Gangnam Coex Pass Ultimate Guide – Must use in Seoul

Imagine having a pass that will let you enjoy and have exclusive benefits all around the COEX area. This became true! The 2020 Gangnam COEX pass will promise you to save money, time and also make you enjoy amazing and interesting attractions at the same time you get important discounts in big department stores and shops. 🇰🇷

Are you ready to take off? Here are 6 of lots of activities and benefits you can enjoy with your GANGNAM COEX PASS.

1. Coex Aquarium 


Coex Aquarium 🐬 is one of the biggest worldwide aquariums that obviously you should visit if you are in Seoul. This amazing place houses more than 800 different aqua species; among them whales, sharks, sea lions, seals, penguins, and many others. With the Gangnam Coex Pass the entrance fee is absolute covered and you just need to show you Gangnam Coex Pass QR code and then enjoy!!.  🐋 The whole aquarium route will take around 60 ~ 90 minutes but also you will be free to take as many pictures as you want, as well, experience exciting activities like emerging your hands in the water and let small fishes peel your dead skin.


💡 Tips by KoreaTravelEasy: If you purchase all the tickets separately you will be spending 3 times more money than if you buy this  Gangnam Coex Pass. During 72 hours you will be able to use this pass benefits and of course your discounts as much as you want.  It’s highly recommended to buy this pass if you are planning to enjoy activities offered by COEX because also we are offering a 52% off if you are willing to buy this Gangnam Coex Pass. Once you purchase your Gangnam Coex Pass you will receive a QR Code which will be your pass and which you should show at all the attractions/shops you go. 

2. Starfield COEX Library


Starfield Library 📚 is one of the largest libraries in the world. Among their collections, you will find various genres such as humanities, economics and also domestic and foreign magazines. 📰 You will definitely fall in love with this magic and amazing place.  📖

3. SMTOWN Museum


Do you want to experience what is the KPOP worldwide phenomenon? 🎤 Welcome to SMTOWN! The biggest entertainment KPOP company in Korea which has build the basis of KPOP around the world and which offer a complete experience in their SMTOWN MUSEUM. 🎧 In this place you will be able to see the original music videos customs, also watch exclusive content and the most important, take photo with them in their 3D photo booths. 📷

4. Seven Luck Casino


Seven Luck Casino 🎲 in Coex provides more than 78 table games like Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack and more than 100 up-to-date machine games and 30 electronic tables on three floors.🎰 If you visit the seven luck casino at Coex using your Gangnam Coex Pass you will obtain as new-membership 60.000won voucher to use in the facilities of Coex’s Seven Luck Casino.🍻 If you never had experienced a Casino this will be definitely a perfect time to do. If never, this can be your first time, we highly recommend to your Gangnam Coex Pass at this casino. 

5. Megabox


Megabox 🎥 is one of the largest cinema chains in South Korea. If you use your Gangnam Coex Pass you will be able to get 1 free ticket to watch any movie you want. 🎬The only thing you need to do is go directly to the Coex’s Megabox’s ticket box and show your Gangnam Coex Pass QR Code, then you can choose the movie you want to watch, get your movie ticket and enjoy! is that easy!! isn’t amazing?  Don’t forget to pass by the popcorn ‘make it on your own’ machine and make your own popcorn!

6. Incheon Airport Bus


CALT or Coex City Airport Terminal will provide you a convenient one-stop departure services for airline check-ins, immigration clearance, and a non-stop bus from COEX directly to Incheon Airport terminal 1 and 2. So imagine this situation, you finish your shopping at coex or your hotel is just nearby coex, you go directly to this Coex City Airport Terminal and the next step is arrived directly at the airport don’t hesitate to do check-in because you already have did it.  Amazing isn’t it?

That’s all about Gangnam Coex Pass we have for you today!
Are you ready to enjoy it?
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