KoreaTravelEasy new office at the Seoul Tourism Plaza

Foreign visitors to Korea has taken quite a dip due to the pandemic. In response, the nation’s capital has opened a new center to serve as a hub for the city’s tourism sector.


Kim Yeon-seung introduces to us the Seoul Tourism Plaza. Once the landmark of Seoul and the country’s tallest building until 1985, the Samil Building in Jongro-gu district has been given a second lease of life. It is now home to Seoul tourism plaza, the new hub for the capital city’s tourism sector.


Thursday was its opening day. COVID-19 has crippled many travel businesses but now the plaza will attempt to boost tourism by supporting tour-related startups and incubating new ideas. The plaza will provide office space and professional advice for 67 tourism businesses.


KoreaTravelEasy CEO Amy Bae stated that “I’m getting a lot of help here in regards to rent and management. Also, I love that there’s a synergy effect because many startups are here together.”


“The MICE planning team provides professional and organized counsel to tour firms. We advise them about human resources, industrial relations, taxes, accounting, and business law.”


The plaza is open to everyone. It has studios available for rent for anyone who wishes to make video content and a place for people who’ve come to experience South Korea’s cutting-edge medical technology first-hand. Here, visitors can get a brief tour of South Korea’s medical services. “This machine can accurately analyze the user’s skin, and give information about skin type, age, and moisture content. It then recommends medical treatments that the visitors can get in South Korea based on the results.” Anyone who’s up for a tour around Seoul, but doesn’t know where to start could get some fresh ideas at the Seoul Tourism Plaza. 


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