KBeauty products

Would you like a new haircut, try a new color or get an amazing makeup look from one of the Kbeauty professionals? Then we have a lot of great options for you!

KoreaTravelEasy has a lot of hair and makeup options available where you can have the ultimate KBeauty experience. All our options are based in Seoul and you don’t need to worry because professionals will give you the most beautiful look! Fun Fact, some of the professionals also worked with Korean artists. So cool!


What is K-Beauty?

K Beauty is the umbrella term for hair, skin care and makeup products that originate from South Korea. It became really popular globally because of its natural and unique products.


Besides getting a haircut or a new makeup look, our products have much more things to offer! Think about eyebrows, eyelashes, spa, scalp treatment and more. The beauty salons are located in popular areas in Seoul like Gangnam, Hongdae and Hapjeong. It’s easy to get there and you can plan your own appointment at the day and time you prefer! 

We have 5 different beauty salons available:

  • Aarkin (Hongdae)
  • Style Floor (Gangnam)
  • Joy 187 (Gangnam)
  • Mimm (Gangnam)
  • SOONSOO (Cheongdam)

Have a look at all these salons to find the one that you would like to visit!



Different K-Beauty passes:

The K-Beauty passes we offer have all different packages. You can choose from haircut, hair coloring, styling, makeup look, eyebrows and more so there’s much to choose from! Are you in Seoul and would you like to have a K-Beauty experience? Book your appointment with us! 

Korean hairstyles:

You have probably seen a lot of trendy hairstyles and colors, especially in the K-pop industry. K-pop idols often change their hair color and have different styles for each era. At the beauty salons in Korea there’s also a chance you meet someone who worked together with an idol!


Personal color analysis:

An activity that is slowly getting famous in Korea. The personal color analysis is a personalized consultation that will help you to determine your most complementary color palette based on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.


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5 best spots to see the cherry blossoms in Seoul

Each spring Seoul is adorned with the beauty of cherry blossoms. Whether if you are a local resident or a passing tourist, discovering the best spots to enjoy this springtime display is an unmissable experience. At KoreaTravelEasy, we have the best spots for you !




1-Yeouido Park


It is the most famous spot for a reason, it is amazing ! Also, every year there is the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival where you can admire more than 1,700 cherry blossoms trees !





2-Seoul Forest


At any time of the year, the Seoul forest is an unmissable spot. You can also visit the lovely deer park !




3-Namsan Tower


Best time of the year to see the beautiful Namsan Tower !






4-Seokchon Lake Park


Enjoy the beauty of the lake, the Lotte World amusement park and the cherry blossoms at the same time !






5- Seoul Children’s grand park


You can have an enjoyable walk in this park and relax a bit 🌸




And if you want a better experience, you can try our tours, check the link !




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5 K-drama places to visit in Seoul

Have you guys ever wanted to live your K-drama life ? In Seoul, you can experience it ! With this list, you will visit the best places in Seoul and probably live the same cute moments as your favorite characters !



1- Boys Over Flower 🌷 :

It is hard not to mention the famous Boys Over Flowers when we talk about K-Dramas ! Just remember that famous scene when Jun-Pyo and Jan-Di had this cute moment together with a wonderful view of Seoul by night. If you want to visit it, this place is called the N Seoul Tower and it is a must see ! 😍

If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul, you can try our N Seoul Tower Namsan Cable Car Weekdays Round Trip !

Location : 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul





2- Love Alarm ⏰

Love Alarm with its wonderful story and its beautiful cinematography gained so much popularity all over the world ! And we can understand it, it is so good ~

This scene is probably one of the most iconic and famous scene of all K-dramas ! If you are in Seoul, do not miss the opportunity to watch the sunset by the Hangang Bridge !




3- True Beauty 💄

You have been amazed by the majestic high school in True Beauty ? Nothing surprising ! You should definitely go to visit the place where it was filmed : Yonsei University. It is one of the most famous universities in Seoul and it is easily accessible !

Location : 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul






4- It’s Okay To Not Be Okay 💕

It is one of the most addictive K-Drama that you can watch. If one day you pass by Incheon, you should spend some time in the Triple Street Shopping Mall. You will love its trendy shops and colorful umbrellas, for sure !


Location : 33-1 Songdogwahak-ro 16-beon-gil, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon




5- Itaewon class 📓

Itaewon Class is one of these K-Drama that you cannot forget. If you have not seen it yet, do not hesitate anymore ! This place is really important in the drama, we let you discover why 😉



Location: 57 Noksapyeong-daero 40-gil, Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea




And to finish, do not miss the Baeksang Art Awards that will take place soon in Seoul to see your favorite actors and actresses ! 😍






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5 best sports activities

You are a sport lover and you don’t know what are the best activities for you in South Korea ? No worries, KoreaTravelEasy is here to present you all the best activities 😎

1- Taekwondo

As Korea is the birth land of Taekwondo, you can be sure that the best taekwondo teacher are here. No need to know anything about Taekwondo, you can join this activity alone or with your friends or family !





2-Kayak, Paddleboard, Windsurfing in Han River

If you want a unique and unforgettable moment in Seoul, we would recommend you this activity.  Even though your friends don’t like sport, invite them, they will enjoy it for sure! This activity is also available in Chinese and in Japanese !





Did you know you can also ski in South Korea ? Yes, this country has a lot to offer! If you come here during winter, try it!




4- Seoraksan National Park (Mt. Seorak) and Naksansa temple

Seoraksan National Park is a true natural wonder that will transport you to a world of beauty and serenity. Located in the northeast or South Korea, this park is a true gem, Whether if you are an experienced hiker or a lover of breathtaking landscapes, it will captivate you.




Seoul is known as a modern city with high skyscrapers at every corner but you can also enjoy nature there. There are numerous mountains, smaller ones and bigger ones where hiking is very enjoyable.

We highly recommend you to take an afternoon to explore and admire the splendid landscapes that Seoul has to offer.




And if you want more, on our website, we have a whole page dedicated to sports and wellness, you should check it !


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Teach English South Korea: Salaries, Opportunities, Requirements

Have you ever considered teaching abroad? From the best destinations to the salaries on offer, check out how to teach English in South Korea here!



Everything You Need To Know About Teaching English In South Korea


What is it that attracts you to South Korea? Is it the packed, vibrant neon-lit streets of Seoul? K-Pop culture? The idea of lazing on an Instagrammable Busan beach? Or perhaps sampling some bulgogi on Jeju Island. Whatever aspect of Korea fuels your wanderlust, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) could be your passport to forging a new life in the peninsular. From an abundance of job opportunities, and high-paying salaries, to friendly and eager students, teaching English in South Korea has become one of the most in-demand career paths in the nomad world, helping hundreds of individuals create memories of a lifetime seeing more of the world and earning a hefty salary for good measure. So today we decided to delve into what makes teaching in South Korea such an enticing choice, exploring the requirements, opportunities, salaries, benefits and best destinations to get going! 


Requirements For Teaching Abroad 


Before we dive into where to teach and the types of job opportunities available for English teachers in Korea, it’s worth sparing a few lines on the requirements needed for tutoring overseas. 


You’ll need an E-2 visa to begin working legally in South Korea. E-2 visas are specifically designed for English teachers aiming to teach English in the country, so it is absolutely the best route for living and working for the long term. You’ll need to apply for a teaching position and have proof of employment before you can apply for an E-2 visa. Other requirements for an E-2 visa include: 


  • A clean criminal background check
  • A clean health exam and drug test
  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Being a native English speaker from the USA, Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, OR have proof of English-medium education for at least seven years.


Prior teaching experience is not mandatory for obtaining an E-2 visa or finding work as a TEFL teacher in South Korea. But, if you’re unable to teach in the country, there’s always the option to teach English online to Korean students, which you can do from anywhere in the world with a diploma from an accredited provider such as The TEFL Academy. 


Where To Teach 





The country’s capital city, South Korea is a bustling metropolis that has become one of the global hubs for digital nomads. Unsurprisingly, it remains one of the most popular destinations for TEFL teachers abroad. 





A vibrant coastal city that blends the fun of urban living with beach vibes. Haeundae Beach is a top-tier spot to visit with plenty of concerts, activities and events to join in with. 





For those out there who are looking for a little bit more culture in their trips, Gwanju is a great place to teach! With a wide array of museums, galleries and festivals, the city is an alternative destination for experiencing a slower, more laid-back approach to life. 


Types Of Teaching Jobs In South Korea


As we mentioned before, South Korea has grown to become one of the most popular destinations for TEFL teachers abroad, and there are an array of different positions available for teaching English: 


Government-sponsored Programs


South Korea’s governments have invested heavily in improving their students’ English language skills by offering native English speakers from abroad the opportunity to teach in their public schools. The most common of these programs include EPIK, SMOE and GEPIK, with most of these positions hiring twice a year during the fall and spring terms on one-year contracts. Applicants can expect to teach for roughly 22 hours, work 40 hours per week and earn a salary of roughly 1.5-3 million KW per month. 




For those with prior teaching experience and a high-quality TEFL diploma on their CV, teaching English at a South Korean university can be one of the most lucrative job opportunities available. These job postings come at a premium, however, long holiday allowances and housing stipends are some of the additional benefits of landing a position in a university across the country. 


Recruitment Companies 


Don’t fancy sourcing a position and moving to another country by yourself? Get someone to help you! Recruitment companies are a great way of finding positions and assisting with all the legwork that comes with working abroad, and bodies such as Korean Horizons, Korvia Consulting, and GoldKey Education are all top-tier for guiding and supporting applicants throughout the interview, arrival and settlement process once you’ve touched down.


Private Institutions 


Behind government-sponsored programs, private schools (also known as hagwons) are the next most popular means of finding work as an English teacher in South Korea. Hagwons are after-school academies that students attend for extra-curricular learning. Teaching in these institutions offers a more flexible option than traditional classroom contracts, the classes are smaller and they come with the added benefit of working alongside other English teachers. 


Average Teacher Salary In South Korea 


How much you earn as an English teacher in South Korea depends very much on the position, its location in the country and your own skills i.e. prior teaching experience, quality of TEFL certification etc. For example, a level 3 120-hour TEFL course at The TEFL Academy will equip you with all the fundamentals to teach English abroad, however, a 168-hour level 5 course comes with additional training on teaching young learners and teaching one-on-one.


Generally, salaries in South Korea are competitive and higher than in other countries, especially in the world of TEFL:


  • A salary teaching in a public school will roughly be $1,700-$2,200 per month. 
  • Salaries usually start at $1,600-$3,100 in a private school or a hagwon. 
  • A monthly salary at a university is typically even higher, between $1,900-$3,200.


There are even opportunities to earn extra cash by teaching in summer camps during the off-season. These positions won’t be in violation of your contract as they are usually manned by individuals who work in South Korea’s public schools. 


Living And Working In Korea


Teaching English in South Korea represents one of the most culturally enriching and worthwhile experiences any slow travel enthusiast can have. From Seoul to Busan, there are endless festivals and events to attend, stunning natural attractions to see and countless local delicacies to sample. Teaching jobs in South Korea come with a great work-life balance, the salaries are some of the most competitive in the teaching industry and job postings remain plentiful for those with the certification and right passion for teaching!

5 tips for your first time in South Korea

It is your first time in South Korea and you don’t know what to do before you get to the city ? No worries, KoreaTravelEasy is here for you 😉


1- Get a Korean sim card

First, you will need data. With this Korean sim card, you will get unlimited data ! And it is really easy to get it as you only need to pick it up directly in the airport 🙂


2- Private van transfer

After a long and tiring trip, the best option that you can find is a private van transfer. It will transport you to anywhere in Seoul !



3- Organize your trip

Seoul is a big city and you won’t have time to visit everything you want to. You need to plan efficiently your trip and with the discover Seoul pass, you will be able to visit the most iconic places of the city !




4- Always take cash with you

The only way you can charge your T-Money card is by cash. Plus, credit cards don’t work so just in case, always bring cash with you 🙂


5- Naver Map

Now that you finally made it to the city, you have to find your accommodation and as neither Google maps nor Apple maps  work efficiently in Korea, you will absolutely need Naver Map. The app also exists in English so you can use it even if you do not understand Korean.



And if you want more information, you should read our article on our page for the best trip in Korea !




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8 best activities in Seoul by KoreaTravelEasy

You are planning to come in Seoul soon and you don’t know what to do ? Don’t worry, KoreaTravelEasy has the best activities for you !



1- K-pop Activity

If you came here as a K-pop fan, you absolutely have to immerse yourself. Just as your favorite K-pop artists, with this activity, you will dance to your favorite songs with people from all over the world.

No need to be a professional dancer, just enjoy the moment 😉




2- Nami Island Tour

If you are more into calm activities, we would recommend you the amazing Nami Island tour. 💆‍♀️



3- Hangang River Cruise

If you want to visit Seoul in a unique way, the Hangang River Ferry cruise will seduce you.

A tour that you will never forget !




4- Personal Color Group consulting experience

You cannot find any more original activity in Seoul. An activity that will be very useful even after you finish it since the professional will give you the best advices for your everyday life choices !




5- Everland

This is the largest amusement park in South Korea and it is really famous. Indeed, a lot of K-Drama were filmed there !




6- Nanta

It is Korea’s longest-running show since 1997. Really funny show that you can enjoy with your family !




7- Caribbean Bay

It is summer, the sun is beaming and it is really hot ? We have the perfect activity for you again 😎

Enjoy Caribbean Bay !




7- Seoul Lotte World

It is one of the most famous touristic spot in Seoul for a reason : you will have one of the best day of your trip !

No matter if the weather is good or bad, you can enjoy the indoor and outdoor amusement parks.



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Study in Korea for foreigners at Gwangju with International students scholarship


Gwangju Metropolitan City in South Korea is a dynamic and vibrant destination for international students seeking educational opportunities, professional growth, and unique experiences. In this blog, we’ll explore Gwangju through three exciting themes: “Study in Gwangju,” “Work in Gwangju,” and “Fun in Gwangju.”


Which university in Gwangju do you want to know more about?
And any other major you are interested in?
Come and Let us know!
We will prepare more exciting content for you!
👉 [Click Questionnaire]👈


[Study in Gwangju]

1. Chosun University:
    • Chosun University is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence.
    • Most Famous Major:
      (Culture and Arts) K-Culture Performing and Planning ; Cartoon Animation ; Visual Design, etc
      (Sports) Sports Industry ;  Taekwondo ; Performing Arts Dance ; Physical Education, etc
    • Admission Benefits:
      Chosun University offers scholarships specifically designed for international students, including tuition fee reductions and financial aid programs.
    • International Student Programs:
      Life: Experience Korean culture every semester, free health check-ups for international students ;  CSU Global Supporters (SNS operation by language and international student support activities)
      International Student Bird’s Guide (Buddy) Program every semester ;  Operation of employment and career programs
    • https://eng.chosun.ac.kr/eng/index.do

2. Chosun College of Science & Technology:

      • This university specializes in science and technology fields.
      • Most Famous Major:
        Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Artificial Intelligence.
      • Admission Benefits:
        Scholarship cards according to TOPIK grades are paid at the time of admission, and students who received level 5 are now fully enrolled.
        Two-thirds of tuition fees will be paid if the qualification for the previous semester is 3.5 or more and 4.0 or less; full tuition fees of 4.0 or more will be paid.
      • Exchange Programs: N/A
      • https://www.cst.ac.kr/

3. Chonnam National University:

        • Chonnam National University is a well-established institution with a global reputation.
        • Most Famous Major:
          Business Administration, Environmental Science, International Relations ; Artificial Intelligence Convergence ; Self-designed Interdisciplinary Studies
        • Admission Benefits:
          Undergraduate newcomers: TOPIK Level 5 or higher (full tuition exemption for the first semester), TOPIK Level 4 (full tuition exemption for the first semester)
          Graduate newcomers: TOPIK level 6, Global Scholarship (recommended by colleges), SRS (Strategic Researcher Scholarship: Selected from among those recommended by Chonnam National University’s prospective professor) ☞ Scholarship benefits are the same as a full exemption from tuition for the first semester.
        • University Specialization Field:
          Korea’s first AI convergence university was established in 2019 to foster outstanding talents in new industries, specializing in AI-related convergence education. The Graduate School of Data Science was newly opened in March 2022 to operate a curriculum to cultivate future talents required by the AI industry convergence complex in Gwangju and Jeonnam and the AI future strategy industry in Korea.
        • Exchange Programs: N/A
        • Remark:
          Two sessions of Korean classes are provided for all international students free of charge. The Language Education Center offers various levels of Korean language classes and programs for international students and foreign residents of Korea in general.
        • https://global.jnu.ac.kr/jnumain_en.aspx

4. Donggang University:

          • Donggang University is committed to fostering creativity and innovation.
          • Most Famous Major: Engineering – 100% employment guaranteed when entering engineering
            AI Convergence Mechanical Engineering ;  AI Drone Department ;  AI Future Automotive Division ;  Restaurant Cook Bakery ; K-beauty art department
          • Admission Benefits:
            Scholarships include a 30% reduction in tuition fees for foreign admission scholarships ; 200,000 won in incentives to achieve attendance ; and up to 600,000 won in incentives for each topic class
            Dormitory fee reduction (up to 20%)
          • Exchange Programs: N/A
          • https://www.dkc.ac.kr/


[ Work in Gwangju ]

Gwangju, often referred to as “Korea’s Silicon Valley” , is a hub for AI development and innovation. The city hosts factories of renowned companies like KIA Motors, offering numerous job opportunities in cutting-edge industries. The city’s forward-thinking approach makes it an ideal place for career growth and professional development.


[ Fun in Gwangju ]

Gwangju isn’t just about academics and work; it’s also a city filled with exciting attractions. Discover the famous KPOP idol street, explore shooting locations from the Netflix drama “Doona!,” and visit the hometown of BTS member J-Hope. Gwangju’s blend of culture, entertainment, and natural beauty promises an unforgettable experience for residents and visitors alike.


In conclusion, Gwangju opens its doors to international students with a rich educational environment, promising careers, and a vibrant cultural scene. Whether you’re pursuing higher education, seeking job opportunities, or looking for an exciting adventure, Gwangju has something exceptional to offer.



[ Gwangju FAM tour video ]

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5 cafés/restaurants related to Korean celebrities

In Seoul, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants frequented by Korean celebrities. Here is a list for you! And who knows? Maybe you will meet them there by chance!

1-Yoojung Sikdang

This is the restaurant where BTS used to eat when they were trainees. The restaurant is decorated with many BTS related items such as posters, merchandise, photocards and even plushies! Let me say that as an army, it’s a must visit.

The menu is also written in English so you can choose between the various Korean dishes. Even though they serve pork, there are Vegan options!

Photo credits : @emieyes_

📍 Location : 14 Dosan-daero 28-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

2- Casanello Sicily

Single Inferno has recently gained a lot of fan all over the planet! Among all the candidates, one of the most famous Jin-Seok has opened a café in Seoul. The theme of the café is Italy and you can definitely notice it with its fancy and elegant decoration. They serve coffee, cakes and other Italian dessert.

Despite the fact that it is located in Gangnam, the prices are very affordable.

If you are lucky, you will probably meet Jin-seok!

Photo credits : Casanello Sicily


📍 Location :10 Bongeunsa-ro 29-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

3. Kamong Cafe

Owned by Exo Kai’s sister, this café is famous for it’s unbeatable waffle! It’s a meeting point for every EXOL in Seoul so don’t miss it! It is also said that sometimes, Kai passes there 👀


Photo credits : Creatrip, Trippose

📍 Location : Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seocho-daero 42-gil, 17 1층

4-The samE

This café was opened by YG Entertainment themselves just in front of their building. If you like BLACKPINK, IKON or other YG artists, you should definitely visit it! The café takes up two floors where you can eat delicious filled donuts, buy merchandise or just enjoy your favorite artists’ music videos.

Photo credits : Wander With Jin, Korea JoogAng Daily

📍 Location : 6-3, Heewoojeong-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

5-Chupungryeong Kal Samgyeopsal

Twice, NCTSUPER JUNIOR, SHINEE, EXO, CN BLUE t’s clearly impossible to list all the K-pop Idols that have eaten there !

Located next to Apgujeong Rodeo Station, this restaurant is well known by both locals and K-Pop Idols. There you can eat incomparable pork belly.

The entrance of the restaurant is decorated with many K-pop Idols autographs.


Photo credits : Namsan Korean Course 

📍 Location : 41 Dosan-daero 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul




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