2023 Summer Festivals in Korea from Chimaek to Fish and even Fireworks!

Have you ever heard a bout all the Festivals that Korea holds during Summer?


Summer is coming soon and that means it’s festival season! We offer multiple exciting festivals for this year and you shouldn’t miss them out. Check out all the upcoming ones and book with KoreaTravelEasy!


1. Incheon Chimaek Festival 
June 15th 2023 


This festival celebrates chicken with beer, which Koreans love the most. The festival takes place every July and you can try all the different kinds of chicken at one place. 




2. Boreyong Mud Festival
July 16th ~ August 25th 2023 


The Boreyong Mud Festival takes place during the summer in Boreyong, which is a town around 200km south of Seoul. The festival takes place over a period of two weeks but is usually the most famous for its final weekend. Mud has active ingredients including natural minerals that prevents skin aging, mineral substances to make young and refreshing skin, colloids and crystals which can be used for physical treatment by sand bath or sauna. The anti bacteria and inhibiting bacteria also have remarkable effects for trauma therapy.




3. Bongwha sweetfish festival 
July 31st ~ August 3rd


The Sweetfish Festival is one of Korea’s summer festivals and celebrates the local specialty product of sweetfish. The festival offers multiple programs including fishing, waterplay, water fight and more. The festival will be held at the end of July until the beginning of August.




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