5 Famous Spots in Busan you must see on this One Day Trip! Haeundae Beach, street food and other sights!

If you only have one day in Busan you might be wondering what to do? What are the most famous places I have to go see? Well, we have a great example of how you can spend a non-stressful, nice and active day in Busan! If you are a small group traveling together and you like this blog post we recommend you booking this BEST of BUSAN private tour! which means you can choose your itinerary trip and get a car/van + driver at an affordable price! Read more about this service here. Please let us know if you are 10+ people traveling though cause we may need to adjust this itinerary. So here it is 5 famous spots in Busan in one day:      

1 First Stop: Gamcheon Culture Village!

A great start to the day! Famous for being a colorful village on a mountain. There are a lot of painted wall murals as well as cute and artsy stores. If you come early there might be fewer people so you can enjoy taking pictures with your family and friends at this amazing place without having to wait too long. There are some yummy street food and lots of cute cats around this area as well.




2 Second Stop: Gukje Market

Time for some lunch! Only 15 min away lies Gukje Market, one of Koreas largest markets. Here you will be able to try a lot of Korean street foods while shopping!




3 Third Stop Oryukdo Skywalk

Take an hour to enjoy an amazing view and what a great photoshoot experience. This construction of Oryukdo Skywalk is actually fairly new, it finished in 2012 and its theme is “Walking over the sky.” People all over come to take fantastic pictures and try looking down through the transparent floor, it may be too scary for some! 😉




4 Fourth Stop: Nurimaru APEC House

The name Nurimaru APEC House means “a house where the world summits gather together for an APEC meeting.” It’s located on Dongbaekseom Island, which is famous for its beautiful, natural landscape, camellia and pine trees. Nurimaru APEC House has been used as a memorial hall and a prestigious international conference hall since the APEC summit meeting. This place not only has a spectacular view of the beach but also has the appearance of a reputable international conference hall featuring both modern and natural beauty.




5 Last Stop: Haeundae Beach

Only 5 min away lies the most famous beach in Busan, Haeundae! Enjoy swimming or sunbathing in the summer or take a nice walk and enjoy the view of the coastline. Haeundae Beach is also famous for various cultural events and festivals held throughout the year. Other facilities in the area include Dongbaek Island, Busan Aquarium, a yachting dock, BEXCO, diving courses and more. End this wonderful trip by eating a delicious seafood dinner here or you can also find other kinds of restaurants as well.

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For Cruise Trippers

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