What to do during the Korean New Year?

Korean New Year is approaching again! The Korean New Year (Seollal) this year begins on February 12th till 13th 2021. With the Seoul temperature fluctuating between 3°C to -4°C it is hard to decide between staying in or going out during the Korean New Year.


What will you guys be doing this Korean New Year?


We at KoreaTravelEasy are thinking about a staycation in Seoul. Just staying at home or maybe checking into a nice hotel around Seoul. It’s time to treat yourself this Korean New Year! We have a couple of staycation ideas and activities we like to share with you.

1. Enjoy a Healing Day

Sulhwasoo Spa
Sulhwasoo Spa
Sulhwasoo Spa
Sulhwasoo Spa
Sulhwasoo Spa Sulhwasoo Spa Sulhwasoo Spa Sulhwasoo Spa

Start yourself fresh and new for the 2021 Korean New Year holiday or after. Turn your everyday bathroom into a luxurious spa with some bath bombs, romantic candles, facial treatment, etc. Also maybe select a Korean ballad playlist by BTS, Blackpink, Rain, etc.


Prefer a fancier spa? Treat yourself to a luxurious spa in Seoul. Heard of the Korean brand Sulwhasoo? One of the most famous Korean high-end skincare and makeup brand. They not only sell beauty products but also does luxurious spa with their very own aesthetician and legendary herbal ingredients. You can choose from a simple food and leg treatment to a face vitality treatment.

2. Try Korean Cuisine

Gwangjang Market
Gwangjang Market
Gwangjang Market
Gwangjang Market Gwangjang Market Gwangjang Market

Editorial credit: Lewis Tse Pui Lung


Korean cuisine is one of the new cuisines that are slowly taking over the world. People around the world are incorporating Kimchi and even gochujang (Korean chili paste) into their cooking. While there are more than 100 different types of Kimchi there are also a lot of different types of Korean pancakes (Jeon). From a simple stuffed shiitake mushroom Jeon to a skewered pancake (Pasanjeok).


Pasanjeok is usually eaten during the Korean Lunar New Year. Pa meaning green onion, San meaning slicing, and Jeok meaning grill. Just like a kebab skewer with lamb cubes we put green onions, crab stick, ham, radish on a skewer instead. Every household has a different recipe some replace the ham with beef, add carrots, bell peppers, etc.


You can try Pasanjeok and other Korean foods at the Gwangjang Market. The Gwangjang Market was featured on Netflix’s show “Street Food”, where they introduced another must eat Korean noodle dish called “Kalguksu”. Be sure to also try this while you visit Gwangjang Market.

3. Explore Seoul at Night

Seoul Night Walking Tour
Seoul Night Walking Tour
Seoul Night Walking Tour
Seoul Night Walking Tour Seoul Night Walking Tour Seoul Night Walking Tour

Editorial credit: SS pixels

During the Korean Lunar New Year, Seoul is usually a little bit more quiet than usual. Many usually leave the capital and return to their hometown to see their family or spend time with their family at home if it is in Seoul. This may be the perfect time for you to explore Seoul while everyone is indoors.


Want to have a professional photographer with you while you visit? We are doing a Seoul Night Walking Tour! We will be visiting Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Dongdaemun Gate, Seoul City Wall, and parks like Naksan Park and Marronnier Park. Marronnier Park is where they filmed many Korean Dramas like Twelve Nights, About Time, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and many more.

4. Relax at a Fancy hotel

Seoul Hotel
Seoul Hotel
Seoul Hotel
Seoul Hotel Seoul Hotel Seoul Hotel

Need more relaxing? Maybe check into a fancy hotel in Seoul. In Korean, we usually call this Hokangseu meaning hotel vacation. Want to relax but don’t want to travel far from where you live? Just do a weekend Hokangseu!


There are many hotels in Seoul with great views of Seoul City Landmarks like the Dongdaemun gate, Namsan Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, etc. Want to peaceful and quiet view? There are also many hotels in Seoul offering views of luxurious greeneries like Mount Namsan.  Want more information about Seoul Hotels? Visit Kayak for more information. 



Happy New Year!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

(Saehae Bok Mani Badeuseyo)!


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