K-pop Music Shows in Korea every day of the week!

K-Pop Music Shows in Korea Everyday

K-Pop Music Shows in Korea Everyday!



When can I see each show?


Monday: Arirang Simply K-pop

Tuesday: SBS K-pop ‘’The Show’’ (get your tickets with us!)

Wednesday: Show Champion

Thursday: M!Countdown 

Friday: Music Bank

Saturday: Show! Music Core

Sunday: SBS Inkigayo (not guaranteed that you get tickets, they select randomly)



Get tickets for SBS The Show with us!


But… What exactly is a K-Pop Music Show?


A K-pop music show is basically a live broadcast/recording of comeback stages. At the end of the show the winning group will be announced depending on which song got the most votes by fans. The MC’s of the shows are also K-pop artists themselves and it changes once a year most of the time. There’s always more than one MC for the show. Most of the time there are two or three idols together for each program. If one MC is sick or they have a busy schedule at the time, another Idol can be the MC for one or a few more episodes to replace that idol. 



If you like to watch these music shows and you’re in Korea, it is also possible to visit them! You can buy tickets for some of them and see your favorite idols performing their new songs. Some music shows are harder to get in because they will select some people randomly.



If you want to support your favorite idol on a music show like that, you can vote for the song through the app of the music show. At the end of their performance, all the idols go on stage and they will reveal the 1st place based on all the sales, streams, votes and more. So make sure to vote for your faves so you can help them win! 




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How to use our Private Van Service?

How to use private van service in Korea

Do you need a private tour around Korea?


We at KoreaTravelEasy have the most efficient solution for you: our private van service!

If you check our previous blog CLICK HERE you can see that this service is offered in: Seoul, Around Seoul, Busan, Jeju and Gangwondo!



The locations we cover:


However, we know  it might be confusing to book for this for the first time so we would like to le you know some tips that might be helpful in order to book for our Private Van Service through our website.


1. Suggested Itinerary


If you don’t know where to go but would like to cover the most famous touristic spots for one specific city, feel free to check our recommended itineraries that include the most visited and most loved spots by foreigner visitors.

You simply need to check our product page (through the links we shared above) and scroll down to the suggested Itinerary part. 



2. Customized Itinerary


Do you already have something in mind? Is there a specific place you would not like to miss for anything? We got you! we can actually make your very own itinerary and take you to your desired locations by following this 10 hours-base service:


  • The total time of this service is 10 hours, you can add every stop you desire (3~5 suggested) as long as it fits within the 10 hours.
    Some times we might suggest you to change your desired itinerary based on this 10-hours basis.


  • PRO TIP: Due to distances and traffic conditions no more than 5 stops per day are recommended, the best would be 4 in order to properly enjoy each and not rushing. Visiting more than 5 locations would led into rushing, no proper time to enjoy and giving up on the lasts ones due to the lack of time.


  • If you need extra time, adding extra hours might be possible (depending on your driver’s schedule) but an extra fee will apply and you should preferently notify us in advance.




Do you also need a private guide in your own language?


We actually do provide English Guides only  for an extra cost of $150~250 USD. However, in order to make your experience even more comfortable, we could try to find a guide that speaks your very own language such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, etc.


We cannot guarantee it but we can always try if you let us know in advance, just please keep in mind that extra fee charges will apply to change from English to other Language speaking guide.


For any inquires regarding guides we would kindly ask you to contact us through email BEFORE placing your order as it is the most efficient way for us to get back to you soon.


English Speaking Guide




Are entrances, tickets and meals included?


Since the itineraries are totally customized, we cannot include any entrance tickets, you would have to take care of that. However, if you need assistance our driver or guide will be always happy to help you.


Meals are also not included as every person has its own preferences and restrictions, but again if you talk to our guide or driver they will happily recommend you the best dishes around the area you decide to visit. This way you will have more flexibility in options as well as in time regarding meals.



Korean Village: Learn, Enjoy and Experience Korea

learn Hangul in Korea Package

What is Hangul?


Hangul (한글) is the official writing system of the Korean language. It was created in the 15th century during the reign of King Sejong, with the aim of increasing literacy among the Korean population. 


 Hangul consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels, which can be combined in various ways to represent all the sounds of the Korean language. Hangul is known for its unique and visually distinctive shapes, which were designed to be easy to learn and remember.


Overall, Hangul is a highly effective and elegant writing system that has played an important role in the development of Korean language and culture.


Korean Writing System HangulKing Sejong is well known for his important role in the develop of Hangul




How can I Learn Hangul?


Learning Hangul is a great way to start your journey of learning the Korean language. We would like to present you an easy, fun and affordable way to learn Hangul while you discover Korea and its culture and traditions.


Korean Village is a package we offer in which you would be studying Hangul, experiencing Korean culture and enjoying from the most popular tourist attractions in Korea!


Check more about Learning Hangul at Korean Village!



With this package learn, experience and enjoy the best of Korea!




Here are some tips to learn Hangul easily:



1. Start by learning the basic 14 consonants and 10 vowels of the Hangul alphabet.


2. Practice writing Hangul: you can use a notebook or find printable worksheets online.


3. Learn how to read Hangul: practice reading simple words and sentences.


4. Build your vocabulary: start building your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases.


5. Practice speaking and listening: by speaking with native Korean speakers, watching Korean TV shows or movies, or listening to Korean music or podcasts.



Remember, learning a new language takes time and dedication, so be patient with yourself and enjoy the process!




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