Which Themed Park is Better? Lotte World or Everland?

Everland and Lotte World are Korea’s most famous and biggest amusement parks. Choosing between the two parks can be a real tough question to visitors who don’t have enough time for both. If that’s your case, let us help you with some quick comparisons! 😎

If you are still wondering about which park among these two to put into your schedule, then take a quick look at our suggestions before making your choice!


The first thing many tourists should pay attention to is the location of these 2 amusement parks as well as how to get to these places?

Lotte World Park is more conveniently located in the heart of Seoul, namely near exit 4 of Jamsil station. To get to this park, the easiest way is to take the Seoul Subway to Jamsil station (line 2 or line 8) and go out of Exit 4.

▲Lotte World can be conveniently reached as it’s located in Gangnam, Seoul.


Meanwhile, Everland is located in the suburb Gyeonggi-do Province, about 50 minutes by bus away from Seoul. To get to Everland, there are several ways:

  • Take the Subway to Giheung Station, then change the train to Jeondae Everland Station (takes about 30 minutes). After that, take the shuttle bus (free) to Everland.
  • Another way is to take shuttle bus from the start: Take bus number 5002 (near Gangnam station) or 5700 (near Jamsil station) to go straight to Everland. The bus trip takes about 50 minutes, with ticket price at 12,000KRW (round-trip). Biggest note: Reservations must be made for bus ticket!

If you are new to the city and don’t want to get confused by the public transportation, then an alternative option is to book a shuttle bus package tour to Everland. 


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Admission to Lotte World and Everland is not much different, about 50 USD for an adult ticket. Some special zones of both parks (for example, Aquarium in Lotte World and Caribbean Bay in Everland) have their own ticket rates that you have to purchase separately beside the normal day-pass.

▲Some special zones in each Park have their own separated ticket price.


You can refer to this this table for price comparison. However, it should be noted that because the ticket prices are not much different and each park has its own attractions, this price list is completely for reference.



Lotte World


Adults (1-day ticket)

59,000 KRW

56,000 KRW

Children (1-day ticket)

47,000 KRW

44,000 KRW

Adults (after-4pm ticket)

48,000 KRW

46,000 KRW

Children (after-4pm ticket)

36,000 KRW

37,000 KRW


Above are only the basic ticket rates, there are more ticket options that you can purchase in reality. You can book tickets online from the official websites of 2 parks, or come to buy them directly at the ticket counter. You must bring your ID card or related document to prove your age, especially for some special price offers.


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Both parks have a great variety of games and activities for visitors to enjoy, especially thrilling games that challenge player’s courage to the max. However, due to its advantage of larger area, Everland Park has more choices of games, with many different themes.


▲With its big area advantage, Everland has more variety of games and entertainment zones. There’s even a Safari with different types of wild animals.


There are more than 40 games and thrilling experiences at Lotte World, both outdoors and in air-conditioned buildings, so that visitors don’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather, especially during harsh periods in summer and winter. The most famous thrilling games at Lotte World are Gyro Spin, Gyro Swing, Flume Ride, Atlantis, French Revolution and The Comet Express. These are also the games that attract the most visitors and make them spend a lot of time waiting in line just to get in.


▲But Lotte World also has its own unique games and attractions!


As the largest theme park in Korea, Everland is divided into 5 main areas. Thanks to the area advantage, the scale of thrilling games in Everland are often bigger than in Lotter World. Among them, the most outstanding is the T Express – one of the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, which can be a nightmare for even the bravest of people. Beside the thrilling games, Everland also has some special attractions that can be enjoyed by families with young children such as Lost Valley, Safari World and Panda World with many wild animals – what cannot be found in Lotte World.



  • Queuing

The long waiting lines are an indispensable part of visiting theme parks. Both Lotte World and Everland are no exception. However, the overload of tourists in Lotte World is somewhat worse due to its small area and convenient location.


The best way to get rid of the tiring ticket queue line is to use the Magic Pass -a smartphone app that is similar to the entrance ticket to the attractions of Lotte World. Of course, a pre-order one-day Lotte World ticket is also a great choice!


When traveling to Everland, you’ll need a Q Pass, the reservation system for thrilling rides – the most popular games. You can also consider booking your Everland tickets online to skip the queue and have more time to have fun.

▲Without the special pass, you might have to wait up to hours to play your favorite games.


  • Indoor activities

The weather can be unpredictable and will greatly impact your travel schedule. If it’s rainy, most outdoor activities will be closed. Because Lotte World is an indoor park, it is usually not affected much by this factor comparing to Everland.


However, if you’re caught in the rain while visiting Everland, you can still visit some indoor attractions that will remain open like the Mystery Mansion and Castle of Oz or the movie theater at Victoria Theater.


▲Lotte World might be a safer choice in the rainy season.


In conclusion, it is absolutely impossible to say which one is better between Lotte World and Everland, as each amusement park has their own specialties and attractions. The article only serves as a quick guide to help you pick the better choice according to your personal preferences, schedules and accessibility. Of course, if you have enough time, we highly recommend you to spend time visiting both places to experience “the best of both worlds”!

So after reading through our comparison, which amusement park do you want to visit first?

Are you #TeamLotteWorld or #TeamEverland?


Comment below and let us know how you feel!

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