K-quarantine coming into Water Park

K-quarantine arriving into Caribbean Bay, check it out and stay cool this summer in the water park! (Photo credit: Everland)   According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Health Organization (WHO), Pool water itself is not believed to be a major risk for spreading. Domestic experts …

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lotte world vs everland blog cover
Which Themed Park is Better? Lotte World or Everland?

Everland and Lotte World are Korea’s most famous and biggest amusement parks. Choosing between the two parks can be a real tough question to visitors who don’t have enough time for both. If that’s your case, let us help you with some quick comparisons! 😎 If you are still wondering about which park among these …

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The Best way to spend 4 or 5 days in Korea!

  Are you planning a weekend trip with your friends or family to Korea? Wondering what is the “Must see places”? Well, no worries we have a great and flexible solution for you! This is our Best 4 Days 3 Nights OR 5 Days 4 Nights Korean Trip: DAY 1 – ARRIVE IN SEOUL Airport Transfer Whether you …

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12 Best Winter and Ski, Snowboard Activities To Do in South Korea

Winter in Korea is sort of a mixed bag; the weather is extremely harsh on certain days and at the same time, a season fully packed with fun activities, which are too hard to ignore. It is a love-hate affair. The most freezing and windy breeze peaks in January and it definitely comes with different …

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