SIM Card, eSIM card, portable WiFi Router… how to easily get them in Korea?

SIM Card, eSIM card, portable WiFi Router…
What is the best option?
How can I get them in Korea?



Don’t worry any more, here at KoreaTravelEasy you will find all the answers you need as well as the best products in Korea for you to enjot this country like a pro!



1) SIM Cards


If you want a SIM Card with a Korean phone number there are few things you should keep in mind:


  • According to Korean Law: foreigners without a Long-Term visa can’t hold a Korean phone number for more than 90 days.
    This means that the maximum time you will be able to use a SIM card if you are visiting Korea is 3 months.
  • If you want to use a SIM card for longer than 90 days you will have to provide a copy of your ARC (Alien Registration Card).
  • Once you submit your ARC copy you can extend the SIM card service for as long as your visa period is indicated.


Enjoy Korea like a local with a local Korean SIM card 


 1.1) Service Extension

The previous law also applies for extension of previous SIM card others;


As long as the total usage period is not longer than 90 days (on a short-term visa) you can extend your SIM card as many times as you want.


In order to extend your sim card service with KoreaTravelEasy you can follow these steps:

  • 1) Simply purchase the service again (just as you did before)
  • 2) Indicate your PREVIOUS order number (#00000) as a “Specials Request” when you place the new order.
  • 3) Wait for your confirmation voucher.
  • 4) And don’t worry abut picking it up again as the service will be automatically extended to your current device!


1.2) SIM card options in Korea:


With KoreaTravelEasy, you will find the best SIM card options in the market, easy to purchase and even easier to use, these are the SIM cards that we can currently offer you in Korea:


[ CLICK HERE ] for SIM card + T-Money (transportation) card


[ CLICK HERE ] for Prepaid Korean SIM Gold Card


[ CLICK HERE ] for Rechargeable Korean SIM Card


[ CLICK HERE ] for Korean Unlimited Data Sim Card





2) eSIM Cards


eSIM cards are very unique, they are not physical cards anymore! you ca activate their service by simply scanning a QR code!!

Amazing isn’t it? However you have to make sure your current device is eSIM card friendly as there are still many restrictions on it.

Take a look at the eSIM cards we have to offer:


[ CLICK HERE ] for SKT eSIM card


[ CLICK HERE ] for KT eSIM card


Have access to all your social media without having to physically insert any card!




3) Portable WiFi Router


If you don’t really need a number but having a GOOD WiFi connection is a must for you then we also got you covered with our portable WiFi routers!
Bring the fastest speed connection with you all the time with this amazing devices that will keep you in touch with the world wherever you are in Korea.


This routers are not only super easy to carry but also have a powerful battery that will last for as much as you need. And just in case… a portable extra battery comes included with all our WiFi router rental!
Take a look to the options we have to offer either if its for a few days or a long term rental, KoreaTravelEasy can always offer you the best!


[ CLICK HERE ] for SKT Short-Term WiFi Pocket Router Rental


[ CLICK HERE ] for SKT Long-Term WiFi Pocket Router Rental

[ CLICK HERE ] for Discounted WiFi “Dosirak” Pocket Router Rental


Stay connected with the best WiFi services!

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