Special Promotion on Korean Temple Stay Packages – 2019 see specific dates

Special Promotion on Temple Stay Korea Packages!

Have you ever wondered how staying up in the mountains, meditating, eating delicious healthy food and just relaxing in nature feels like? Wonder no more, take this chance to grab a great deal on a TempleStay Package in Korea! KoreTravelEasy is now having a great special promotion on certain dates and temples ONLY, so go on and check out this list below! CLICK HERE to book

We provide roundtrip transportation and Cultural Commentator on these dates. This is a good chance for you to get out of Seoul, see nature and experience a stress-free time at a Templestay! We strongly recommend this tour if you would like to get some fresh air and stay in a peaceful place!

Tour Date Temple Name (Location)


(Website Link)

Apr. 13 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
Apr. 30 (Tue.) Jinkwansa (Seoul) Click HERE
May. 2 (Thu.) – 3 (Fri.) Geumsunsa (Seoul) Click HERE
May. 11 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
May. 30 (Thu.) – 31 (Fri.) Magoksa (Chungcheong-do) Click HERE
Jul. 4 (Thu.) – 5 (Fri.) Beopjusa (Chungcheong-do) Click HERE
Jul. 13 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
Aug. 1 (Thu.) – 2 (Fri.) Geumsansa (Jeolla-do) Click HERE
Aug. 10 (Sat.) Bongseonsa (Gyeonggi-do) Click HERE
Sep. 19 (Thu.) – 20 (Fri.) Baekdamsa (Gangwon-do) Click HERE
Sep. 26 (Thu.) – 27 (Fri.) Seonunsa (Jeolla-do) Click HERE


In short, all of this is included in the 1Day Temple Stay Package:

  • Templestay program
  • Transportation
  • Cultural Commentator and Interpretation
  • Lunch (Temple Food, Vagitarian)
  • Free GIFT

and the 2 Days 1 night Temple Stay Package includes:

  • Templestay program
  • Transportation
  • Cultural Commentator and Interpretation
  • 1-day Dinner, 2-day Breakfast + Lunch (Temple Food, Vagitarian)
  • Free GIFT
  • 1 Night Accommodation at each temple
  • Uniform (a vest and pants)

Temple Activities

Every Temple Stay program is different but here are some examples of activities you might be doing.

  • Tour the Temple and learn about Buddism and History.
  • Meditate outside surrounded by the beautiful nature.
  • Have a conversation with a monk over some lotus root tea.
  • Enjoy healthy and delicious vegetarian Temple food.





How to Book!

Click Here to BOOK and choose your Temple Package. Each Temple Tour is different and has a different pick-up time so please double check before you book.


Looking for other options?

We have s special Temple Stay Weekend package with a lot included (Near Seoul)! Check it out HERE *KoreaTravelEasy BEST Recommendation
You can also book a Weekday Temple Stay Package (near Seoul) HERE

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