Kimchi making and hanbok experience

When going to a foreign country, don’t you want to learn about the country’s culture and traditions? What about a chance to experience it?

What do you think about when you think “Korea traditions”?

Kimchi and Hanbok (Korean traditional costume) are one of those that every Korea know.

Today I am bringing you to a unique experience of Kimchi making and wearing Hanbok!


The activity is around 1 hour long and the location for the class is very central: located in Myeongdong so I could shop before and after the class.

There are times to choose from in the morning and afternoon so it is really flexible.





When we arrived, we were first guided to choose the hanbok that we like. There is a good selection of different kind of hanbok and accessories like hats, hairpins, bags, shoes, etc. to make our costume even better! There are some called traditional palace Hanbok and modern hanbok that people wear nowadays. I wanted a memorable experience so I asked if I could wear the a male hanbok to try what is it like to be “ Do min jun “ from the drama “ My love from the stars!”
The staff there helps us to take photos on our own cameras so there is no hidden or extra costs!


After 20 minutes of Hanbok fun, we are guided to the Kimchi making classroom, where we meet our teacher for today. She can speak English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean so there is no problem to communicate with her!



Our Kimchi making tables are set up for us already and we each have our own station with the ingredients and tools



This is what the cabbage looks like before we started to make our own kimchi! Our teacher carefully explained how to choose and prepare the cabbage for the best tasting Kimchi!



She also talked about the history of kimchi and interesting information about Koreans and Kimchi.

Did you know that there isn’t just the cabbage kimchi that we see commonly but more than 100 other kinds?



Now it’s our turn to make and put the ingredients into the cabbage to that the fermentation can be successful.

It is not complicated but you can tell that this is an important ritual for Koreans and they take this food seriously as it must be handmade!!  Mine is done and  looking good!



After we have “marinated “ the cabbage with the ingredients, it cannot be eaten right away, We need to keep for 3 days to let it ferment before it can be eaten. So what to do?

This Kimchi making class is great and helps us air vacuum our own kimchi and bring it home 🙂

How thoughtful!


This class was just a beginner class for kimchi making but it allowed me to understand more about Korean culture! I also took many fun photos of me in a hanbok !


The best part is that I can share the very own kimchi with my friends and family and tell them that’s the kimchi I made!

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