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Would you like a new haircut, try a new color or get an amazing makeup look from one of the Kbeauty professionals? Then we have a lot of great options for you!

KoreaTravelEasy has a lot of hair and makeup options available where you can have the ultimate KBeauty experience. All our options are based in Seoul and you don’t need to worry because professionals will give you the most beautiful look! Fun Fact, some of the professionals also worked with Korean artists. So cool!


What is K-Beauty?

K Beauty is the umbrella term for hair, skin care and makeup products that originate from South Korea. It became really popular globally because of its natural and unique products.


Besides getting a haircut or a new makeup look, our products have much more things to offer! Think about eyebrows, eyelashes, spa, scalp treatment and more. The beauty salons are located in popular areas in Seoul like Gangnam, Hongdae and Hapjeong. It’s easy to get there and you can plan your own appointment at the day and time you prefer! 

We have 5 different beauty salons available:

  • Aarkin (Hongdae)
  • Style Floor (Gangnam)
  • Joy 187 (Gangnam)
  • Mimm (Gangnam)
  • SOONSOO (Cheongdam)

Have a look at all these salons to find the one that you would like to visit!



Different K-Beauty passes:

The K-Beauty passes we offer have all different packages. You can choose from haircut, hair coloring, styling, makeup look, eyebrows and more so there’s much to choose from! Are you in Seoul and would you like to have a K-Beauty experience? Book your appointment with us! 

Korean hairstyles:

You have probably seen a lot of trendy hairstyles and colors, especially in the K-pop industry. K-pop idols often change their hair color and have different styles for each era. At the beauty salons in Korea there’s also a chance you meet someone who worked together with an idol!


Personal color analysis:

An activity that is slowly getting famous in Korea. The personal color analysis is a personalized consultation that will help you to determine your most complementary color palette based on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.


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