10 Walking Places in Seoul That Will Heal Your Soul

In the middle of the busy city of Seoul with highways full of traffic, there are still peaceful areas that contain many interesting things just for pedestrians. Follow our steps to explore 10 famous walking areas in Seoul! 👣

If you are living/travelling in Seoul and wanna find a space to calm your soul after all your busy schedules, then let’s take a look at these 10 locations!


Insa-dong stretches from Jongno-2-ga to Anguk-dong intersection and is located in the heart of Seoul. Along this lovely street are shops built in ancient Korean style with wood and ceramics as the main materials and in front of them are charming row of trees. The shops even go inside small alleys, they are close to each other and sell everything from antiques to souvenirs, pictures, books and even snacks.


The Insa-dong area is must-go place to any tourist visiting Seoul because of the bustle and hundreds of attractions here. In addition to the attractive shops, tea houses, café, and restaurants, you can also explore the unique cultural features that combine the tradition and modernity of South Korea.


insadong street insadong alley




Nothing is more relaxing than strolling around the streets of Seoul when traveling to South Korea, especially when it is autumn time. One of the best walking locations to admire the beautiful scenery of Seoul is the romantic paved path of Deoksugung Doldam- gil. With the length of 900 meters, this road follows the stone wall surrounding Deoksu Palace.


When autumn comes, the vibrant yellow color of the ginkgo tree leaves adorns the romantic atmosphere of the path. Walking on this road, visitors will encounter many buildings with architecture that blends tradition and modernity, creating more interesting highlights for your walk.




Cheonggyecheon Stream is nearly 6km in length, bending itself softly like a silk ribbon in the heart of the capital with a very poetic beauty. The stream is also the place chosen for many special festivals, especially the spring and summer festivals that take place from March to May every year. The most outstanding is the lantern festival, when the stream is filled with countless colorful lanterns shimmering and drifting on the water. The road along the stream is an ideal dating place for many couples and also a favorite strolling and exercising location of Seoul citizens.





If you want to find a place to walk under cherry blossoms during spring time in Seoul, Seokchon Lake is a great choice! Visitors not only can see the cherry blossoms blooming in beautiful pinkish color, but also participate in the jubilant atmosphere of the cherry blossom festival held every year here.





If you are tired of the bustling sounds of the city and want to find a peaceful hide-away, then Samcheong-dong is the perfect destination for you! The small neighborhood has a completely different vibe. Samcheong-dong is also famous as a “hipster” neighborhood with many new cafes and restaurants with unique and quirky styles.





This traditional village gathers many old Hanok houses that have been preserved for more than 600 years. Each road and alley in the village are imprinted with ancient relics over the history. If you want to seek a peaceful space to learn more about the traditional beauty of the Korean culture, then Bukchon village is a great destination. The village is also known as a popular place for taking photos with Hanbok.





Despite being one of the oldest neighborhoods in central Seoul, along with Jonggak, Myeong-dong, Dongdaemun and Gwanghwa-mun, in the past Ikseon-dong was not very well-known to tourists. However recently, Ikseon-dong has suddenly become an attractive location for both visitors and local young people. The reason is that many young artists and entrepreneurs started to come here to open restaurants, cafes, and unique craft shops with unique vintage styles.


After the drama “Mr. Sunshine” became famous, vintage fashion of the 1920s became a trend among youngsters in Korea. Ikseondong has become a hot location with many shops selling, renting and tailoring retro-styled costumes. The area also serves as a perfect background for taking photos with this type of clothing.


ikseondong korea kyungsung style retro clothes rental photo




If you want to relax, breathe in the fresh air while admiring the shimmering night views of Seoul at night, then Han River is an ideal place for you. Along the banks of the Han River are green parks and walkways built for people to exercise, walk, and entertain … Some of the famous attractions around the Han River are: Banpo water bridge, Yeouido island, Haneul Park and Lotte 63-storey building. In the summer, the parks along Han River become popular locations for people to go camping, picnic or just enjoying the fresh breeze.





National Palace Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum are also located within the premises of the complex. The Palace, with its beautiful architecture and scenery, is also a perfect and popular background for taking photos with Hanbok. Gyeongbokgung Palace attracts tourists not only for its architectural heritage, but also for its beautiful gardens with many beautiful types of plants, especially cherry blossoms.


Gyeongbokgung palace


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Bongeunsa Temple is an ideal stop for you to find peace and indulge yourself in harmony with nature. Bongeunsa Temple is a temple with a thousand-year-old history located right in the heart of the bustling Gangnam area of Seoul. Even so, the temple seems to be completely separate from all the noisy and modern surroundings


bongeunsa temple


Do you know any other great locations for a little stroll in Seoul? When do you think is the best season for walking in Seoul?


Share your ideas with us by commenting below! 🥰👣

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