Korea 4G LTE Unlimited Data Long-term eSIM card 30-day, 40-day, 60-day (LG U+)

From US$15.00

Stay Connected in Korea: Hassle-free 4G/LTE eSIM by LG Uplus!

Concerned about finding reliable internet or dealing with a low battery pocket WiFi router in Korea?

Ensure seamless connectivity with our affordable unlimited 4G/LTE prepaid eSIM.

With LG Uplus, Korea’s leading network provider, using eSIM becomes a breeze. We also offer extended rental durations of 40 and 60 days for your convenience!

Short Information

5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 Days
No refund or change after sending QR code
- Unlimited 4G/LTE Data-only eSIM by LG Uplus
This eSIM will only work on UNLOCKED PHONES.
Please make sure your mobile phone is unlocked by your country's Mobile Company.
Check your mobile if it is compatible with eSIM before purchasing.


[ Quick Overview ]


Company Carrier LG U+
Durtion Options 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 Days
Basic Data per day
Speed for Basic Data 4G/LTE
Down Speed after Basic Data
Unlimited amount of data at up to 5Mbps of speed.
3GB of data will be provided every night at 12 AM.
Hotspot Available
Voice Calls X
Only receiving (not outgoing)
SMS Texting X
Only receiving (not outgoing)

Download the eSIM using the QR code that is sent with the mobile voucher








All options (data only, including voice) of LGU+ can now be provided with a “010” Korean number.

However, depending on the device model, a “010” Korean number may not be possible, in which case it will be issued as a “012” Korean number, similar to the previous data-only SIM numbers.



Are you looking for only 4G/LTE Unlimted DATA eSIM Card? 

Discover seamless connectivity with our 4G/LTE Unlimited Data eSIM Card. Tailored for the modern traveller, this eSIM promises instant activation without the hassle of airport counters.



Enjoy immediate access to South Korea’s 4G/LTE network right after your purchase. From data-intensive voice apps like FaceTime and WeChat to receiving texts and calls at no extra cost, we’ve got you covered. With our flexible day plans, whether you’re staying for a week, 40 days, or even 60 days, we offer continuous, uninterrupted service to suit your needs.


Dive into the digital age with confidence, knowing you’re connected!  



Highlights :

1) Instant Activation: No need to visit the Airport counter. Just 3 seconds to start the usage after the purchase.

2) Immediate eSIM Usage: After the purchase, the eSIM can be used immediately anywhere in South Korea.

3) Unlimited Data for Voice Apps: Data-based voice calls such as Voice Talk, FaceTime, WeChat, etc. can be enjoyed with our unlimited data.

4) Free Incoming Communication: Incoming calls and texts can be received free of charge.

5) Device Compatibility Notice: This service may not be compatible with all device models.

6) Keep Your Current SIM: No need to remove the SIM you are using.

7) Flexible day plans: Choose the number of days your 4G/LTE sim card service you need. The long period of the rental will also be fine with this eSIM such as 40 days or 60 days!




Ensure your mobile supports eSIM functionality prior to purchase.

eSIM supported devices
APPLE iPhone XR/XS  ,  iPhone SE2  ,  iPhone 11 Series  ,  iPhone 12 Series  ,  iPhone 13 Series  ,  iPhone 14 Series
SAMSUNG Galaxy S20  ,  Galaxy Note20 Series  ,  Galaxy Z Flip Series  ,  Galaxy Z Fold Series  ,  Galaxy S21 Series  ,  Galaxy S22 Series  ,  Galaxy S23 Series




** For recently released devices not listed here, please consult the manufacturer’s information to confirm eSIM compatibility.

** eSIM cannot be used on Google Pixel, OPPO devices



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Price What is included

3 Days


5 Days


10 Days


20 Days


30 Days


40 Days


60 Days





  • 3GB is provided daily with 4G/LTE. After using it, an unlimited amount of data at up to 5Mbps speed will be provided.
  • An additional 3GB of data will be provided every night at 12 AM
    (The usage of days counts based on midnight (reset time), not a 24-hour period)
  • Incoming voice calls and SMS texting

**What is not Included

  • Outgoing Voice calls & SMS texting  - You may use MVOIP (Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, etc) that, uses data instead to make phone calls.
  • Korean Local Phone Number




  • The devices that support eSIM keep changing so always MAKE SURE your very own device supports eSIM before purchasing
  • Please ensure that the country/SIM on your device is unlocked before purchasing.
  • The usage period will be counted from the moment you use the data the first time in South Korea.
    (Example: If you purchase an ‘eSIM 5-day pass’ and use data for the first time at 10:00 AM on June 4, you can use it until June 9, 10:00 AM.)
  • NO REFUND POLICY after purchase. After sending the QR Code Refund is not possible.
  • You can only receive voice calls and text messages, but you cannot make outgoing calls or send SMS text messages.

How to book

Login and Book After login, fill in each option; add an item the cart on the right. You can add multiple items to your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal.
Check your email You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher with instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours of booking, subject to availability.
Enjoy your SIM Card When redeeming your sim card, show the confirmation voucher from your mobile phone and your passport at your pick-up location to get your sim card



  • Device Compatibility:
    - Before purchasing, ensure your mobile is eSIM-compatible.
    - For devices not listed here, verify eSIM compatibility via the manufacturer's information.
    - Dial *#06# on your phone; if the "EID" item appears, your device supports eSIM.

  • Exceptions for Apple Devices:
    - iPhones from Mainland China are not eSIM-compatible.
    - iPhones from Hong Kong and Macao (exceptions for iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone SE 2020, and iPhone XS) do not support eSIM.

  • Device Unlocking:
    - Ensure your phone is fully UNLOCKED with your mobile provider, especially if it's from the United States, Canada, Japan, or the Philippines.

  • QR Code Scanning and Download:
    - Refrain from scanning the QR code multiple times as it may restrict the download.
    - Should you encounter issues scanning or downloading, reach out to customer service.
    - Add the eSIM while connected to WiFi.

  • Fair Usage Policy:
    - Data speed and usage might be limited for high-usage users in short periods. Limitations are set by the telecom company and may be applied without prior notice.

  • Identity Verification:
    - This product does not support Identity Verification Service.
    - Apps or texts requiring identity verification may not work.

  • Handling Downloaded eSIM:
    - Do not delete a downloaded eSIM; it cannot be recovered. If issues arise, contact us immediately 
    - A downloaded eSIM cannot be transferred to another device.
    - Once an eSIM is registered, it cannot be changed or transferred to another device, and if accidentally deleted, it cannot be restored even if it is still within the validity period.
    - If you encounter any issues with your eSIM, please contact customer service immediately; if you delete the eSIM yourself, it will be considered negligence on the part of the customer, and will not offer any refund or will not resend a new QR.
    - A single device cannot use two eSIMs simultaneously; if you wish to use a new eSIM after the first one is exhausted, you must delete the original eSIM plan before you can use the new one.

Cancellation Policy

  • No refund: After we send the QR code refund or change is not possible
  • Refunds are not available for mobile compatibility issues.
  • Connection speeds may vary based on reception coverage and the local telecom provider. Please note that refunds cannot be provided for speed reductions.
  • Refunds will ONLY be considered for cancellations arising from unforeseen events or force majeure.


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