Experience Korea Fun-festival 2019 with KoreaTravelEasy!

KoreaTravelEasy has been gladly invited to exhibit at K-festival 2019 at Gwanghwamun North Square. K-festival, which is a local exhibition for Koreans, has provided a platform for all kinds of festival booths to be there to promote and offers both activities and free gifts.

What is K-festival?


K-festival is an exhibition to display different kinds of festivals. Celebration concerts and celebrity invitational talk shows will also be held at the exhibition. The purposes of this event are:


1. Establishment of convergence between festival contents and event industries
  • Through interaction with software companies such as event agencies, performance organizers and performers (key players), which are important components of festival contents, and various hardware companies such as sound, image, lighting, creative festival content development, and business creation
2. Presenting direction of new cultural industry through specialization and systematization of the festival industry
  • Provide support for festival contents development and exchange of information between related industries
3. Providing a special exhibition for professional festivals led by a private expert in Korea that will cooperate with private experts to revitalize the festival industry
  • The quality of the domestic festival industry is improved through mutual exchange between the event industry, the content industry, and the academia, which are important components of the festival industry.

KoreaTravelEasy’s booth


Have you visited our booth? We were at the event for all three days and our aim was to help answer any questions related to traveling in Korea. It went well and we have met a few foreigners who are interested in traveling in Korea. After sharing that we are a one-stop booking system and of course, giving out free gifts to the early birds, people who have visited our booths found our website useful or might be useful in the future if they are planning to travel in Korea. Therefore, if you have already missed the chance to chat with us during k-festival, no worries! You may wish to check our website at any time!

We have also visited other booths to join their activities, follow our steps to experience how is it like to participate 👇

What happened during K-festival 2019?

There were 50 booths in the exhibition and each of them represented a local festival in Korea, you may check for more details here.

The exhibition was really fun and most booths gave free gifts to the early comers. For example, in The 21st Gimje Horizon Festival booth, we played dart to win gifts and it was so lucky for us that we actually hit the bullseye and won a bag of rice.

On the same booth, we have also experienced the art of knitting, as shown in the pictures below. We have used a special material and simple steps to form a beautiful work of art!

Moreover, in the booth of Cheongju Craft Biennale 2019, we have experienced typography with our own hands!  It was amazing and the best thing is that we can keep the masterpiece we made after that.

Of course, there were more booths and more interesting activities and one of them is Foundation 2019 Anchorage International Festival of Elimination, it is famous in both local Korea and overseas. If you are planning to join k-festival next year, do not miss this out!

Customize your trip – Book a Private car & driver!

Looking forward to the next year’s K-festival exhibition? Feel free to contact us or check out our website at any time! If you are also interested in booking other tours in Korea, there are many travel information, tips and discounts on our website too! Click the link below to see our BEST of SEOUL tour or customize your own and mention any ot these places that caught your interest! We will gladly help you plan your dream Seoul trip!

K-festival 2019 May 24~26 – 한국축제 & 여행박람회

KoreaTravelEasy has been invited to attend this year K-festival at Gwanghwamun North Square on May 24~26, 10am-5pm. Please feel free to visit us! This is a local festival for Koreans, all kinds of festival booths will be there to promote and offers some fun things to see and do for foreigners as well. If you’re there early come to our booth and get a free gift!



KoreaTravelEasy Booth

Look for our pink KoreaTravelEasy logo, have a chat with us and get some travel information, good tips and discounts! If you come early we may even have a gift for you! While looking around at these festivals remember to check our website or follow us on social media to see if we sell tickets to the ones you are interested in!



KoreaTravelEasy logo



Korean Festivals – Who will be there?

There will be a Travel Products Information Center as well as:

  • Travel agencies who sell festival tickets and their tour packages
  • Rental car companies
  • leisure facilities with Accommodation packages
  • Festivals Pre-Ticket Sales Market

There will also be a few fun performances, Korean crafts, and games. For more information in Korean see their official site.


The 22nd Boryeong Mud Festival
· Venue: Daecheon Beach
· Organizer: Boryeong City
· Period: 2019-07-19 ~ 2019-07-28

The 48th Andong Folk Festival
· Venue: Andong Talmung Park
· Sponsor: Andong City
· Period: 2019-09-27 ~ 2019-10-06


2019 Pearl Namgang Festival
· Venue: Gyeongsangnam-do, Jinju, Jinju, Namgang
· Organizer: Jinju City, Jinju Cultural Arts Foundation
· Event period: 2019-10-01 ~ 2019-10-13

2019 Daegu ChiMac Festival
· Venue: Duryu Park Members
· Organizer: Korea Racecourse Industry Association
· Period: 2019-07-17 ~ 2019-07-21


And many more! Come see for yourself and start planning a trip to your favorite festivals in Korea!



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