The Mountainous Side of Jeju Island

One of the most difficult questions to answer whenever it comes to deciding where to go on a holiday is: to the beach or to the mountain? Fortunately, Jeju island is one of those places in the world that can satisfy both “beach” and “mountain” people!

Although the island has been gaining popularity for its beautiful beaches, Jeju also offers a variety of unique mountainous and forest experiences that are absolutely worth trying. Here are some of KoreaTravelEasy Team’s suggestions:


1. Go hiking on Hallasan Mountain


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A must-do activity when coming to Jeju, especially for people who enjoy hiking and challenging themselves. Hallasan, one of Jeju’s most important landmarks and icons, is famous for its geological and biological values as well as spectacular scenery. Known as the highest mountain in South Korea, it is definitely a peak worth conquering for every enthusiastic hiker who visits the island.
Despite its 1.950 m height, Hallasan offers 7 trails which are all less than 10km in length and not very difficult to hike. Getting to the top of the mountain and going back is a task feasible to be done in just a day, but be careful of the constantly changing weather and strong wind along your way to the peak.


2. Even more hiking on the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak1

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Your hiking journey on the island cannot be complete without a hike up to the Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉). The Peak, which is nicknamed the Sunrise Peak due to its location on the eastern corner of Jeju Island, was formed over 100,000 years ago after a volcanic eruption under the sea. The ultimate reward of a climb up this crest is the breathtaking view of an ancient crater that looks like a giant green majestic crown. The place is also famous for having a magnificent sunrise view.
Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak2
▲ The ancient crater looks like a giant green majestic crown
It is not at all a too tiring task climbing up the peak. Theoretically, you only need 20 minutes to finish the hiking course without resting time. But since the most important thing is to enjoy the scenery, a slow walk with occasional resting is highly recommended.

3. Your legs got tired? Get on the rail bike trip at Jeju Island Rail Park


jeju railbike2

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That seems to be quite a lot of leg works already huh? Now if your only desire is to appreciate the countryside and mountainous scenery without having to walk yourself around, the rail bike trip is a perfect choice. If you haven’t tried the rail bike before, then imagine a combination of a car and a bike, which moves on train tracks.
jeju railbike
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Theoretically, the vehicle only moves when you use your leg power on the pedal (just like a normal bike). However, since it is actually quite an exhausting work for most people, there is an automatic lever which can be pushed to move the car forward and stop it when needed. Thanks to this, you don’t need to be too focused on pumping your legs and forget the picturesque view of mountains, hills, and grassy stretches around. An important warning: be careful of the cows and horses that might just casually cross your path.
4. Fill your stomach with delicious food in the middle of a forest!
Sumokwon night market
(Image credit: Nguyen Tran Ha Linh on Facebook)
Now that you’re completely tired from all those climbing and (partially) cycling, you need to treat your belly well with good foods, not from the fancy restaurants by the beaches, but from a sparkling night market in the middle of the forest. Sumokwon (수목원) night market is an interesting food truck experience that is still rather new to a lot of tourists to Jeju.
Sumokwon night market1
(Image credit: visitkorea.or.kr)
If you’re familiar with the night food market in big cities like Seoul, then you know exactly what this place offers. Beef steaks, giant turkey legs, buttered shrimps, Jeju special black pork on a stick…a variety of dishes offered by colorful food trucks would surely make you immediately drool and satisfy your hunger. Pick your favorites, and sit down on a wooden table set under the romantic string lights surrounded by the green hue of the forest. A definitely cool and not-so-mainstream Jeju experience!

Do you plan to visit Jeju Island? Where would you like to visit the most?


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