Korean Traditional and Cultural Activities

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Wouldn’t it be exciting to experience Korean culture by putting yourself in activities that local Koreans enjoy and create a unique Seoul experience with your own hands? If that’s what you’ve been hoping for, look no further! We have made a list of the Korean Traditional and Cultural Experiences that you can enjoy and learn, also, easy to join in Seoul city!




🌈 Korean Traditional and Cultural Activities 🌈



  • Folk Painting Calligraphy of Your Name in Korean

Create your own unique artwork on a hanji (traditional Korean paper) using the initials of your name. This is one of the rare chances that you can experience Korean traditional calligraphy.


Express yourself through folk painting: Munja-do is a type of Korean folk painting that expresses letters in pictorial ways such as calligraphy. You will have a chance to learn how to depict your name artistically in calligraphy on a piece of hanji – Korean traditional paper. Your instructor will be Jeong-mi Oh – an artist and food artist who has studied and performed in various places in the world. Currently, she is operating a guest house called 121 Bukchon, as a super-host. Visit her guest house and enjoy traditional Korean beverages and calligraphy!



    • Learn about Korean folk painting Munja-do with Korean artist
    • Create your own Korean-style calligraphy
    • Provide 50-200 years old Korean paper (Han-ji)
    • Take home a personalized artwork which
    • Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hanok at the art studio

  • Make Your Own Korean lettering(Hangeul) Jewelry

Make your own Korean style jewelry by combining silver Hangeul letters. You can design up to 4 letters of your own name or favorite words. You can design up to 4 letters of your own name or favorite words. The class is operated to spread the beauty of Hangeul and to offer jewelry making experiences to people. Give your loved one this meaningful Hangeul jewelry as a present!



    • Design and create your own jewelry inspired by Hangeul
    • Learn special metalworking technique with an expert
    • All jewelry materials and tools are provided
    • Cute gift box with a polaroid photo 
    • Snacks and beverage are also provided

  • Make your own Luxury personalized Korean Chopsticks

One of the most special things about Korean food culture is that a spoon and a pair of chopsticks are used at the same time. Make your own chopsticks and try it!



    • The first chopsticks gallery in Korea
    • Feel the charm by making traditional Korean style chopsticks
    • You can make spoons and chopsticks to remember Korea and make wonderful gifts

  • Experience Traditional Korean Tea Ceremony

Learn about the Korean tea ceremony from the experts at Bukchon Hanok Village, an area best known for its traditional Korean houses called Hanok. During this program, you get to wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), make your own tea for the ceremony, learn traditional Korean customs, enjoy a green tea hand and foot massage as well as taking home your own tea food that you made in a traditional Korean lucky bag.



    • Opportunity to wear the traditional costume for a tea ceremony
    • Experience a traditional tea ceremony, which changes with the seasons
    • Make your own tea food for the tea ceremony
    • Learn traditional Korean customs such as the traditional bow
    • Celebrate your visit to Korea by enjoying a green tea hand & foot massage and tasting the traditional tea
    • Take home the tea food you made in a traditional Korean lucky bag

  • DIY Mother-of-Pearl Craft Making Class

Wanna make your own beautiful craft souvenirs made from mother-of-pearl? Let’s learn to create hand-made hairband, brooch or hand mirror that give off sparkling light and mesmerizing colors of natural seashells. With the instruction of a top artisan, you will know more about the history of mother-of-pearl craftworks and be able to make some sophisticated souvenirs for yourself!



    • Experience Korean traditional mother-of-pearl craft
    • Make your own fashion accessories from mother-of-pearl
    • See many beautiful craftworks made by the artisans

    • Enjoy the scenery of Bukchon Hanok Village

  • Colorful Makgeolli – Traditional Rice Wine Making Experience

Make a traditional Korean drink ‘Makgeolli’ with an expert specializing in Korean food ‘Pajeon(파전- Welsh onion pancake)’ and ‘Bulgogi(불고기-Barbequed beef)’. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to make Makgeolli at your home. Make Korean traditional drink and share some Korean foods with others!



    • ‘Se-Ri Jeong’ has a traditional Korean liquor expert with 9 years of work experience
    • Easy and fun to make Makgeolli and Make new friends by sharing Makgeolli and food

  • Korean traditional fortune-telling in English

Do you want to see into your future? Do you want to know more about your destiny? Let the great masters of Korean traditional divining arts help you see through all of that! Physiognomy is a divining art that tells your fortune by reading your face and is not bound by names or nationalities. Through this experience, you will learn more about Korean traditional culture and better understand what the universe has decided for you!



    • Different types of divining and fortune-telling services

    • Masters who speak English

    • Beverage is provided

We have many more local cultural activities certified by the Seoul Tourism Organization we did not get a chance to talk about. Make sure to check them all out here!

🌼 Let’s enjoy Korean Culture🌻


If you have any further questions about the above-mentioned places, feel free to ask us!

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