The Gen Z Way of Exploring Seoul with KoreaTravelEasy

You’ve probably seen all of the trending TikToks about the “Dream Seoul Trip” and wondered, how do I plan this legendary trip? No problem! At KoreaTravelEasy, we offer a range of tours and activities that you can add to your itinerary in order to create the aesthetic journey with many memories and even more pictures!

1. Make your Own Jindo Puppy Pom Pom Dolls

It’s always fun to buy some cute new key chains for bags so why not make one yourself? This guided class provides you with the lesson and materials you need to make a cute Korean decoration that you can add to your everyday life. This activity is located at the Mung Mung Moi workshop where Teacher Mikyung will assist students as you make your puppy friend.



📍 Location: Seoul Women Up Development Center, 2nd Floor, Orangium (Near Konkuk University Station exit 6)

👛 Price: 44 USD

2. Get a Personal Color Analysis or Personal Fit Style

Since South Korea is known for it’s chic and beautiful sense of fashion, it’s only right to have a stylist decide what styles and colors suit you best. Over a sixty minute session, a professional will analyse you and recommend what color suits your complexity best, taking face and body shape into account. At the end of your session, you will be able to create a unique and vibrant image for yourself and impress everyone when you transform into a more stylish person.



📍 Location: Sinsa Studio or Yeouido Studio

👛 Price: 180 USD per service (includes English interpreter)

3. Have Fun and Visit Lotte World

Let out your inner child by going to the indoor amusement park Lotte World and even renting out a school uniform to enjoy the full experience. From roller coasters and water slides to live performances, there will never be a boring minute in the magical rides that you and your friends can enjoy (while taking pics for Instagram naturally). If you book the aquarium package, you can also watch the 650 marine species swim around. How cool is that?!



📍 Location: 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa District, Seoul

👛 Price: 39 USD (Lotte World) or 48 USD (Lotte World + Aquarium)

4. Dance Classes With Lachika

Everyone here has likely at least heard of Street Woman Fighter so what if I told you that you can literally attend a K-Pop dance class taught by choreographers from Lachika, a team that has choreographed for groups such as Itzy, Twice and even BTS! During this group class, you will learn the choreography of a BTS or BLACKPINK song than have your very own video recorded for yourself. Even if you think you can’t dance, challenge yourself and learn from the best. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on the next season of Produce!



📍 Location: 3F, 10, Yonsei-ro 7an-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

👛 Price: Starts at 26 USD


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