Best Spots to See Cherry Blossom and Flowering in Busan, 2018 Forecast!


Best time to visit Busan for the Cherry Blossom season this year will be from 28 Mar – 7 Apr! There are many places to see Cherry blossoms in Busan but these are just my top favorite places to go. So plan your trip, prepare cameras, picnics and good shoes for the active people! 

1. Hwangnyeongsan Mountain

This beautiful mountain is located in the heart of Busan and is the second highest mountain in the Geumnyeon Mountain Range. The summit is relatively flat making it easier to hike and it’s also possible to drive up.  The view of Busan from the top is amazing during day and night!


Great spot for a date and picnic!Cherry_Blossoms_Path_on_Hwangnyeongsan_Mountain_(황령산)

Picture from Wikipedia.

2. Namcheon Dong Road

One of the most famous Cherry Blossom spots in Busan is in Namcheon-dong. There are Cherry blossom Tunnels and just a ton of light pink petals everywhere. Great spot for a photo shoot if it’s not too crowded with people and cars.namcheon-dong-cherry-blossom-road-busan-2018


3. Haeundae Dalmaji Road

Dalmaji-gil Road is a small walkway on the corner to Songjeong Beach, famous for its views of the blue ocean, white sand field, Camellia forest, and pine tree forest. Perfect place for a nice walk!


4. Oncheon Stream Park

Up for a bike ride? Then Oncheon Stream Park is a perfect place for exercise and enjoying the cherry blossoms!



Do you want to see these or other beautiful places? I recommend you check out this 1-day tour:

Hope you enjoy your time in Busan! Make sure to take a LOT of pictures, cause the cherry blossom season don’t last for that long! 😉

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