Premium Prepaid Korea Gold SIM Card – Korean phone Number, 4G LTE Unlimited Data, Unlimited Receiving Calls, SMS Messages

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Worried about how to get internet/WIFI in Korea? Need a Korean phone number? Before coming to Korea, book this Gold SIM Card Unlimited 4G/LTE Prepaid Data Sim Card + Unlimited receiving calls & SMS Text Messages! This means you will get a Korean phone number so you can receive any phone calls in Korea or overseas! You can also use this unlimited data SIM card as a hotspot and share data to other devices as well!

Short Information

1, 3, 5, 10, 20 & 30 days
Show mobile Voucher
- One Mobile SIM Card
- Unlimited 4G/LTE
- Unlimited receiving Calls & SMS Text Messages
This SIM Card will only work on UNLOCKED PHONES.
Please make sure your mobile phone is unlocked before coming to Korea.




SKT Prepaid Korean SIM Gold Card
Company Carrier SKT
Options 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 days
Basic Data per day Unlimited
Speed 4G 20Mbps Full Speed
Down Speed after Basic Data N/A
Hotspot Available
Voice Calls X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
SMS Texting X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
Rechargeable X
T-Money Card X




1) Everyday Unlimited 4G/LTE data: Don’t worry anymore about going over the data limit! Each day, you will get an Unlimited date with 4G Full Speed +  20Mbps(Unlimited)
* 20Mbps is fast enough for all conventional internet. You can even enjoy YouTube streaming with it.

2) Benefits of owning a Korean number: You will get a Korean Phone number and unlimited incoming calls.

3) Flexible day plans: Choose the number of days your 4G/LTE sim card service is needed: 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days, 30 days plans are available at discounted prices.

4) Share your data and use your mobile as a hotspot: Have more than 1 device? Connecting other devices is possible, you can share mobile data to your other devices freely.

5) Pick up at convenient locations Choose to pick-up at several Airports in Korea

6) No paperwork and no credit card deposit Just show your confirmation voucher and passport to pick-up your SIM card!

7) Easy Activation and No Return! Activate your SIM card whenever you want. No need to return after expiration!


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Price What is included

1 Day

  • During the number of days you purchased:
    • One Mobile SIM Card
    • Unlimited 4G/LTE (depending on your device) - 20Mbps
    • Unlimited Incoming Calls & SMS Text Messages

3 Days


5 Days


10 Days


20 Days


30 Days


**What is not Included

  • Outgoing International and Local Phone calls
  • Outgoing SMS Text Messages

Pickup/Meeting Location

1-a) Incheon Airport Terminal 1 (All year long)


- 1st Floor, Opposite to the Gate 13 (E Counter)

- Business hours: 00:00 am ~ 24:00 am, Open Daily


- 1st Floor, Opposite to the Gate 2 (B Counter)

- Business hours: 06:00 am ~ 22:00 am, Open Daily




2) Incheon Airport Terminal 2

- SKT Roaming booth is Between Gate 4 and Gate 5
  Business Hours: opens 24 hours 365 days


SKT WIFI Incheon T2 Pick up



3) Gimpo International Airport

- SKT Roaming booth is on the arrival floor Gate 1
  Business Hours: 6:30AM ~ 23:00 PM


SKT WiFI Gimpo Pickup




4) Daegu International Airport

- SKT Roaming booth is on the arrival floor, next to the Gate 1 1st Floor of the Domestic Flights Departure Hall.
  Business Hours: 06:00AM ~ 22:00 PM(Everyday)



5) Jeju International Airport

- SKT Roaming booth is on the arrival floor, in front of the international terminal 1st Floor
  Business Hours: 7:00AM ~ 19:00 PM


SKT WiFI Jeju Pickup



6) Gimhae International Airport (Busan)

- SKT Roaming booth is between Gate 2 and Gate 3.
  Business Hours: 6:00AM ~ 22:00 PM




7) Busan Harbor

- SKT Roaming booth is at the Busan Port Terminal 2nd Floor.
  Business Hours: 06:30AM ~ 19:30 PM 365 days



How to book


After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and PayPal.
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
Enjoy your SIM Card When redeeming your sim card, show the confirmation voucher from your mobile phone and your passport at your pick-up location to get your sim card.



  • Please make sure your RESERVATION NAME has to be the same as your PASSPORT NAME.
  • Please double check your terminal number if you choose Incheon Airport to pick up your SIM Card
  • Your SIM card can be activated at any time you wish. Instructions on how to activate will be given.
  • Please keep in mind that the usage period begins to count down once you activate it.
    (1 day = 24 hours, eg. if you activate 1Day SIM Card on Monday at 8:30 am, it will expire on Tuesday at 8:30 am)
  • This SIM Card will only work on UNLOCKED PHONES in your country. Please make sure your mobile phone is unlocked before coming to Korea.
  • This SIM Card product includes a Data plan AND a Phone number.
    However, you can not make outgoing local or International Phone Calls or SMS Text Messages.
  • With this Korean mobile number, all the incoming calls are text are free of charge unlimited.
  • 1Day product offers unlimited data service only.
  • All SK Telecom Roaming booths provide free service in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • If you have used a SIM Card in Korea before in the same phone, your SIM Card might NOT work so please inform us your IMEI number in the "SPECIAL REQUESTS" field. You can find this number by pressing *#06# from the dial screen of your phone.

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund: 3 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
  • 50% refund: 2 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
     (e.g: if your selected date is Tuesday, contact us by the previous Friday)
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 2 business days before the selected date or No show

*To request a reschedule, please contact us 3 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date.  

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Premium Prepaid Korea Gold SIM Card – Korean phone Number, 4G LTE Unlimited Data, Unlimited Receiving Calls, SMS Messages

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    I was not able to call out or text from my phone, but was able to receive phone calls.

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      Thank you for the review. As it’s noticed in the product page, this sim card is available for receiving calls. If you need for outgoing calls, we recommend Premium Blue sim card for your next trip. Hope to see you again soon!

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