K-quarantine coming into Water Park

K-quarantine arriving into Caribbean Bay, check it out and stay cool this summer in the water park!

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According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Health Organization (WHO), Pool water itself is not believed to be a major risk for spreading. Domestic experts also said that there is no evidence of corona spreading in the water.

Accordingly, Everland is committed to water quality management as the first ‘corona breakwater’. And pool&spa are using automatic measuring instruments to measuring and monitoring the water quality in real-time.


Caribbean Bay is following High-intensity social distancing rules:

1. Limited the visitors from 20,000 to 12,000 ONLY!

2. Testing the waters, new anti-virus measures.

2. When visitors entering the water park, they must first fill out an online form to list any potential symptoms.

3. Visitors should wear masks and then have their temperatures checked before being allowed in.

3. Everyone is asked to wear face masks when not in the water.

4. People will have to maintain distance from each other in the pools as well as locker rooms and other facilities.

5. Caribbean Bay places hand sanitizers everywhere.

6. Disinfection and quarantine will be provided to all facilities and rides from time to time to block the spread of viruses.


An official from the Caribbean Bay said, “Please follow the ‘social distancing rules’ even in hassle and inconvenience.” and “Hope that customers have fun and safe visit”



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🌊Stay cool this summer at the Caribbean Bay🌊


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