Monthly Prepaid Korea SIM Card – Unlimited Voice call and 4G Data (Korean phone Number)

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Worried about how to get internet/WIFI in Korea during your long stay? Need a Korean phone number? Stay connected when you come to Korea with this Monthly Korea SIM Card 4G/LTE that includes Unlimited Data + Local Calls + SMS! This means you will get a Korean phone number, which you can use for local phone calls and for registration of discount cards at shops or make your id on local app delivery, e-commerce platforms, and more! You can also use this unlimited data sim card as a hotspot to tether to your other devices as well!

Short Information

30 days (renewable)
Show mobile Voucher
Booking due
2 days
100% refund before 3 days
Meeting location
Incheon Airport T1, Gate 7 (All year around 6:00-22:00)
Incheon Airport T2, Gate 6 (All year around 6:00-22:00)
Seoul Seodaemun Branch Office (Weekdays 9:00-1800)
Prepaid SIM Card with Unlimited 4G/LTE data, local voice call, SMS
This SIM Card will only work on UNLOCKED PHONES in your country.
Please make sure your mobile phone is unlocked before coming to Korea.


The benefits of the Monthly Korea SIM Card (300MB or 10GB)

1) Unlimited 4G/LTE data/local calls & SMS: Don’t worry anymore about going over the data limit! The 4g/LTE data sim card gives you fast speed with unlimited data so you can stay connected with your friends and family and browse while you are traveling in Korea.

*Data is unlimited but the speed will be slowed down to 3Mbps after all data usage.

2) Benefits of owning a Korean number: Make local phone calls, local text messages, register for discount cards at e.g. cosmetic shops, online shops, or delivery apps

3) Long Term Plan: a 30-day plan that you can extend (based on the length of your residency permit in Korea)

4) Pick up at convenient locations: Choose to pick-up at Incheon Airport or Seoul area 

6) No paperwork and no credit card deposit: Just show your confirmation voucher and passport to pick-up your Sim card *Remember to bring a valid ID with you 

7) Easy Activation and No Return! Activate your SIM card whenever you want. No need to return after the expiration.

** Looking for other options?


Price What is included

Korea SIM Card (300MB)

US$65.00 US$55.00
  • Universal SIM Card (KT) 
  • Unlimited Data at 4G/LTE (choose between 300MB or 10GB)
  • Unlimited Voice Call
  • Unlimited Local SMS
  • Valid of 30days from activation (possible to extend based on your VISA type) 

Korea SIM Card (10GB)

US$85.00 US$75.00
  • This SIM Card will only work on UNLOCKED PHONES in your country. Please make sure your mobile phone is unlocked before coming to Korea.
  • Please note that some phones may not support KT 4G/LTE frequency (even if your phone supports 4G in your own country), then your phone will automatically be connected to "3G";
  • If not renewed the SIM will be deactivated if not charged within 30days from the expiration of the plan;
  • This product cannot be shipped;
  • The SIM can be used for a period of 30 days from the date of activation or re-charging ex) opening date 7/31, expiration date 8/29;
  • The usage is calculated on a daily basis, not on a 24-hour basis. ex) even if it is installed at 13:00 local time, it is deducted one day at midnight;

If you like to extend your SIM card for another 30days or several months please send us an e-mail with 1)order number 2)period of extension 3)a copy of your alien registration card


Monthly Korea SIM Pick-up Location: 

  • Incheon Airport T1, Gate 7 (All year around 6:00-22:00)
  • Incheon Airport T2, Gate 6 (All year around 6:00-22:00)
  • Seoul Seodaemun Head Office (Weekdays 9:00-1800) *Excluded lunch break time 12:-00-13:00
Click the location marker () below for the direction on the google map

Pickup/Meeting Location

[SIM Activation Time & Process]

Please notice that SIM can be activated  during the pick-up only at the following business hour*:

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday & National Holidays*: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

*National Holidays -> Check Here!

*When activation is not possible please follow the instruction to activate the SIM by yourself 


1-a) Incheon International Airport (1st floor in the Passenger Terminal 1) 

• Location: Gate 7, 1st floor, WIFI Rental, Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 1)

• Operating hours: 06:00 - 22:00 hours / All Year Round

1-b) Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 2)

• Location: Gate 6, 1st floor, Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 2)

• Operating hours: 06:00 - 22:00 hours / All Year Round


3) Seoul Seodaemun Main Office

• Location: 5 minutes walk from Seodaemun Station (Line 5) -> Chungjeong Building (충정빌딩), 6th Floor

• Operating hours: 06:00 - 18:00 hours (excluded 12:00-13:00) / From Monday to Friday only. No weekends. No national Holidays -> Check Here

wifi dosirak in korea

How to book

After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal.
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
Enjoy your SIM Card When redeeming your sim card, show the confirmation voucher from your mobile phone and your passport at your pick-up location to get your sim card.



  • This SIM is exclusively for Foreigner visiting Korea, need to show one of the following IDs: Passport / Alien Registration Card / Korean Driving License at pick-up
  • Please double check your terminal number if you choose Incheon airport to pick up your SIM Card
  • This SIM Card product includes a Data plan AND a Korean Phone number
  • Smartphones released before 2015 are not recommended for use of this SIM Card

Cancellation Policy


  • 100% refund: 3 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
  • 50% refund: 2 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
     (e.g: if your selected date is Tuesday, contact us by the previous Friday)
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 2 business days before the selected date, No show or some of the situation explained in the Refund section. 

*To request a reschedule, please contact us 3 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date.


  • In case of defects related to refund or return, it is necessary to submit it through the customer center, and refunds are only possible for the returned SIM after confirming the defect. E-mail us if you think you need a refund.
  • Refunds are not possible if the SIM card cannot be used due to reasons such as non-cancellation of the terminal country lock or unconfirmed unlock, or subscription to the mobile phone protection service
  • Refunds are not possible due to inexperienced terminal and SIM settings.
  • When canceled, the recharge amount cannot be refunded. When a customer leaves the country, the line is automatically terminated.


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