5 Must-Try Creative Activities to do in Seoul

Are you looking for fun things to do in Seoul? Look no further, we found all the best creative experiences to do for you.

Experiences create the most wonderful memories, and they’re even more memorable when they are made with the heart and shared with a loved one. In that regard, the following activities make for perfect date ideas either with a friend or a lover. Plus some of the object resulting from those activities make for excellent presents to bring back home for friends and family instead, or, in addition to, Korean food and Korean cosmetics that are traditionally gifted.


1. Perfume making

If you are a perfume enthusiast who likes to collect fragrances, but at the same time don’t like to smell like everyone else, then this activity is for you. Guided by a perfumer, make step by step your very own personal scent during a session that lasts a little under two hours. There is no doubt that each time you’ll be wearing your creation you’ll be reminded of this meaningful experience and the beautiful memories connected to it.


📷Photo Credit: OneMoreTrip.net


2. Key chains customization

Personalized keychains were always a popular activity to do in Seoul with countless styles and materials possible, but more recently a new kind of keychain has been been very popular. It is the customization of a small piece of colored fabric on which you add the patches of your choice. There are so many combination of colors available for the ring and the fabric, as well as hundreds of patches to choose from. This is a fun and budget-friendly activity to add to your itinerary while in Seoul.


📷Photo Credit: Yuke Chameji on diamond.jp

3. Ceramic painting

People weren’t lying when they said you’ll be walking 10 to 15k steps a day (if not more) in Seoul, so why not take a break in a cute pottery café? In this establishment you will be making your own ceramic from start to finish. You’ll be able to shape your clay in the form of your desire and then customize it with paint. This is such a fun activity to do with company, and the memories that come with this experience will be unforgettable. Besides, it is an excellent way to avoid the rain for a few hours on a rainy day.


📷Photo Credit: @cafe_jool on Instagram


4. Drawing café

Amidst Seoul’s dynamic energy and bustling streets, take a moment to pause and unleash the artist inside of you in this cozy drawing café. You will be able to choose between acrylic paint and oil pastels to either color an already outlined picture, or showcase your creative talent by taking a blank canvas and let your inspiration take over.


📷Photo Credit: @grim_factory on Instagram


5. Giant yarn bag knitting

No outfit is ever finished without a bag, says every girl, and a giant yarn bag is definitely the statement piece that you are missing in your closet. However, buying it would take all the fun out of it so why not making it yourself instead? If you’ve never knitted in your life do not worry, this activity is very much so beginner friendly. Do not hesitate and take advantage of your time in Seoul to make this cute bag that you’ll remember forever.

📷Photo Credit: @yaniyan_official on Instagram



If you come to Seoul don’t miss out on those unique and fun experiences where you will be able to create dear keepsakes and fond memories of your stay in South Korea.



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