2023 Most popular places to visit nearby Seoul

Fun Nearby Seoul


Are you traveling to South Korea soon and would like to be more adventurous to explore the outside of Seoul? We got you! We have some amazing locations that you shouldn’t miss! 



1) Nami Island:


Nami Island is a half-moon shaped island located nearby downtown Chuncheon. You can take a 5 minute ferry ride (included in all  our Nami Island tours) to arrive at a beautiful and relaxing environment. Also, Nami Island became particularly famous for being the part of the film set of the K-drama ‘’Winter Sonata’’.  No matter which season of the year you visit, the scenery will be stunning and you will be able to create unforgettable memories at the Island.




2) Petite France:


Petite France is a beautiful village including shops, cafes and restaurants where it feels like you’re in France! It was built with the concept of a French cultural village that consists of buildings related to the French novel ‘’Le Petit Prince’’ which means the little prince. Petite France was also a filming location of many popular K-dramas. It’s also a great place to make pretty Instagram photos! 




3) Gangchon Rail Park:


In Gangchon, you can choose a rail bike and enjoy the beautiful nature and pedal along old railroad tracks for about 8 KM! After that  you can take a tourist train for a few KM to reach your next destination. 




4) Alpaca World:


Alpaca World is a fun place where you can see, touch, and also feed Alpacas and some other farm animals like white deer, ponies and more! You can also hug with the cutest rabbits or request horse riding. If you’re an animal lover, this is the place for you to meet these fluffy cuties and have a day full of fun!




5) The Garden of Morning Calm:


The Garden of Morning Calm is located in Gapyeong, near Seoul.This private garden is 30.000m2 and is also the oldest private garden in Korea. There are different types of plants (5.000 different ones!) and the flowers bloom from March to November. It consists of 22 different themed area’s so there’s a lot to explore! The Garden of Morning Calm is mostly famous because of its light festival in winter but you can experience very beautiful views and festivals in every season here. 



In case you are wondering how could you visit all those wonderful locations easily and comfortable, please take a look at our private Van Service and schedule your own customized Tour Nearby Seoul!



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