DISCOUNT on Cookin Nanta Show in Hongdae and Myeongdong – Limited Tickets

Last week I went to go see the famous Nanta Show – a non-verbal musical performance – together with a friend. I have never gone to see a non-verbal performance before so honestly, I had no expectations. In the middle of the show, I realized why this show has been running for over 20 years and even in many countries! Anyone can enjoy this, the content and humor can’t really get outdated, and that is because the actors express themselves using hilarious body language, impress us with creative acrobatic moves and use kitchen utensils as musical instruments!

Nanta’s Storyline

The story is simple, a restaurant manager brings his little mischievous nephew and makes him a part of the NANTA family, which consists of 3 chefs, the funny head chef, an attractive female chef, and a hunky guy. The manager orders the chefs to prepare dishes for an unexpected wedding reception. They have till 6 o’clock to finish, with all the kitchen drama and playful games, can they complete the preparation on time?

Best Parts:

Interaction with the audience and getting up on stage: They sometimes let us be in on all the fun and because we had great seats the nephew chef pulled my friend up on stage for a dumpling challenge which was hilarious! they were 2 teams racing to get it finished first, my friends’ team lost unfortunately but we still got to pick up a photo as a souvenir/memory after the show! So if you want to be on stage make sure you buy good seats!


Comical moments: Without spoiling too much, I really want to say that the comical moments were personally my favorite. They have a very creative and skillful way to make the audience laugh. You will get to see funny facial expressions, teasing among the actors and them making a fool out of the audience.

Drumming and acrobatic skills: This surprised me the most. I did not expect them to perform so well. They made music using knives and other kitchen utensils! And they showed some fighting, throwing dishes and some dancing! 

Show Details

Locations: Hongdae Nanta Theater and Myeongdong Nanta Theater

Showtime: 1 hour 30 min

Fun fact: This is Korea’s longest-running show in a theatre. Nanta combines the rhythms from Korean folk songs with modern music, creating a non-verbal performance that’s accessible to an international audience.

Recommendation: If you are in the Hongdae area on a Thursday night, take some rest from walking around and enjoy this Nanta show before going out to enjoy Hongdae’s nightlife which attracts a lot of youngsters.

*Nanta at this special price is really a steal because usually, it’s much more expensive and even more so overseas!

How to Book – PROMOTION (LIMITED TICKETS) during May 2019

Choose S-seat, any date you want to go see the show and book it fast! There is only a limited amount of tickets for this incredible price so the promotion may end early!

BOOK the Nanta show in HONGDAE here

BOOK the Nanta show in MYEONGDONG here

Special Promotion on Korean Temple Stay Packages – 2019 see specific dates

Special Promotion on Temple Stay Korea Packages!

Have you ever wondered how staying up in the mountains, meditating, eating delicious healthy food and just relaxing in nature feels like? Wonder no more, take this chance to grab a great deal on a TempleStay Package in Korea! KoreTravelEasy is now having a great special promotion on certain dates and temples ONLY, so go on and check out this list below! CLICK HERE to book

We provide roundtrip transportation and Cultural Commentator on these dates. This is a good chance for you to get out of Seoul, see nature and experience a stress-free time at a Templestay! We strongly recommend this tour if you would like to get some fresh air and stay in a peaceful place!

Tour Date Temple Name (Location)


(Website Link)

Apr. 13 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
Apr. 30 (Tue.) Jinkwansa (Seoul) Click HERE
May. 2 (Thu.) – 3 (Fri.) Geumsunsa (Seoul) Click HERE
May. 11 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
May. 30 (Thu.) – 31 (Fri.) Magoksa (Chungcheong-do) Click HERE
Jul. 4 (Thu.) – 5 (Fri.) Beopjusa (Chungcheong-do) Click HERE
Jul. 13 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
Aug. 1 (Thu.) – 2 (Fri.) Geumsansa (Jeolla-do) Click HERE
Aug. 10 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
Sep. 19 (Thu.) – 20 (Fri.) Baekdamsa (Gangwon-do) Click HERE
Sep. 26 (Thu.) – 27 (Fri.) Seonunsa (Jeolla-do) Click HERE


In short, all of this is included in the 1Day Temple Stay Package:

  • Templestay program
  • Transportation
  • Cultural Commentator and Interpretation
  • Lunch (Temple Food, Vagitarian)
  • Free GIFT

and the 2 Days 1 night Temple Stay Package includes:

  • Templestay program
  • Transportation
  • Cultural Commentator and Interpretation
  • 1-day Dinner, 2-day Breakfast + Lunch (Temple Food, Vagitarian)
  • Free GIFT
  • 1 Night Accommodation at each temple
  • Uniform (a vest and pants)

Temple Activities

Every Temple Stay program is different but here are some examples of activities you might be doing.

  • Tour the Temple and learn about Buddism and History.
  • Meditate outside surrounded by the beautiful nature.
  • Have a conversation with a monk over some lotus root tea.
  • Enjoy healthy and delicious vegetarian Temple food.





How to Book!

Click Here to BOOK and choose your Temple Package. Each Temple Tour is different and has a different pick-up time so please double check before you book.


Looking for other options?

We have s special Temple Stay Weekend package with a lot included (Near Seoul)! Check it out HERE *KoreaTravelEasy BEST Recommendation
You can also book a Weekday Temple Stay Package (near Seoul) HERE

Exciting Train Tours from Seoul! With KTX and the Gold Train!

Some say the best way to travel is by Train. In some countries that may not be true, it may be inconvenient or not even possible! But when it comes to taking the train in Korea it will be your best option for long-distance travels. The Trains are clean, comfortable and punctual, and just about every station has signs in both Korean and English!

Let’s look at our favorite Train Tours!

KTX Train to Boseong Green Tea Field and Damyang Bamboo Forest

See the Biggest Green Tea Field in Korea: About 40% of Korean Tea is from this area! They have been producing quality Green tea here for a very long time! (Since 1939). The unique part of this tour is that it’s actually targeted towards Korean people, so you will travel together with a Korean staff, who are available to help you with anything you might need. However, they do not speak English (their English skills are limited) but don’t let that stop you from experiencing a real Korean tour where you can see what’s popular among Koreans!

The best part is probably the amazing scenery and photos you will be taking! BOOK HERE


KTX Train to Busan – Gamcheon Village, Songdo Beach, and cable car!

Busan is quite far from Seoul so the best way to get there early is by the highspeed KTX train! You can get a nice ticket discount when you book from KoreaTravelEasy. They have a train tour package with 2 options. BOOK HERE

Option 1: First stop would be Jalgachi fish market where you can eat delicious raw fish for lunch! Second stop would be Gamcheon Culture Village, which is a beautiful village full of colorful buildings and other art wall murals! The third place you will visit is the Oryukdo Skywalk, here you can take pictures of the ocean view and walk on see-through glass! These two lasts stops will give u a relaxing time – the famous Haeundae Beach and Songjung Beach.

Option 2: First stop will be Songdo Beach where you can take a cable car and enjoy the beautiful view of the Ocean, city, and beach! Next stop you will be heading on over to Taejongdae. This place represents Busan and is especially famous for its rocky beach. There are also forests of pine trees and 200 other varieties of trees. Third place is not a big tourist spot but still quite famous among Koreans, the Huinnyeoul Culture Village is a colorful little village on a mountain facing the Ocean. There are a lot of colorful houses and art murals as well as small shops. Lastly, you will visit Jalgachi fish market, where you can enjoy a lot of different raw fish!

KTX Train to Gangwondo & Gangneung!

Come see the East Sea in Gangwondo! There’s a lot to appreciate in Gangwondo. Nature, temples, the beach, and the seafood of course! Taking the fast KTX train will make your trip much easier, avoid traffic jams and just enjoy your trip in Korea! KoreaTravelEasy offers a great train tour package with 2 options! BOOK HERE

Option 1: First stop will be by Wonjeongsa Temple – a beautiful Buddhist temple! Continue on to Jeongdongjin Beach and lastly end up on Anmok Beach and coffee street! Here you can find tons of nice cafes with an ocean view as well as own hand dripped coffee!

Option 2: First stop will be Daegwallyeong Sheep farm which is a lovely ranch where you can see sheep by walking in a 1.2 meter-long circular walkway. Next stop will be at Mukho Fish market where you can enjoy a nice lunch and free time. Continue on to Chuam Beach and lastly end up on Anmok Beach and coffee street! Here you can find tons of nice cafes with an ocean view as well as own hand dripped coffee!




Gold Train to Gunsan and Jeonju Hanok Village!

If you are interested in visiting Jeonju for a day, this tour will be the best tour for you because you can avoid traffic jams and you just relax on a comfortable train! This tour includes a discounted round trip ticket with the West Gold Train, a visit to 2 areas, Gunsan and Jeonju where you can enjoy historical Korean Places! This is a Korean tour which means you will be joining other Korean people and there will be a Korean staff available! So if you want to know how Korean people travel this is your chance! BOOK HERE

The beautiful pictures while wearing a Hanbok in the Hanok Village! And visit the Modern Korean History Site which looks like a site from the 1930s. This place is a famous Korean movie and drama shooting place!



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