7 Healthy Korean Food for Spring and Summer!

Korean Summers are really painfully hot and humid.
A lot of people lose a lot of energy and motivation because of the crazy heat and indoors the airconditioning is usually too strong, making you freeze! Funny thing is that before and during Summer a lot of Korean people prepare for this by eating a lot ...

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Best Spots to See Cherry Blossom and Flowering in Busan, 2018 Forecast!

Best time to visit Busan for the Cherry Blossom season this year will be from 28 Mar – 7 Apr!
 There are many places to see Cherry blossoms in Busan but these are just my top favorite places to go. So plan your trip, prepare cameras, picnics and good shoes for the active people!  1. Hwangnyeongsan Mountain This ...

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Top 4 Ways to enjoy Winter Strawberry Season in South Korea

From December to June you can enjoy Strawberries almost everywhere in Korea!
I absolutely LOVE the sweet Korean strawberries and I want to share with you guys the best ways to eat Strawberries! 1. Strawberry Bingsu! From left to right: Mango Bingsu, Blueberry Cheesecake Bingsu, and Melon Bingsu with some Green tea ice cream. Bingsu ...

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SPRING FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Taean Tulip festival and the West Sea area

  South Korea is a very beautiful country in spring.
 The trees are starting to change colours back to being green but trees are not the only things in Korea that are beautiful in spring What is most popular about Korean spring are the flowers. Korea has a lot of flower festivals, such as Cherry ...

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DAY TRIP NEAR SEOUL in SPRING – STRAWBERRIES, RAIL BIKE, K-drama shooting location and more!

 We want to bring you out of the Seoul city and visit around one and a half hour from Seoul.
Many of you might know already about Nami Island and Petite France. We will recommend you to other places to go!  You can go by car it’s the easiest to visit few places in a ...

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Spring in Seoul highlight: Visiting Deoksugung Palace and Jeongdong area

Today we will introduce a great place to go in spring in Seoul.
We want to highlight calm and peaceful places where nature and history come together amongst the modern buildings in the middle of the city. After the long and cold winter months, we are all expecting to see the spring to come with ...

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