Michin Alex | CHUNCHEON, NAMI ISLAND 1-Day Private Van from Seoul [Korean Vacation]

Follow Michin Alex on a day trip to ChunCheon for its famous delicacy – Dalkgalbi, following with a round-tour around Nami Island; and, lastly ending the trip by chilling at a Coffe shop on the mountain – Santorini……….on a PRIVATE CAR! Watch how they enjoyed this free and easy trip below! With KoreaTravelEasy! 😀 <3


Hello guys! It’s Sookyan here writing! The little Malaysian girl you saw in the previous video! I was honoured to be invited to hop on the private car along with the other cool kids! Haha.

So, we all met up with the KoreaTravelEasy private car driver in Hongdae Subway Station at 8 a.m. departing for Nami Island!

After driving for about 1 1/2 hour, we took a stop at a famous Dakgalbi place in ChunCheon recommended by our driver.

alex and paul eating dakgalbi

dakgalbi-spicy stir-fried chicken

Alex and Paul staring at the marvelous Dakgalbi (Spicy Stir-fried Chicken)

Just for your information, we have a Private Car tour specially tailored for Nami Island!

Also! An Autumn Private Car Tour that brings you to our recommended places for fall foliage views in Seoul!

 nami island ferry riding nami island ferry

As it was fairly near, we just proceeded to walk over to the ferry terminal to board the boat for Nami Island. (The boat runs every 15minutes, so it was slightly crowded!)

After arriving on the island and started our journey in searching for places to take some Instagram-worthy-pictures hehe.

Here are some of them!

nami island fall faliage 1

A famous photo spot recommended by Instagrammer: GinaBear! P.s. We actually had to queue to take a photo at this spot!!

nami island fall tree 1

 nami island fall tree 2 nami island fall tree 3 nami island fall tree 4

and here are just some random pretty trees around the Nami Island!

TBH everywhere is a photo spot! You don’t really have to queue for any specific famous spot for the typical stunning photo you saw on Instagram! 😀

Just look at these random sceneries!

nami island fall tree 5

nami island fall tree 6

After chilling around Nami Island, we departed for our next destination – Santorini!

chuncheon santorini 1 chuncheon santorini 2

It is located on a mountain, about 1 hour away from Nami Island in Chuncheon!

 They serve super nice pastries but I am sorry that I didn’t have any photos because the others ate almost everything when I left for a toilet break!(And girls toilet, as usual, ugh.)

After that, we just proceeded on our 2-hour ride all the way back to Hongdae Subway Station in Seoul 🙂

Well, this is the summary of my point of view of the trip to Nami Island in 10 hours on a Private Car!

How about you? Create your own memories now with KoreaTravelEasy! 😀

koreatraveleasy santorini all

Photo taken on Santorini <3

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