry season in Korea! This is a really fun and delicious experience, you can enjoy with your friends and family. I saw cute little kids enjoy it as well! You get to pick around 500g worth of strawberries, and we also got to taste some of the strawberry jam that they sell.500g-of-strawberries

strawberries-at-the-farm picking-strawberry

A Winter visit to the lovely Nami Island 

Our second stop was Nami Island, famous for its nature and romantic atmosphere. It was here the famous Korean drama Winter Sonata was filmed, so you can see where the main characters had their first kiss, buy cute snowmen merch and see some cool animals such as Ostriches, peacocks, etc. There are also two ways to get to the island, one by zip lining (one way only) and the other by boat.


Fun fact: To keep a more natural feeling they built all electric wires underground. So no telephone poles interrupting our photoshoots!


nami-island-rainbow-snow snowman-merch
snowmen-nami-island-winter nami-island-animal-ostrich

Petite France – Beautiful and lovely Christmas decoration!

Can’t get any more colorful than this! Petite France has a very cute fairytale-like architecture and it holds a big French item collection, everything from furniture to dolls. If you are a Kdrama fan just like me you will enjoy taking pictures of the same place where Cheon Song-yi and Do Min-joon from “My love from the star” kissed! Another interesting fact is that you can actually see a glimpse of North Korea from afar.


petite-france-decoration-xmas petite-france-tourist




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Fireman | Korean Action Comedy Show

The show is basically about amateur Firemen that freshly joined the crew,

it showcases funny episodes they faced during their training sessions.

The plot is fairly SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND


and VERY OBVIOUS GAGS for you to laugh heh.

The age recommendation I would put for this show is pretty low.

So if you are planning on a family trip with your kids, this show might be suitable for them ^^

SOOO… what happens when you arrive at the venue…

You will be greeted by a not-so-ordinary-security-guard (?) 😛

*You’ll find out why later in the show!!*

fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(2) fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow

Then… you’ll come to face a stage that was set up like… this~!


After this, as you know, for every life shows you are not supposed to take any photos…

So, here are some photos from the official web of how the performance is like!

fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(5) fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(7) fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(6)


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A Winter Weekend trip to Busan! Gamcheon Culture Village, Songdo Skywalk, a Christmas festival and more!

Gamcheon Culture Village

Early December I decided to take a weekend trip to Busan with some friends. Surprisingly it wasn’t as cold as Seoul and not many tourists were to be seen in comparison to the Summers. Our first stop is where we could enjoy walking and taking fun photos; Gamcheon Culture Village. The many alleys were Colorfully decorated with murals and sculptures created by the residents. It was artsy and calming with lots of cozy cafes and cute cats chilling around the streets. We loved it so much we were there around 4 hours.


prince_gamcheon kiss_art_gamcheon
gamcheon_view_art cats cafe_gamcheon

Songdo Skywalk and Cable Car!

At Songdo beach, you can enjoy a walk on a short trail called Skywalk. There are lots of nice photo spots and for an even greater view, you have to take the Cable car that’s just above the Skywalk!cable_car_skywalk2

turtle_skywalk_busan turtle_egg_shell_skywalk_busan statue_skywalk_busan

Best Skywalk photo spots!

Seafood by the Seashore!


seafood2_busan cheese_seafood_busan

Christmas festival by Nampo station!

Every year a shopping street in Busan near Nampo station exit 1 is decorated with Christmas lights and other fun decorations and performances are held. This year I just happened to be there on their opening! It was really neat to see and I even got to hear a Christmas Orchestra play!

xmas_tree xmas_festival_lights2
xmas_festival_lights candy_cane_xmas_decoration 25323187_10155841898097159_729143526_n


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How to transfer to Seoul from Incheon Airport and Pocket WiFi Egg or SIM Card data pick up

Why you should rent an Unlimited data Pocket WIFI egg!

A WIFI egg vs a data SIM card, which one’s better? Simply put both are great. It all depends on what kind of person you are. If you are like me who don’t travel lightly, carries a computer, cell phone and maybe even an iPad at times. I would recommend a Pocket wifi egg router. With this small device, all your devices are able to stay connected and you can still use your phone number! No need to worry about running out of data cause it’s unlimited! The only con is that you have to charge the egg hence carrying yet another charger. Just don’t forget to return it at the Airport, same place where you picked it up at or at another office if you so request it. It’s so easy to rent just follow 3 steps:

  • Book online
  • Check Email for the voucher.
  • Pick up at your designated Airport. Show passport, credit card and voucher. Enjoy Korea!


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Why you should get a Prepaid data SIM card!

So for you who wants to travel light but still enjoy surfing a lot (Unlimited Data!), I would recommend getting a prepaid Data SIM card. It might seem trickier to buy and use but it’s actually quite simple! Just make sure to follow these steps:

  • Check with your provider to see if your phone is unlocked. If it’s locked some SIM cards might not work.
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  • Make sure to store your old SIM card somewhere safe. They are so small, I almost lost mine!


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Incheon to Seoul Private Van Transfer

The easiest way to get from Incheon – to your hotel. Set your pick up time and pay online and just come out through the gate and look for your driver holding up a sign that says KoreaTravelEasy and your name. Very comfortable drive that takes around 1 h and 30 min. Skip the transfer time and don’t worry about not finding your way and the language barrier.


Fast and comfortable transfer in an 11 seater van.

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Naejangsan Autumn Charm – Why you Must Visit Fall Foliage When in Korea

This Blog post is from GoGo Budget Travel Blog, Chloe who traveled with KoreaTravelEasy Naejangsan 1-Day Autumn Foliage Guide Tour.

gogobudgettravel.com gogobudgettravel.com

Naejangsan National Park is one of the most popular places in all of Korea to see the Autumn (or Fall) foliage. During the autumn season (Oct-late Nov), the hillsides and pathways are covered in a multitude of red, orange and yellow leaves. Although it’s far away from Seoul, it doesn’t deter people from coming to witness Naejangsan Autumn Charm. Read on and you’ll see why you must visit Naejangsan when in Korea.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm – The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

It’s great to visit Naejangsan throughout the year. But because of the park’s beautiful maple leaves, autumn is its busiest time. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of crowd at the national park. However, when we visited there in early Nov this year, there weren’t too many people. Even our tour guide was surprised! How lucky. ?

Naejangsan Autumn Charm picnic

Naejangsan Autumn Charm – How to get there?

Depending on where you come from, Naejangsan can be reached via public transportation. But let me warn you. If you are traveling from Seoul, it will take a superrrrr long time (at least 5 hours) for you to get there. From Seoul, you can take a bus to Jeongeup and from the city’s Bus Terminal, you can get to Naejangsan by taking Bus 171 (내장산).

As we were short of time and wanted to save all the hassle, we decided to opt for a day tour with KoreaTravelEasy. The tour bus will pick you up from the designated pick-up subway station (Myeongdong, Hongik University or Dongdaemum station) in the morning. At the end of the tour, the bus will send you back to pick-up location. It’s that easy!

Naejangsan Autumn Charm – Endless Gold in 4hr

When we went to Naejangsan, the autumn charm was at its peak. The whole stretch of road was brightened up by the golden and red leaves. I’ve never seen such amazing colours in my entire life. While I was enjoying the autumn breeze, I secretly thank myself again for making the decision to come to this national park, despite its distance from Seoul.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm lake

While you are there, remember to enjoy a cup of tea at the Naejangsan Temple. Only 1.5km away from the park entrance, the beautiful temple is very kind to offer free tea to visitors.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm temple view

It’s just wonderful to relax in a traditional Korea tea house with a cup of hot tea after a long walk. Do note that you need to get there before 3:45pm to get the free experience.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm tea

After visiting the temple, you can choose to hike further up, or you can make your way up to the cable car area. The cable car will send you directly to the mountain top. But our guide advised us that the queue could be long, so we decided to forgo the ride.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm cable car

Instead, we decided to back down to the visitors centre. If you are lazy walking back like us, you can catch a shuttle bus back down to the entrance (1000 KWR per person) or you can walk the 1.5km back down.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm bus

Our 4 hours there were very well spent. Believe it or not, it can take a looonnnggg time walking to the temple if you enjoy taking photographs. So make sure to bring along some water and snacks to keep you going.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm temple

Naejangsan Side Trip – Jeonju Hanok Village

Apart from visiting Naejangsan, the tour will also bring you to Jeonju Hanok Village. Famed as the starting point of Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju and its Hanok Village is brimming with that classic, ancient charm. With over 800 traditional Korean hanok houses, it’s really charming to stroll along this ancient village.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm jeonju charm

Naejangsan Autumn Charm jeonju hanok village top

If you want your photos to be more Instagram-able, you can even rent a set of hanbok at about KRW 5,000 for that old Joseon experience. I did that when I visited Seoul Gyeongbokgung, the experience was really amazing!

Naejangsan Autumn Charm hanbok

Jeonju Hanok Village – Delicious Food

One food you shouldn’t miss when in Jeonju Hanok Village is its PNB choco pie! Our guide said the choco pie is really special. It’s bigger and more yummy as compared to those from the rest of Korea. I’ve never tried choco pie from elsewhere so I can’t really compare, but the ones in PNB is really good. ? We also tried another bread from PNB and it tasted equally good. You should totally get this one too as it’s very crispy!

Naejangsan Autumn Charm choco pie

Another very famous food in Jeonju is its Bimbimbap. I’m not a big fan of Bimbimbap but I think it’s still worth trying this famous dish.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm jeonju food

Naejangsan Autumn Charm – KoreaTravelEasy Day Tour

With the help of KoreaTravelEasy, we managed to visit two beautiful destinations in 1 day. The tour is perfect if you are short of time, yet want to cover more places in one day. It also saves you all the hassle transferring between trains and buses. I booked my tour online and the whole process takes only a minute. ?

Naejangsan Autumn Charm jeonju hanok village church top

Another plus point about having a tour is to mingle with the guides! I learnt so much about Koran culture from our two lovely guides. They speak very good English and we got so many travel tips from them on Busan and Jeju.

Naejangsan Autumn Charm guide

Now the autumn season is over, but you can find other winter trips such as ski tour on Korea Travel Easy. If you are planning to visit Korea next year, do pay Naejangsan a visit and be charmed! Apart from Neajangsan, you can also catch beautiful autumn foliage near Seoul. Nami island in autumn is really beautiful and Garden of Morning Calm is equally breathtaking. You will literally fall for them!

Naejangsan Autumn Charm lake top

Here’s the complete travel vlog for Naejangsan and Jeonju Hanok Village. Check it out now!



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