An Aussie’s First Week in Seoul

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Are you planning to travel to South Korea and still have no idea what to do? No problem! Here is the KoreaTravelEasy Australian intern’s guide to exploring Seoul based on what they did within their first week.

1. K-Pop Inspired Self-Tour

What’s a better way to enter a new country than immediately exploring the rich music culture found in South Korea! Seoul has many activities to offer which allows Hallyu fans to experience a unique experience where they can visit stations full of idol birthday celebrations, shops where you can buy MD of your favorite idols and even experiences to meet them up close through performances or fan-meetings.



Make your experience even better by attending the Gwanghwamun K-Pop Concert with us and get the chance to see Kiss Of Life and other amazing artists for only $15 USD. We also have many more concerts on the way so stay tuned for opportunities to see your favorite idols.

2. Visiting the K-BBQ Restaurants

After a long flight or a long day out exploring, treat yourself by going to one of the many local BBQ joints. You will be greeted with some of the most delicious cuts of meat and side dishes known to the world. As you chatter away with friends while eating and telling stories, the time flies by easily and a great night is spent. So whether it’s with your close ones, colleagues or housemates, take the time to appreciate the many culinary options that Seoul has to offer.


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Feeling peckish after enjoying your dinner? You could join our Seoul Walking Food Tour by clicking on the link provided below:

3. Korean Wine Tasting and Making

Always trust an Aussie to recommend a bit of drinking in the trip! South Korea has an exciting drinking culture as there are plenty of options to try during your time here. To start off with, a popular activity is makgeolli tasting and wine making as you also enjoy a side of tteokbokki! The rich taste of Korean traditional rice wine is so memorable, it’ll leave you wanting to buy some to bring back home. Don’t even get started on Soju, that’s a story for another day!



Want to try making some traditional Korean rice wine of your own? Sign up for our wine-making class on the KoreaTravelEasy website:

4. Half-Day Trip to Nami Island

Looking to get out of the bustling city for a couple of hours while still staying within a reasonable distance of Seoul? Visit Nami-Seom Island and get a feel of the beautiful nature two hours away from Seoul by Korail. Whether you dare to try the zip line or opt for the calming ferry ride with a view, you will arrive at an island with plenty to eat and many attractions. Most tourists aim to spend a day at Nami Island as there are many stunning views to explore and take pictures. some even recreating scenes from Winter Sonata, a famous K-Drama which was filmed on the island.



Keen to explore Nami Island in a tour? KoreaTravelEasy offers many different packages that include transportation to the ferry terminal from Seoul and various additions including tours around Nami Island and surrounding areas such as Petite France, Italian Village, Garden of Morning Calm and many more places covered in nature. You can find these packages on our website and the links provided below:

5. Myeongdong Shopping Trip

The first of many shopping trips you’ll likely make during your time in Seoul has to be in Myeongdong! The shopping district is renowned internationally for the endless choices of Korean skincare and clothing options from a mix of local and international designers. When strolling down the streets, it is recommended that you look in both the department stores and the underground mall. After you’ve spent your day (and money) at Myeongdong, Seoul still has many places to offer so take your time to get the many shopping districts of South Korea’s capital.




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