Visiting South Korea – SIM Card or Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg)?

Visiting Korea - Sim Card or Pocket WiFi?


There are so many options when it comes to SIM Card and Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg) in South Korea!  

Which suits you best? 🧐


From making calls to just wanting the fastest data possible so we can post and share our Korea travel experiences and photos with our family and friends back home. Let’s go through a couple of the main questions everyone has when it comes to selecting the perfect SIM Card or Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg) for you to stay connected when in Korea! 😀



1. Don’t want to pick-up or queue in line?

KoreaTravelEas recommend “eSIM” 


Sometimes it is a little troublesome when it comes to picking up a SIM Card or Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg) in the airport or in a convenience store. Some have problems locating the pick-up location and sometimes your arrival time might not match the pick-up location working hours. We have the perfect solution for you who just want to arrive at ease and use the WiFi right away.


eSIM is the latest way to enjoy unlimited data in South Korea. If you own the latest mobile phones like iPhone (11,12, SE, etc.), Samsung (Note 20+, Galaxy S20, Fold, etc.), Google (Pixel 3, 4, etc.) you will be able to enjoy this eSIM. No need to purchase a physical SIM card or carry around a pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg)!


All you need to do is purchase the eSIM product and activate the QR code. No need to line up in the airport or wait for deliveries, just enjoy unlimited 4G/LTE data the moment you arrived in Korea. At KoreaTravelEasy we have multiple eSIM plans from 3 days to 1 month! You can also share your data with your friends and enjoy it together!



2. Need a Korean phone number?

KoreaTravelEasy recommends “Gold SIM Card”


For business purposes or when you need to make local phone calls or send out a message from time to time, a Korean phone number might be very helpful at times. With certain membership signup or if you would like to use Korean apps having a Korean phone number really ease the complication.


An all-in-one SIM Card would be the best for data, phone calls, and messages. You can choose between a Blue SIM Card (make calls) or Gold SIM Card (receive calls). The Blue SIM Card will be good for travelers who want unlimited data, local calls (100 minutes), and local texts (100 messages). The Gold SIM Card is good for travelers who just want unlimited data and to receive calls.


3. Staying long-term?

KoreaTravelEasy recommends “SKT Pocket WiFi Egg Router” & “monthly Prepaid SIM Card”


If you are staying long-term and don’t need a Korean phone number, the SKT Pocket WiFi Egg Router would be the best! Unlimited data and also the unlimited speed for more than a month. If you are staying more than 10 days, this is the cheaper and better option for Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg).

If you are staying longer and need a Korean phone number, the monthly Prepaid SIM Card would be best for you. This monthly Prepaid SIM Card provides you unlimited data, local calls, and also text messages! Having a Korean phone number for a long-term stay could be beneficial as you can sign up for discount cards, Korean apps, e-commerce, etc.

4. Most Popular SIM Card or Pocket WiFi?

KoreaTravelEasy recommends “Prepaid Data SIM Card” & “Pocket WiFi Egg Router”


The most popular SIM Card among travelers is the Prepaid Data SIM Card with updated speed. 4G/LTE full speed for 3GD per day! You can search for information quickly and also upload any images or videos fast if needed. Unlimited data and hotspots are available for you to share with your friends and family.

The most popular Pocket WiFi among travelers is the Pocket WiFi Egg Router. For short-term travelers, this would be ideal as it is cheaper than a SIM Card and multiple devices are able to stay connected with the Pocket WiFi. A portable battery charger also comes with the Pocket WiFi Egg Router so you don’t have to worry about the battery life!

There are many more SIM Card and Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg) available in South Korea. Depending on your needs we recommend the above SIM Card and Pocket WiFi. If you have any other different needs when it comes to selecting a SIM Card and Pocket WiFi let us know and we will recommend the best and most suitable one for you. You can drop us an email here at info@koreatraveleasy.com or click the link below to learn more 🤓


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