What is the difference between a Private Van Service and a Tour Guide Service?

You might have heard the terms Private Van, Tour Guide, and Shuttle Bus Tours. But what exactly are they and how are they different from each other? This is what they mean on KoreaTravelEasy.com

1 What is a Private Van Service?

If you book a trip here on this website and it says “Private Van/Car” you can expect a qualified and service minded driver to pick you up with your prechosen car/van. The driver will then take you to your destinations as preplanned. But Please understand that the driver can only speak basic English and is not a certified Tour Guide. He won’t be able to comment on any sights, recommend you places or help you with other things. He is ONLY your driver for the day. We at KoreaTravelEasy always try our best to select the most qualified drivers so that you can enjoy their ride. Traveling can be very stressful so this Private Van Service can make your travel hassle-free! Read more about how you can book this service on our post: One Day in Seoul with Private Car  or The Best One Day Trip Outside and Around Seoul

This Service is good for:

  • Families who are traveling with children or elderly
  • Don’t want to stress about transportation
  • Those who know where they want to go (exact locations)
  • A small group of travelers looking for a reasonable price



2 What is a Private Van + Tour Guide Service?

If you want a Private Van Service AND a Tour Guide you can! It will be a bit more pricey but having a Guide makes your trip even more interesting and easy! The Tour Guide speaks English and will Guide you along your trip. If you have any special requests please let us know in advance so we can deliver the information to your Tour Guide. As an example of what the Tour Guide can help you with is recommending food based on your diet or religion, just let us know in advance so he can prepare to recommend you the best places.

This Service is good for:

  • Families who are traveling with children or elderly
  • Those who have a special meal or other requests
  • Those who want a guide to comment about the different locations and activities
  • Those who are looking for themed travels (eg Kpop lovers, Museum lovers etc)

To book a customized Private Van + Tour Guide please choose a Tour guide option (ENG) from private van service product (CLICK!)

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3 What is a Shuttle Bus Tour?

Shuttle bus tours are trips you can book on our website. You can expect hopping on a nice shuttle bus at specific pick up points, together with other people. There is also Tour staff on the bus, who are there to help you and answer any questions you might have. They are not certified Tour Guides but they are usually very friendly and ready to help you out. You usually get a lot of free time at the different stops so please make sure to listen to the staff and arrive back to the Shuttle bus on time so you can follow the planned schedule. Read and watch an example of a fun Shuttle bus Tour here in this post: Strawberry Farm, Petite France and Nami Island all in a One Day Tour Shuttle Bus 

This Service is good for:

  • Budget travelers
  • Those who enjoy full day schedules and free time
  • Solo or group of two travelers



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