Korean Traditional Costume: Hanbok, Get to Wear a Hanbok Korea (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Jeonju)

Do you know what a Hanbok is?


A hanbok is a traditional Korean costume (dress) that has been worn for hundreds of years. It is typically made of a full skirt and a short jacket or blouse, along with a ribbon or sash tied around the waist. The style and color of the hanbok can vary depending on the occasion, with more elaborate and colorful designs worn for special events like weddings and festivals.


Hanboks are still worn by many Koreans for important occasions or as a way to celebrate their heritage.



How can I rent a Hanboks with KoreaTravelEasy?


With KoreaTravelEasy, you can easily book to rent for the hanbok of your preference in the most famous spots to visit in both Seoul and Jeonju. Do not worry about language barrier, just book with us and pick the Hanbok that better fits you directly at the Hanbok Rental Shop of your preference.


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Step 1. Select the date and location for your Hanbok Rental
Step 2. Choose the style of Hanbok (traditional or themed) & for how long you want to rent it.
Step 3. Add to cart, complete the payment and get your confirmation
Step 4. Arrive to the selected location on time and choose your Hanbok.
Step 5. Enjoy and take the prettiest pictures! 


Hanbok Rental in KoreaHanbok Rental Shops at Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces as well as Jeonju Hanok Village



Along with Hanboks, there are several accessories that can we worn in order to complete the traditional look. Those would be some hairclips or hair bands for women as well as “Gat” Korean traditional hats for men. There are also special shoes to be worn with hanbok, but this days is also common just to wear your favorite sneakers and be comfortable while wearing a Hanbok.


You can complete your Hanbok style with these cute hairbands and accessories




Can foreigners also wear hanboks?


Of course! Even though it is part of Korean Cultural Heritage, Koreans are happy to share their traditions among foreigners who are interested in their culture. When visiting Korea, you can also try and wear a Hanbok to embrace Korean Culture! Just make sure to always be respectful and understand the cultural importance for this traditional dress.




Specially when visiting places that gather Korea’s history and tradition such as Gyeonbokgun Palace, Changdeok Palace or Traditional Hanok Villages such as the one in Jeonju, foreigners love to wear Hanbok and become part of the cultural heritage preservation among those sites.



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