SPRING FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Taean Tulip festival and the West Sea area



  • South Korea is a very beautiful country in spring.  The trees are starting to change colours back to being green but trees are not the only things in Korea that are beautiful in spring
  • What is most popular about Korean spring are the flowers.
  • Korea has a lot of flower festivals, such as Cherry Blossom Festivals, Canola(유채꽃) Flower Festivals, Apricot(살구) Blossom Festivals, and many more Spring Flower Festivals.
  • Today we will introduce to a place called Taean County  in South Chungcheong Do, South Korea, where the yearly Taean international tulip festival is held .

Where  is Taean Tulip Festival?

Taean map

  • Taean is situated around 3 hours from Seoul one way and it may seem far but and it’s doable in a day trip , the Taean Tulip Festival is held at the town of Nam-myeon, in Taean County.
  • Only available each year Mid -april to Mid- May for 1 month ! this year is it from April 13- May 10


How to get there ?

By public transport :  

  1. From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Express Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Taean. ( around 2.5 hours)
  2. From Taean Intercity Bus Terminal, take a village bus bound for Gomseom 곰섬 and get off at Morenon Bus Stop. (Estimated travel time: about 1-hour)

Public transport can be quite confusing as you need to buy the tickets when you get there and math the times


  • Join group day shuttle that departs from Seoul city in the morning and takes you to the Tulip festival and will also go to strawberry picking !  
  • https://www.koreatraveleasy.com/product/taean-tulip-festival-and-strawberry-farm-picking-1-day-tour-shuttle-package/


Private car option is available and most recommended if you have 4 or more people! Write us a request in PRIVATE CUSTOM TOUR!

If you go by private car you can stop by the famous highway pit stop HANG-DAMDO ISLAND OCEAN RESORT (they call it “service area”) that overlooks the ocean, on the way to WEST SEA (Seohae) Highway


Like in other countries, pit stops are for a bathroom break, and most important FOOD /SNACKS break! There is a selection of Korean local snacks and also coffee/ franchise, etc…



It is one of the fun places that local Koreans must visit when going on lots of yummy Korean snacks and it’s highly recommended to stop by there!


What’s special about the festival?

General Information

  • The Taean Tulip festival is also known as the Taean World Tulip Summit
  • It is one of the world’s TOP 5 tulip festivals in the world with more than 1.5 million tulips planted on display
  • It is a rare opportunity to see so many varieties of tulips gathered at one place .
  • Usually blossoming times of the different kind of tulips vary but, special techniques were introduced from the Netherlands, where tulips originated and allowed the blossoming times to be controlled so that the festival-goers can enjoy so many tulips in full bloom at the same time


  • Anyone entering the festival grounds and seeing the endless fields of colorful tulips unfolding before their eyes will find themselves swooning. Tulips in yellow, red, pink, white, violet, and other deep and beautiful colors difficult to describe with words have been planted densely right next to each other.
  • In addition, the tulips have been planted to form shapes such as butterflies, snails, or the Korean flag, which can only be made out when seen from above.



Different theme each year:

  • Every year there is a different theme for the festival where they will put the tulips in a display like a drawing made with flowers when you see from above
  • in the past years there has been themes like “The Garden of Artists.” At the festival, images of well-known figures, such as Mona Lisa and Marilyn Monroe


  • This year in 2017 the tulip festival presents world famous landmarks like Namdaemun (National Treasure No. 1) based on a theme of Bangpai-kite as well as the Eiffel Tower from France, a windmill from The Netherlands, and a pyramid from Egypt. In particular, daffodils and lilies are newly planted in the large area as friends of tulips.


Capture the best photos :


  • All the displays at the festival are created with tulips and when you go in you might not feel the majesty of the tulips display but as you walk inside you will see that there are tulips of different colours in yellow, pink, red, purple that makes amazing photos!
  • There are also other flowers at the Taean Tulip Festival. Daffodils, lilies, pansies, lupinus and other spring flowers have been planted throughout the festival grounds, and to the east, a large field of canola flowers seems to cover the ground like a yellow carpet. To the left of the pond, located at the center of the festival, are the five-color garden, made by planting tulips of five different colors in rows, and a rest area covered by shade.
  • If there was ever an occasion to take photos, this festival is it! Try taking photos of iconic windmills reminiscent of the Netherlands, tulips, rabbits (the festival mascots), and even turtle sculptures
  • Go up the observation deck to see the panoramic view of the festival from above !


Anything to buy and eat there?

-There is also a market to buy Korean made local goods of the area and an international snack stall inside the festival



What’s special at night?

  • There is the TAEAN LIGHT FESTIVAL?  After sunset, the whole festival will be lighted up by  LED lights that will shine a different light on the flower garden after sunset.

Taean -light-festival

*picture from Taeangun official page

Admission price and operating hours

  • Times:  9AM- 11PM
  • Admission: 9000 won adults and 7000 won for children/elderly

What other festivals are at this location?

  • In the same location, The Taean Light Festival runs all year round and after the tulip festival is finished beginining of May, there will be the Taean LILY festival from July 24 to Aug 3, 2017  and Taean Autumn flowers festival from Sept 30 – Oct 10, 2017. So there is a lot to do there!

What else is there in Taean?  

  • Taean area is most famous for Taean Haean National Park, known for its clear seas, unpolluted soils, coastal flora, tidal flats, coasts, and white sand.
  • It includes thirty different beaches; one of these, Mallipo Beach, is considered one of the three most beautiful in Korea and is over three kilometers long.
  • We went to the Mongsanpo Beach
  • Mongsanpo Beach is regarded as the largest beach in the East
  • It is famous as a beach that never ends.





  • The Korean boy band Big Bang based their song, “붉은노을 (“Sunset Glow”), in honor of the caveman. The title track from their 2nd full-length Korean album, Sunset Glow, a remake of Lee Moon Sae’s Red Sunset. Their Music Video for Sunset Glow is spreading the message to visit Taean beaches again after the 2007 Korea oil spill where it had previously struck the once populated tourist attraction

Check out the music video where there is a lot of the views of Taean!


What to eat in Taean?

  • As you might expect already, Taean is near the ocean so there must be SEAFOOD!
  • Particularly its fresh blue crabs. Gaegukji, a hearty stew of crab and kimchi, is a local specialty. The stew is cooked with fresh crab so the soup is really tasty along with vegetables and a bowl of rice is perfect to go with it!
  • Another local specialty is baksok milguk nakjitang, a savory noodle soup made with small octopi. This dish isn’t for the squeamish – the octopus is placed in the boiling broth very much alive and in front of the diner.




  • You cannot re-enter the festival after you come out so better if you arrive around in the afternoon to enjoy the light festival at night
  • There are food places around the area but the restaurants right outside of the festival there are only 2 or 3 restaurants  and price can be pricier,
  • If you  are tired and don’t want to walk around there is also a shuttle train that goes around the festival that you can take! 🙂

Go Taean and Taean tulip festival via the following EASY methods!





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