How to enjoy Winter, Spring Summer and Fall in Korea (Seasonal Activities)

How to enjoy the 4 seasons in Korea?


Korea is a country where you can enjoy the 4 seasons of the year with special activities, experiences and tours for each season. We ate KoreaTravelEasy will always bring the best of each season for you to easily join and  enjoy while in Korea.

Keep reading and discover how to enjoy the best of Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall in Korea with us!



1) Winter Season in Korea


Winter in Korea gets very cold, with temperatures running as down as -20 degrees there will be snow falling all over the country.
And the best way to enjoy this snowy season is at Korean ski resort! There you don’t only have the chance to ski but also choose to do snowboard, slighting or just enjoying the winter view!


We offer several different package to the main Ski Resorts in Korea (Alphensia, Elsyan, Eden Park, etc) that will make you enjoy without having to worry about anything else but staying warm and showing your ski skills! But even when you don’t know how to ski.. most of our packages include free basic ski lessons so that you have no excuse to not enjoy the best of Korean Winter!


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Winter Ski Products


But besides Ski Resorts, there are other wonderful places that you should not miss during winter in Korea. Have you been to Nami Island when it is all covered by a layer of snow? if not, tou will get the chance to with us! Take the most memorable winter shoots and discover the most beautiful winter landscapes with our Winter tours!


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2) Spring Season in Korea


In Korea, spring is all about Cherry Blossoms, (벗꽃, pronounced as beot-kkot in Korean) once in their full bloom there is no more beautiful view that their petals covering everything in pink. With KoreaTravelEasy you will get the chance to visit the most beautiful spots to observe Cherry Blossoms as well as famous Spring Festivals all around Korea.


Take a look at all the tours, packages and activities we have to offer once the weather starts getting warmer and flowers start to bloom all over Korea.


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No matter where you are in Korea, you will be able to be amazed by Cherry Blossoms during spring seasons since we offer several tours and packages from and to different locations! Don’t miss the chance to properly enjoy spring and take some wonderful pictures with blooming flowers!




3) Summer Season in Korea




4) Fall Season in Korea



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