Your guide and reviews of the best Korean Non-verbal shows!


We have been to places to sightsee in the city of Seoul during the day time, such as Gyeongbokgung, Deoksugung, City Hall, Hongdae, and today we will introduce some other activities where you can relax and watch shows in the late afternoon and evening ! Just like when you go to New York, it should be in your travel schedule to watch a representative show in Korea to leave good memories !

In Korea there are a lot of local and Korean art, music and culture events available but many foreigners might find enjoying some culture events in Korea can be limiting if you don’t speak other Korean language. It’s not such an easy language to pick up without learning it.

So what shows to watch if you don’t know Korean?

  • Actually before you pick up the language skills, there are some unique and fun some stage shows that are both made in Korea and that has distinctive Korean dance, culture, martial art and most of all – Non-verbal:  which means that they do not require any Korean language skills to enjoy.

What are non-verbal shows?

  • At non-verbal shows, usually there is more than just watching actors and dancers performing on stage, the audience get to be engaged directly sometimes to get excited through games, cheering together or following the beats and actions of the performers.
  • Guarenteed a fun time to spend for a special memory in Korea!


Let us introduce to you today 7 nonverbal shows that you should watch. They are in a special promotion to be promoted under the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) for free and easy travelers to Korea. You will be able to enjoy a different show every day of the week at a discount for the 2 month promotional period. Many of the shows have toured the world and are famous worldwide !


Why we recommend?

REASON 1:  can enjoy by location

  • The theatres are located at locations near main tourist attractions so we have mapped it out for you so you can enjoy the city in the day time and end the day with a different exciting show every day of the week!  
  • The show times run around 1 hour 10- 1 hour 20 mins so great for a show that is fun and doesn’t run too long so you can do more in Seoul!

REASON 2:  during limited time – discounted price and free AREX ticket

  • Get a free one-way AREX ticket for every show you watch so you can redeem for your airport transfer!
  • Promotional Dates:   May 8- July 9 ( special for 2 months)
  • Watch famous shows for discounted price!
  • So, Today route would be separated in a few routes



In Seoul : Near City Hall, Deoksugung, Myeongdong, Namdaemun,

What to do in this area?

  • Where Modern meets traditional: Shopping, Traditional market, palaces, refer to our Deoksugung post

1. Fireman:  TUESDAY   8:00pm


  • Place : Cecil Theater (City hall station)
  • Show time: 1hr. 20min
  • Review: Go through together with the training involved in becoming a fireman during a comedic performance of the Fireman Show
  • The show uses a mixture of performance styles to express the demands of being a fireman Witness impressive acrobatic lifts and flips .Learn about the importance of fire safety and awareness throughout the show
  • The Fireman Show is the latest show in Seoul showcasing the strength, tough training and dedicated work of a fireman! Follow the story of a group of trainees who struggle to get through their strenuous and high intensity training in order to become skillful firemen. Watch in awe as the performers dance, do acrobatic lifts, flips and other cool moves. There are fun light effects while you can enjoy this unique and funny show. By the end of the show you will have a new perspective of the fun and excitement involved in a fireman trainee’s day to day life on the field.

We recommend :

  • If you are going to around area of city hall
  • If you are interested in daily heros and a story about their heroic acts of Firemen
  • This show does not have pre-assigned seating so if you go early you can get a good seat!



2. Lotus (A flower comes out once more) – Sat – 4:00pm, 8:00pm


  • Place : Jeongdong Theater
  • Show time: 1 hour 20mins.  
  • Review :Lotus tells the story of Seo-ryeon, the best dancer in the royal court. When her performance charms the king during a festival, the envious queen turns her out of the palace. Dodam, a court general and Seo-ryeon’s love interest, follows her. They are pursued by the king’s forces

We recommend:

  • Right in front of city hall and Deoksugung so on the weekend when you stay in Seoul city since Seoul vicinity traffic jam is bad you can stay within the leisure of being in the city and choose the show either in the afternoon or evening on Saturday
  • This show showcases Korea’s traditional dance and the scale is large as there are a lot of performers on the stage which will astonish you.
  • If you like a more intimate and interactive show then this is not for you



3.  Fantastick – Sunday – 5:00pm, 8:00pm


  • Place : NH Art Hall (connected Seodaemun Station)
  • Show time :1 hour 20 min.
  • Review: Incorporating western style percussion with melodies played on traditional Korean musical instruments, this non-verbal performance brings to life a classic Korean love story with a modern twist. Fanta-stick is an innovative combination of break­dancing, acrobatics, martial arts, with traditional Korean percussion and string music.

We recommend

  • If you are at Deoksugung or Jeondong street, or on the purple line (line 5) it is close to Gwanghwamun
  • This show is shown on Sunday so we you can avoid the crowds from the office buildings and enjoy this show when it is quiet in the area. It is also shows for 2 times in a day
  • Compared to Lotus,  Fantastick does not have that big of a cast (around 6-7 people)  but it still showcases Korean Gukak which is Korean traditional music usual Korean traditional instruments (flute, drums, strings, etc..)  The small casts is very talented indeed and will also have fun interactive games with the audience
  • However, the story of the show was only told in English but since the story is quite simple (star-crossed lovers story ) so you will be able to get it along the way


In Seoul : Near Jongro

What to do in this area?

  • Traditional Seoul: Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Insadong, Bukchon Hanok Village

4. CHEF – the next generation of BIBAP!  – Wed – 5:00pm, 8:00pm


  • Place : Cinecore Theater Bibap Hall
  • Show time : 1 hour 15 min.
  • Review: Get ready for a fun night of beatboxing, b-boying, and bibimbap! The latest update to the popular BIBAP show is here! CHEF promises audiences a wonderful journey into the kitchen with a non-verbal performance that anyone can understand! Audience participation is encouraged and there is plenty of comedy throughout the show. There are 5 parts to the show that explore different storylines in the kitchen, all expressed through music and dance! K-Pop fans of all ages will love this show!

We recommend:  

  • If you are close to Jongno district on a Wednesday afternoon or evening  
  • Bimbap has more interaction with audience. Funny show with talented crew. Very talented in B-Box and street dancing
  • Talks about making a fun time while cooking
  • Music is modern and using Kpop elements.


In Seoul : Near Euljiro- 3-ga / Chungmuro  / Myeongdong/ Dongdaemun

What to do in this area?

  • Shopping and food mecca: Shopping, restaurants until late night!

5. Jump –  Friday – 5:00pm, 8:00pm


  • Place : Musical Jump Theater
  • Show time : 1 hour 20 mins ,  
  • Review: Since first hitting the stage in 2003, this high energy martial arts comedy show has impressed audiences in Korea and on international stages including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London’s west end and New York’s off-Broadway!

We recommend if:

  • if you are in the Euljiro/Myeongdong area on Friday afternoons or nights!
  • There are many big Korean companies nearby so after the show you can also experience what white collars in Korea do after work on happy Friday! Gatherings, dinner parties, etc..
  • Jump is focused on a funny story with martial arts and the actors are really talented! They can perform all kinds of stunts on such a small stage and connect well to the audience
  • It is a funny show that is liked by all ages so can even bring young children to go! – Jump is famous overseas and has been on tours worldwide and it is much more expensive to watch in other countries to take advantage of being in Korea to watch this representative Korean show!


In Seoul : Near Hongdae / Hongik University/ Sinchon/ Ehwa Womens’ university  Area

What to do in this area?

  • Young and hip Seoul university area

6.  Nanta -Thursday – 8:00pm

난타 공식 포스터(영문)

  • Place : Hongdae Nanta Theater
  • Show time : 1 hour 30 mins 
  • Review: This is Korea’s longest running show in a theatre, definitely one of the best known non-verbal shows!
  • Nanta is a show blending acrobatics, martial arts, music and culinary skills – that’s got to be a unique combination! The talented troupe of Korean performers cook up a storm in the on-stage kitchen giving the audience a taste of Korean culinary lunacy, sliced and diced to percussive perfection. Nanta combines the rhythms from Korean folk songs with modern music, creating a non-verbal performance that’s accessible to an international audience. Spectators are even encouraged on stage – you could be the bride or groom at a traditional wedding ceremony, or compete in a dumpling-piling competition

We recommend:

  • If you are in Hongdae area on a Thursday night to enjoy a show and then can go to the nightlife area with lots of youngsters  
  • Nanta at this special price is really a steal because usually it’s much more expensive and even more overseas!
  • However, due to the popularity of Nanta, the special price will only get tickets to A section which is the 2nd floor in the back part so if you are looking to watch Nanta from upclose, KoreaTravelEasy also sells discounted tickets for other sections of the theatre!




In Gyeongju

7. Shilla: Monday – 7:30 pm


  • Place : Gyeongju Culture expo Culture Center (Gyeongju)
  • Show time: 1 hour 10 mins,  
  • The story depicts the collision and harmonization of the three different cultures of Persia, Silla, and Arab.

We recommend :

  • you are in Gyeongju to visit on a Monday. Gyeongju is a city on South Korea’s southeast coast. It was the capital of the 1,000-year-long Silla dynasty, and is known for its extensive historical remains. So that’s why the show has a lot of historical components
  • We haven’t been but if you are in the area you should visit!



  • Choose your show accordingly depending on where you will go that day ! Match your days with the area and the shows!
  • Special limited time discount tickets from May 8-July 9  for 2 months only. Each ticket is only USD18 and will include 1 ticket for the Express Arex train (9 USD value!)
  • If you like the shows but the dates and times don’t match you can still buy the tickets with other discounts through KoreaTravelEasy  



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