Fireman | Korean Action Comedy Show

The show is basically about amateur Firemen that freshly joined the crew,

it showcases funny episodes they faced during their training sessions.

The plot is fairly SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND


and VERY OBVIOUS GAGS for you to laugh heh.

The age recommendation I would put for this show is pretty low.

So if you are planning on a family trip with your kids, this show might be suitable for them ^^

SOOO… what happens when you arrive at the venue…

You will be greeted by a not-so-ordinary-security-guard (?) 😛

*You’ll find out why later in the show!!*

fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(2) fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow

Then… you’ll come to face a stage that was set up like… this~!


After this, as you know, for every life shows you are not supposed to take any photos…

So, here are some photos from the official web of how the performance is like!

fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(5) fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(7) fireman+actioncomedy+musical+theatre+koreanshow(6)


Well~ If this sparks your interest, get your tickets now with the link below for extra DISCOUNTS!


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