[May 8~July 23] SHOW KOREA Summer promotion (Nanta, Jump, FantaStick, Fireman, CHEF Bibap, Lotus, Silla) with free AREX express train ticket

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Watch Korea’s most famous non-verbal shows with discount up to 50% off:  Nanta, Jump, CHEF by Bibap, Fireman, Fantastick, Lotus and Silla !  Only from May 8 to July 23, 2017!   BONUS: Get FREE one-way AREX (Airport Express Train) express ticket from/to Incheon for each ticket bought (over USD$7 value!)  Get town Seoul downtown in 43 minutes only:  take the AREX express train for the fastest way from and to Incheon Airport to Seoul Station! 

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  • Read the blog below to learn more about the shows! 
  • Special Summer promotion up to 50% off for the best non-verbal performances in Korea!  Only from May 8 to July 23, 2017! 
  • Watch famous shows like Nanta, Jump, CHEF, Fireman, Fantastick at very discounted prices – only USD $18 per ticket!
  • Additional benefit: Buy a discounted show ticket and receive a free one-way AREX (Airport Express Train) express ticket from/to Incheon  for each ticket bought!  (8,000 won value!)   Take the AREX express train for the fastest way from/to Incheon Airport to Seoul Station in just 43 minutes !
  • Enjoy the day time sightseeing and then relax  in the evening to watch a different show each day of the week !

 Show descriptions and schedule 

There is a different show daily and see the map to decide what suits your schedule and location !


  • Summary:  The story depicts the collision and harmonization of the three different cultures of Persia, Silla, and Arab.
  • Location : Gyeongju Culture expo Culture Center (Gyeongju province)
  • Show time: 7:30PM
  • Duration:  1 hour 10 mins  
  • Seat type:  S seatkoreatraveleasy-Shilla-show-stage


  • Summary: Go through together with the training involved in becoming a fireman during a comedic performance of the Fireman Show. Witness impressive acrobatic lifts and flips .Learn about the importance of fire safety and awareness throughout the show
  • Location : Cecil Theater (Seoul City hall station)
  • Show time: 8:00PM
  • Duration:  1 hour 20 mins  
  • Seat type:  General seating

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Wednesday – CHEF – the next generation of BIBAP!

  • Summary: Get ready for a fun night of beatboxing, b-boying, and bibimbap! The latest update to the popular BIBAP show is here! CHEF  shows a show set in kitchen, all expressed through music and dance!  It’s a non-verbal performance that anyone can understand! Audience participation is encouraged and there is plenty of comedy throughout the show. 
  • Location : Cinecore Theater Bibap Hall (Seoul in Jongno Area) 
  • Show times: 5:00PM (June 28 only)  or 8:00PM (July 5 only)  
  • Duration:  1 hour 15 mins  
  • Seat type:  S seatkoreatraveleasy-CHEF-show-POSTER


  • Summary: Korea’s most famous and longest running show in a theatre, definitely one of the best known non-verbal shows! Nanta is a show blending acrobatics, martial arts, music and culinary skills ! Guaranteed a good time!  
  • Location: Hongdae Nanta Theater (Seoul Hongik University Station) 
  • Show time: 8:00PM
  • Duration:  1 hour 30 mins  
  • Seat type:  A seat

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Friday  – JUMP 

  • Summary: One of Korea’s most internationally acclaimed show since 2003. Comedic non-verbal show that features a lot of amazing acrobats and martial arts. It also has lots of audience interaction. The innovative show showcases Asian martial arts, including Korea’s Taekwondo and Taekkyeon.
  • Location: Musical Jump Theater (Seoul Euljiro-3-ga area) 
  • Show times: 5:00PM  or 8:00PM
  • Duration:  1 hour 20 mins  
  • Seat type:  S seat

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SaturdayLOTUS (A flower comes out once more)

  • Summary: A large scale dance show! Lotus tells the story of Seo-ryeon, the best dancer in the royal court. When her performance charms the king during a festival, the envious queen turns her out of the palace. Dodam, a court general and Seo-ryeon’s love interest, follows her. They are pursued by the king’s forces and trouble ensues.
  • Location: Jeongdong Theater (Seoul City Hall Station) 
  • Show times: 4:00PM  or 8:00PM
  • Duration:  1 hour 20 mins  
  • Seat type:  S seat련_POSTER_EN


  • Summary: Incorporating western style percussion with melodies played on traditional Korean musical instruments, this non-verbal performance brings to life a classic Korean love story with a modern twist. Fanta-stick is an innovative combination of break­dancing, acrobatics, martial arts, with traditional Korean percussion and string music.
  • Location: NH Art Hall (connected to Seoul Seodaemun Station)
  • Show times: 5:00PM  or 8:00PM
  • Duration:  1 hour 20 mins  
  • Seat type:  S seatkoreatraveleasy-fantastick-poster


Price What is included 

USD $40USD $18

  • Show ticket
  • One-way AREX (Airport Railroad Express Train) Ticket

*Ticket prices for Adults and children are the same price. 

What is not Included

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Meals and drinks

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[May 8~July 23] SHOW KOREA Summer promotion (Nanta, Jump, FantaStick, Fireman, CHEF Bibap, Lotus, Silla) with free AREX express train ticket

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  1. da*** h***     

    Amazing experience from booking to the show of Fireman. Thank you very much for the great and efficient booking services.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Hello Dara! Thank you for liking the Fireman show! hope you liked Korea and come again 🙂

  2. Rissa Kawpeng

    Ri*** K***   Philippines 

    The Fireman show was a blast! Entertaining and funny. Great way to spend an evening. Kids and adults will love the humor and the dancing. Must-see!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Hello ! Thank you for your review and glad to hear that you enjoyed the show! 🙂 Please continue to support us thank you !

  3. Va*** D***   Colombia 

    I took my mother to watch the beautiful performance, Lotus, for her birthday. And I am very happy that she enjoyed it a lot and she fell in love with traditional Korean culture. In fact, our favorite part was the drums part. Lotus, is not only a great way to have fun, but also to get closer to Korean culture and its wonderful music and instruments. This performance had romance, action, beautiful music, and great staging and choreography.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Hello Valeria, Thank you for your review on the Lotus show. We also recommend this show a it showcases Korean traditional music ! We hope you continue to support KoreaTravelEasy thank you

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