Top 6 Must-Try Street Foods in Busan

Busan is known as the 2nd largest city in South Korea after Seoul. This beautiful port city not only attracts tourists by its poetic natural scenery and abundant shopping locations, but also by its attractive street cuisine.


So which special street foods should we go for in Busan? Let’s explore Busan culinary culture with KoreaTravelEasy via this article!



1. Ssiat Hotteok (Busan Sweet Pancake)


Hotteok – a type of sweet pancake filled with brown sugar – is a very popular snack in Korea.  The basic ingredients of this dish consist of glutinous rice flour mixed with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, then fried in oil pan or butter. Instead of filling with only traditional brown sugar, different kinds of healthy seeds such as sunflower and sesame seeds are also added into the Busan version “Ssiat hotteok.”


When you bite into the hotteok, the cinnamon sugar mixture will flow out and bring about a sweet and delicious flavor. This snack can be very addictive to people who have a sweet tooth! You can find ssiat hotteok at Nampo-dong, BIFF square, Gukje market, or street food stalls in Seomyeon Food Alley.

seeds hotteok

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2. Eomuk (Fish Cake)


Referring to Busan – South Korea’s most important port city, people will naturally think of its cool sea breeze and fresh seafoods. Therefore, Busan’s most famous specialty is fish cakes made from fresh fish and other seafoods such as shrimps, crabs and squids caught directly from the sea.


You can choose from a wide variety of fish cakes made from different ingredients, with different shapes and ways of processing. Eomuk can be found at many street foods stalls across the city, in subway stations, or you can also go to the famous fish cake stores in Busan.

eomuk busan

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3. Sundae (Korean Blood Sausage)


Be careful not to confuse this dish with the American ice cream dessert😅 , sundae’  here is the Latin transliteration of Korean blood sausage ‘순대’.  Filling ingredients such as pork, vermicelli noodles, barley, and herbs are stuffed into a cleaned pig intestine and then steamed. This savory dish when served hot will bring about the juicy taste of meat as well as the interesting chewy texture of pig intestines.


This delicious and unique dish is easy to find on the major roads in Busan or near Seomyeon station. You can also enjoy it while walking because it will be put into a convenient paper cup with a wooden skewer.


(Photo credit: Popo le Chien on wikimedia)


4. Seafoods Buchimgae (Korean Savory Pancake)


Buchimgae, or Korean savory pancake, refers generally to any sort of pan-frying dish made from a thick batter mixed with eggs and other ingredients until a thin flat pancake is created. In fact, this dish can be found everywhere in Korea and is widely loved by both local people and tourists.


However, the Buchimgae in Busan is especially delicious because the seafood ingredients here are always available and very fresh.


Haemul pajeon

(Photo credit: bryan… on flickr.com)


5. Yubu Jumeoni (Fried Tofu Pocket)


Yubu jumeoni is the signature winter food of Busan, made by stuffing glass noodles and other ingredients into a fried tofu (yubu) ‘bag’ (jumeoni). Yubu jumeoni is cooked in hot broth, similar to eomuk. Within the yubu, the glass noodles and vegetables offer a light yet rich fragrance, deepened by the broth.


This snack can also be made into the main ingredient of a more complicated dish: “halmae yubu jeongol” (fried tofu hotpot). Other ingredients of the hotpot include beef or fish cake, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, oysters and onions. Fried tofu hotpot is served with udon noodles or potato vermicelli noodles.


One of the best places to try this dish is inside Bupyeong market, near Jagalchi Station. The market also offers many other interesting and delicious street foods, so be ready to explore!

yubu pocket

(Photo credit: visitkorea.or.kr)


6. Jogae Gui (Grilled clams)

Your cuisine experience in the coastal city of Busan cannot be completed without this special grilled seafood dish! This dish can be considered the seafood version of Korean BBQ, in which different types of fresh (and by fresh it means they are completely alive!) clams are grilled over an open flame at the table. The cooked clams will then be dipped into spicy and sour Korean chili sauce or soy sauce plus wasabi.


Jogae Gui can be found at the local grill restaurants near the port of Busan, or you can go to Haeundae market to enjoy this amazing barbecue with the lowest prices!

grilled clams busan

(Photo credit: visitkorea.or.kr)



So today, we have introduced to you the top 6 MUST-TRY street foods in Busan.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful coastal city, don’t forget to take a look at this list while planning your schedule!


Leave a comment below if you have any question about Busan street foods and where to find them! 😘

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