1 Day Tour in Gangwon do – The Best recommended Itineraries

Where is Gangwon-do?

Gangwon-do is a province on the east part of Korea, by the Sea of Japan (East Sea). Gangwondo is famous for its beautiful nature and mountains, they hosted the 2018 Olympics and its one of the most popular filming locations for Korean dramas. If you are interested in a 1-day private car + driver tour where you can choose an itinerary or customize your own, you can easily Book HERE

Sokcho Area – Best of Nature 1-Day Tour

Mt. Seorak

Mt. Seorak is the highest mountain in Gangwondo Province and the third highest mountain in South Korea (after Mt. Halla in Jeju and Mt. Jiri in the South). It’s located in the national park near Sokcho city. The Daechongbong Peak (대청봉) of Mt. Seorak reaches 1,708 meters (5,603 feet). The national park attracts many tourists all year round, but the best season to travel to Mt. Seorak national park is in autumn. The autumn colors in the area are considered amongst the most beautiful in Korea!

The popular highlights are the Cable car ride, Sinheungsa Temple (신흥사) and The Great Bronze Buddha statue.


Naksansa temple

Naksansa is an old Korean Buddhist Temple built by Ui-Sang, the ambassador of the 30th King of Silla Period (57 BC- 935 AD). Inside there is the Seven Story Stone Tower, Dongjong, Hongyaemun, together with several other cultural assets. Naksansa is one of the few temples in Korea to overlook the East Sea (Sea of Japan).


Mount Naksan is crowned by the Buddhist statue of Haesugwaneumsang (Bodhisattva of Mercy), known as a goddess. It faces southeast standing 15 meters (49 feet) high on a 2.8-meter (9.2 ft) high pedestal. The white granite statue stands in a clearing at the top of the hill, eyes and fingers closed in peaceful meditation as it gazes out to sea.


Gangneung Area – 1-Day Tour

Jungang market

Gangwon-do’s representative traditional market, Jungang Market is divided into two main parts; one is a traditional market and the other is an underground fishery market. Vendors display their products along the street, here you will be able to try some delicious and unique Korean street food!

Anmok beach (coffee street)

Enjoy the famous coffee street by the beautiful Anmok Beach. Most of the coffee shops here roast their own coffee beans. The best part is sitting by the window gazing out at the ocean. This is also the first local district in Korea to host a coffee festival and support coffee artisans.

Daegwallyeong sheep farm

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is a lovely ranch where you can see sheep by walking in a 1.2 meter-long circular walkway. It takes about 40 minutes to walk along this path. A wooden shack located in the field appeared as a backdrop of the movie “The Man from Mars.” The wooden shack fits perfectly with the sheep farm and has become a popular photo site. To get a closer experience with the sheep, sign up for the feeding experience, where you can give hay to the sheep and even reach out to touch their fuzzy heads.

Customizable Area – 2~3 places for a 1-Day Tour

K-drama Goblin Shooting place 1 – Jumunjin Beach

Jumunjin Beach is nowadays most famous for the shooting spot of the K-drama Goblin. Some people prepare flowers and a red scarf to take a nice picture just like the scene in the drama. Besides this spot, the beach itself is quite unique having fine white sand, unusually blue water and many dark-colored rocks and stones are visible as well. The fine view of pine trees behind the white sands only accentuates its beauty.



Pyeongchang woljungsa temple

Woljeongsa Temple is located in a forested valley and is also a shooting place of the Kdrama Goblin. You can walk the beautiful fir tree forest path just like in the drama. Woljeongsa Temple is also the site of Seongbo Museum, displaying artifacts and treasures from Buddhist culture of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), including a nine-story octagonal pagoda and a Stone Seated Buddha figure.


Instagram Worthy Places

Inje Wondaeri Birch Forest

Step into this fairytale-like Birch Tree forest for some great Instagram worthy shots! Tour of the forest is available by following its walking trail, only after completing registration at the forest entrance. They have several trails you can choose to follow. The shortest ones take around 30~ 40 min and the longest up to 2 hours.

*** Access limited due to forest fire prevention and environmental protection during spring and autumn: Please contact us to see if it will be open during your visit.


Wonju Sogeumsan Mountain Suspension Bridge

Experience Koreas longest suspension bridge! The tourist site offers an amazing view, with the riverfront surrounded by white sand, oddly shaped rocks and lush forests with a 40 to 50-m high wall of rock formations along both sides of the river. This is a great spot for some fun photography as well as a fun challenge to walk all the way on this shaky bridge!



Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest

Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest is only open to the public during the month of October. This private forest was planted and has been maintained by one man for 30 years. He settled down in the area in 1985 with his wife who suffered from chronic indigestion. He started planting the ginkgo tree seeding on his spacious field after he heard about the medicinal effects of the mineral waters from Sambong Yaksu at the foot of Odaesan Mountain. The forest remained private until 2010, when its popularity spread by word of mouth. Since then, the owner has graciously agreed to open his private land up to the public for free during the month of October, when the whole forest takes on a golden hue. Perfect spot for a fun photoshoot with friends!


Museum San

Museum SAN is a beautiful art museum designed by world famous Ando Tadao. You can find this place in the middle of nature – within Oak Valley golf/ski resort. Because of its countryside location, natural surroundings, and sheer size, the venue really sticks out. This museum has a beautiful flower garden, a water garden where a dazzling display of water reflects the surroundings, and Ando Tadao’s Stone Garden featuring nine stone mounds inspired by ancient Silla tombs.

The museum aims to rediscover the meaning and value of paper, in the exhibition at the Paper Gallery, as well as a collection of artworks that reflects the development of Korean modern and contemporary art, which are presented in the Cheongjo Gallery.


How to Book!

After reading about all the places you can choose your preferred 1-day tour by picking one:

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  • Customized Area (Pick 2~3 places)

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